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Automobile Quiz Questions Answers – What is Automobile Engineering?

Automobile Quiz Questions Answers – What is Automobile Engineering?


Automobile Quiz Questions Answers


Automobile Quiz Questions Answers Part 1


1) Mercedes cars belong to which country?

Answer: Germany.


2) What is the expansion of NVH, an abbreviation commonly used in automobile dealings?

Answer: Noise, Vibration and Harshness.


3) What was the rally with which the World Rally Championship opened?

Answer: The Monte Carlo Rally.


4) In which year was the first true Pierce Car made?

Answer: 1901.


5) What are the two essential parts of a vehicle?

Answer: Carriage portion and machine portion.


6) What are the two units of an articulated vehicle?

Answer: Tractor unit and trailer unit.


7) Name the machine portion of the automobile which carries the carriage portion?

Answer: Chassis.


8) Year of manufacture of an automobile is referred to as what?

Answer: Model.


9) Who described the first International Combustion Engine?

Answer: Christiaan Huygens.


10) Who built the first self-propelled road vehicle?

Answer: Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot.


11) Who built the first American self-propelled steam vehicle?

Answer: Oliver Evans.


12) Who built the first American gasoline powered automobile?

Answer: Charles Duryea and Frank J. Duryea.


13) When was the first electric self-starter installed in the automobile?

Answer: 1911.


14) Who built England’s first full-sized steam carriage built?

Answer: Richard Trevithick.


15) Who introduced the first brake in carriages?

Answer: Walter Hancock.


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16) Who constructed an Internal Combustion Engine in 1860?

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Answer: Etienne Lenoir.


17) Who invented four-stroke engine?

Answer: Nikolaus August Otto and Eugen Langen.


18) What was the fuel used in the first four-stroke vehicle?

Answer: Gas.


19) When was the four-stroke engine invented?

Answer: 1866.


20) Who substituted oil for gas in the four-stroke engine?

Answer: Gottlieb Daimler.


21) What factor contributed most to the acceleration of the development of automobile?

Answer: The introduction of Internal Combustion Engines.


22) Who produced a tricycle with an I.C engine 1n 1885-86?

Answer: Karl Benz.


23) Who built the first motor-cycle?

Answer: Gottlieb Daimler.


24) The first four wheeler powered by an I.C engine was built by whom?

Answer: Siegfried Marcus.


25) Who built the first gasoline automobile which incorporated many of the essential features of the modern car?

Answer: Arthur Constantin Krebs.


26) In which year was the Panhard Car designed?

Answer: 1894.


27) What is called the type of body of a car, of which the top is fabric and could be folded down?

Answer: Convertible.


28) What determines the driving thrust (speed) of a vehicle?

Answer: The torque applied at the wheel.


29) What part or device is used to control the speed of a vehicle?

Answer: Accelerator.


30) Name the steel bar which functions by twisting within a vehicle machine?

Answer: Torsion bar.


31) Which car is provided with torsion bars at the front independent suspension system?

Answer: Ambassador.


32) Name the sort of links by means of which leaf springs are connected with chassis frame:

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Answer: Spring Shackles.


33) What type of shackle is used in Jeep?

Answer: ‘U’ type.


34) What act as axis for the wheels to spin around?

Answer: Axles.


35) Name axles which contain differential and through which rotary motion is transmitted to the wheels:

Answer: Live axles.


Automobile Quiz Questions Answers Part 2



36) Name the axles which do not contain differential:

Answer: Dead axles.


37) What are referred to as the legs of the vehicles?

Answer: Wheels.


38) What are the two classifications of wheels with regard to the type of tire?

Answer: Solid tire wheels and pneumatic tire wheels.


39) What is the media between tire, tube and rim to cushion out road shocks in pneumatic tire wheels?

Answer: Air.


40) What are the two classifications of pneumatic tire wheels?

Answer: Tube tire wheels and tubeless tire wheels.


41) What are the components of a pneumatic wheel?

Answer: Tire, tube and valve, flap and rim.


42) What serves as a cover for the tube and protects it from damage?

Answer: Tire.


43) What are the materials used in making the tire?

Answer: Rubber impregnated rayon, nylon and cotton.


44. What transmits the power from the engine through the medium of driving wheels to the road?

Answer: Tire.


45) Why is the tire given a good tread pattern?

Answer: To give it grip on the road surface.


46) The tires are specified to run on recommended inflation pressures by the manufacturers according to certain norms. What are they?

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Answer: Size and quality of the tire, load to be imposed upon it.


47) When should the tire pressures be checked, when the tires are cold or heated?

Answer: When they are cold.


48) On the side walls of the tire cover there are several markings. What do they indicate?

Answer: They indicate tire size, ply rating, tire number, tire make etc.


49) What does the ply rating on the tire represent?

Answer: Index of tire strength.


50) What material is the tube made of?

Answer: Rubber.


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