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Communication and Language General Knowledge Questions

Communication and Language General Knowledge Questions


Basic Communication and Language Online General Knowledge Questions


1. What is Communication?
Answer: The sharing of information.


2. What are the two types of Communications?
Answer: Interpersonally (between individuals) and through communications systems that transmit messages between large numbers of people.


3. Give an example of ‘hybrid system’?
Answer: Internet.


4. What is the main goal of United State’s Electronic Communications Systems?
Answer: To earn profit.


5. What was the name of early Mesopotamian writing system?
Answer: Cuneiform.


6. Which was the first writing system?
Answer: Cuneiform.


7. Early writing systems became increasingly phonetic. Phonetic means:
Answer: Using symbols to represent individual speech sounds instead of objects.


8. Write the name of a language in which each character stands for a word or part of a word?
Answer: Chinese.


9. About 500 B.C., the ancient Greeks developed a fast method of sending message from city to city. What is the name of that communication system?
Answer: Visual telegraph.


10. The ancient Romans got news from a handwritten sheet. That is called:
Answer: Acta Diurna (Daily Events).


11. What was the chief writing material of ancient period?
Answer: Papyrus.


12. Which religion exerted a powerful influence on communications systems throughout the Middle Ages?
Answer: Christianity.


13. Who invented movable type printer in the 1000’s?
Answer: Bi Sheng (China).


14. Who was the inventor of movable type printer in Europe?
Answer: Johannes Gutenberg.


15. Which was the first printing press in Europe?
Answer: Gutenberg’s press.


16. Who developed the first known system of writing:
Answer: Sumerians.


17. The early Greeks wrote on tablets with a pointed tool. What was it called?
Answer: Stylus.


18. Who invented the use of the alphabet for writing?
Answer: The Semites.


19. Where was the printed news sheets called ‘Corantos’ appeared?
Answer: Netherlands, England and other trading nations.


20. Which was considered as the first true newspaper?
Answer: Corantos.


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