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Ancient History Questions – Ancient History General Knowledge

Ancient History Questions – Ancient History General Knowledge


Ancient World History General Knowledge - History Quizzes Part 6

1. How many alphabets were there in the system developed by Phoenician?

Answer: Only twenty two letters. No vowels, only consonants.


2. Who added vowels to the Phoenician alphabet?

Answer: The Greeks added vowels.


3. How did the European alphabets get its present form?

Answer: The Romans made further improvements. Thus the European alphabet got its present form.


4. How old is the Egyptian civilization?

Answer: From 50001 B.C.


5. What is the importance of Egyptian civilization?

Answer: It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world.


6. Why is Egypt called the gift of Nile?

Answer: Without Nile, Egypt would have been a part of the Sahara Desert.


7. When did people begin to settle in the Nile Deltas?

Answer: In the Neolithic age about 5000 B.C.


8. Who were the early settlers of Egypt?

Answer: Libyans, Semitics and Negroes.


9. What was the early history of Egypt?

Answer: From 5000 B.C. to 3400 B.C., no clear history is available.


10. Which were the earlier kingdoms in Egypt?

Answer: Only city states.


11. After the early period, two kingdoms came into existence. Which were they?

Answer: The lower Egypt and Upper Egypt.


12. When was Egypt united into one kingdom?

Answer: By 3500 B.C.


13. Who was the king that united the two kingdoms?

Answer: Menes.


14. Which was the capital of Menes?

Answer: Memphis.


Ancient History Questions – Ancient History General Knowledge Part 2


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15. Who was the founder of the first dynasty in Egypt?

Answer: Menes


16. By what name the Egyptian kings were known?

Answer: Pharaoh


17. What is the meaning of the word ’pharaoh’?

Answer: The man who lives in the big house.


18. How do people consider the king?

Answer: As God


19. What was the policy adopted by the pharaohs of the early period?

Answer: Peace and nonviolence.


20. How many dynasties have ailed Egypt?

Answer: 31 dynasties.


21. The rule of the pharaohs is divided into three periods. Which are they?

Answer: The pyramid age, the middle kingdom and the Imperial age.


22. How many dynasties were there in the old kingdom or in the Pyramid age?

Answer: Six dynasties.


23. How long had the old kingdom ruled Egypt?

Answer: From 3400 B.C. – 2300 B.C.


24. For what the old kingdom was famous for?

Answer: The pyramids.


25. What is a pyramid?

Answer: The tombs of the kings of Egypt. They were mountains of solid stones and bricks.


26. How many pyramids are there in Egypt?

Answer: About seventy in number.


27. Where were the pyramids built?

Answer: In Lower Egypt.


28. Which were the most attractive among them?

Answer: The three pyramids at Giza.


29. To whom do these pyramids stand for?

Answer: Pharaoh Zoser, Cheops, and Khafre.


30. Among the three pyramids, which was the biggest and the most beautiful one?

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Answer: The pyramid of Cheops or king Khufu built in 2900 B.C.


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