General Knowledge Questions 12-June-2018 – Daily GK Questions


General Knowledge Questions 12-June-2018 – Daily GK Questions


General Knowledge Questions 12-june-2018 - Daily GK Questions


1. The Temple of the Tooth enshrines a tooth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. In which country is this temple located?
Answer: Sri Lanka.


2. In which country can you actually visit the tombs of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob of Biblical fame?
Answer: Jordan.


3. In which famous palace is the Sistine Chapel?
Answer: The Vatican, Rome.


4. Which religion are the cave shrines at Ajanta, India associated with?
Answer: Buddhism.


5. In which Indian state can you visit Ajanta, Ellora Caves?
Answer: Maharashtra.


6. In which city do pilgrims march seven times round the Kaaba and Kiss the Black Stone?
Answer: Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


7. In which Italian city can you visit the celebrated church of Santa Maria della Spina?
Answer: Pisa.


8. Who designed St. Paul’s Cathedral in London?
Answer: Sir Christopher Wren.


9. Which is the Four hundred-year-old Church in Moscow’s red square?
Answer: St. Basil’s Cathedral.


10. How many times did Mahmud of Ghazni invade India?
Answer: Seventeen.


11. In which country did skiing originate?
Answer: Finland.


12. Which land measurements in acres would be closest to 100 hectares?
Answer: 247 acres.


13. Which is the shortest of the Gospels?
Answer: Mark.


14. Which is the longest river in Asia?
Answer: Yangtze.


15. In which planet in our solar system are the days and nights the longest?
Answer: Venus.


16. Which animal is in the logo of the World Wide Fund for Nature?
Answer: Tiger.


17. What should be the daily quantity of urine production in a healthy body?
Answer: 1.5 liters.


18. What should be the duration of a full-term pregnancy?
Answer: 280 days.


19. The home of the Kuchipudi dance:
Answer: Andhra Pradesh.


20. If you shopped with roubles in the GUM, which city would you be visiting?
Answer: Moscow.


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