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General Knowledge Quiz for Teenagers

General Knowledge Quiz for Teenagers


General Knowledge Questions 12-june-2018 - Daily GK Questions


1. The Temple of the Tooth enshrines a tooth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. In which country is this temple located?
Answer: Sri Lanka.


2. In which country can you actually visit the tombs of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob of Biblical fame?
Answer: Jordan.


3. In which famous palace is the Sistine Chapel?
Answer: The Vatican, Rome.


4. Which religion are the cave shrines at Ajanta, India associated with?
Answer: Buddhism.


5. In which Indian state can you visit Ajanta, Ellora Caves?
Answer: Maharashtra.


6. In which city do pilgrims march seven times round the Kaaba and Kiss the Black Stone?
Answer: Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


7. In which Italian city can you visit the celebrated church of Santa Maria della Spina?
Answer: Pisa.


8. Who designed St. Paul’s Cathedral in London?
Answer: Sir Christopher Wren.


9. Which is the Four hundred-year-old Church in Moscow’s red square?
Answer: St. Basil’s Cathedral.


10. How many times did Mahmud of Ghazni invade India?
Answer: Seventeen.


11. In which country did skiing originate?
Answer: Finland.


12. Which land measurements in acres would be closest to 100 hectares?
Answer: 247 acres.


13. Which is the shortest of the Gospels?
Answer: Mark.


14. Which is the longest river in Asia?
Answer: Yangtze.


15. In which planet in our solar system are the days and nights the longest?
Answer: Venus.


General Knowledge Quiz for Teenagers Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16. Which animal is in the logo of the World Wide Fund for Nature?
Answer: Tiger.


17. What should be the daily quantity of urine production in a healthy body?
Answer: 1.5 liters.


18. What should be the duration of a full-term pregnancy?
Answer: 280 days.


19. The home of the Kuchipudi dance:
Answer: Andhra Pradesh.


20. If you shopped with roubles in the GUM, which city would you be visiting?
Answer: Moscow.


21. In Anna Christie she talks, in Ninotchka she laughs, in Grand Hotel she wanted to be alone. Who?
Answer: Greta Garbo.


22. “And he would be there when Jem waked up in the morning”, the final line of which 1960 Pulitzer prize winning novel, turned film, set in Maycomb, Alabama?
Answer: To Kill A Mockingbird.


23. Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver all starred in which David O. Russell directed multi-award nominated movie?
Answer: Silver Linings Playbook.


24. According to Forbes magazine, the world’s highest paid club DJ is the Dutchman Tijs Michiel Verwest who earned around £15 million last year. What is his most regularly used one word stage name?
Answer: Tiesto.


25. For which 1988 film did Sigourney Weaver win an Oscar nomination for playing the part of Dian Fossey?
Answer: Gorillas In The Mist.


26. What traditional Spanish folk song and dance, widely heard and seen in Mexico during the revolution, has a name that translates into English as ‘the Cockroach’?
Answer: La Cucaracha.


27. Sharing a name with the eldest son of the biblical characters Jacob and Leah, what is the name of the hot sandwich that contains corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing?
Answer: Reuben.


28. Which French term, used widely in the USA, describes a silver-gilt object made of Sterling silver and coated with a minimum 2.5 micro-metres of at least 10 carat gold?
Answer: Vermiel.


29. What name is given to an annuity shared by subscribers to a loan or promise, the shares increasing as subscribers die until the last survivor gets the lot?
Answer: Tontine.


30. What alliterative two-word concept was introduced by Thorstein Veblen in his 1899 work ‘Theory of the Leisure Class’ and is defined as the acquisition of luxury items and services in order to display economic strength and influence?
Answer: Conspicuous Consumption.


General Knowledge Quiz for Teenagers Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31. Punta La Marmora is the highest point on which island, the second largest in the Mediterranean sea?
Answer: Sardinia.


32. With tributaries including the Esla, Arlanzon and Pisuerga, which river rises in the Sierra de Urbion in north central Spain and enters the Atlantic Ocean just south of Porto?
Answer: Douro.


33. What kind of creature, pictured in a dream, is said to have inspired the chemist Friedrich Kekule to propose a circular structure for the benzene molecule?
Answer: Snake.


34. The name of which spider, the prey of the creature concerned, features in the name of the Hawk Wasp which has the alternative name the Pepsis Wasp?
Answer: Tarantula.


35. Which gas, chemical symbol Xe, is used in cinema projectors and car headlights to produce an intense white light?
Answer: Xenon.


36. Which golf course, overlooking the Firth of Forth, is home to the Honourable Company of Edinburgh golfers and will play host to the 2013 Open Championship?
Answer: Muirfield.


37. During the 1990s, which boxer became the first Irishman to win versions of a world title at two different weights?
Answer: Steve Collins.


38. Rugby Union’s Tri Nations tournament of South Africa,Australia and New Zealand, has now become a four nation tournament with the addition of which country?
Answer: Argentina.


39. Which then Manchester City footballer said in 2012 “When I score I don’t celebrate. It’s my job. Does a postman celebrate when he delivers a letter”?
Answer: Mario Ballotelli.


40. Three time world champion, Sebastian Vettel, made his Formula 1 debut in 2007 at the United States Grand Prix driving for which team?
Answer: Bmw Sauber.


41. What surname comes next in this sequence Kolehmainen, Zatopek, Kuts, Viren, Yifter, Bekele…?
Answer: Farah (5k and 10k Olympic gold)


42. Which West Indian is the only cricketer to hit a six off the first ball of a Test match?
Answer: Chris Gayle.


43. The four sons of which god are depicted on the canopic jars found in ancient Egyptian tombs?Answer: Horus


44. In which TV series do stars drive as quickly as they can around a track in a ‘reasonably-priced car’?
Answer: Top Gear.


45. Which hotel was built in Singapore by two Armenian brothers from Persia, Martin and Tigran Sarkies, in 1887?
Answer: Raffles.


46. Who created Family Guy and American Dad!, and hosted the 2013 Academy Awards?
Answer: Seth Macfarlane.


47. Self Portrait in Drag’ is a Polaroid photo of which pop artist?
Answer: Andy Warhol.


48. Discovered in 1912 by a German archaeological team led by Ludwig Borchardt, a very famous bust of which Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten is on display at the Neues Museum in Berlin?
Answer: Nefertiti.


49. The daughter of Rhea and Cronos, which wife of Zeus in Greek mythology was the goddess of women and marriage?
Answer: Hera.


50. Which WWE wrestler, the first undisputed WWE champion, is the front man of the heavy metal band Fozzy?
Answer: Chris Jericho  The highest scorer for the month was England’s Kevin Ashman with 85 points.


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