General Knowledge MCQ – GK Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Answers


General Knowledge MCQ  – GK Multiple Choice Answers


General Knowledge MCQ - GK Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Answers


General Knowledge MCQ  – GK Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Answers

Quiz Part 1

  1. ‘ Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop ____________.’ Fill in the blank to complete this quotation by Albert Einstein.
    A. Wishing B.Questioning C.Thinking
  1. The name of which spice comes from the French word for ‘nail’?
    A.Cinnamon B.Cardamom C.Clove
  1. In India, the train Lifeline Express is a…
    A.Hospital B.Bank C.Primary School
  1. Which Asian mountain is also known as the Savage Mountain due to the extreme difficulty of ascent?
    A.Kanchenjunga B.K2 C.Lhotse
  1. In 1964, which portfolio was given to Indira Gandhi in the government of Lal Bahadur Shastri?
    A.Defence B.Home C.Information and Broadcasting
  1. In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which game was played by the Queen of Hearts using hedgehogs as balls?
    A.Quintet B.Quidditch C.Croquet
  1. With which unfortunate incident would you associate the warplane Enola Gay?
    A.Sinking of the ship Bismark B.The Hiroshima bombing C.Storming of Bastille
  1. Odhra Magadha is the precursor to which Indian dance form?
    A.Kuchipudi B.Kathak C.Odissi
  1. Who composed music for the 1969 film Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne?
    A.Satyajit Ray B.Ravi Shankar C.Shiv-Hari
  1. Where in the human body is the stapedius muscle situated?
    A.Nose B.Ears C.Leg



  1. Questioning 2. Clove 3. Hospital 4. K2 5. Information and Broadcasting 6. Croquet 7. The Hiroshima bombing 8. Odissi 9. Satyajit Ray 10. Ears


GK Quiz with Answers Part 2

  1. Apart from Venus, which planet rotates from east to west?|
    A.Jupiter B.Mars C.Uranus
  1. Which country was Herodotus referring to when he said: ‘There is no country that possesses so many wonders, nor any, that such a number of works that defy description’?
    A.China B.Germany C.Egypt
  1. Which famous world leader was accused at the Rivonia Trial?
    A.Martin Luther King B.Subhas Chandra Bose C.Nelson Mandela
  1. In Hindu mythology, who has a mansion named Vaijayanta and a sword named Paranjaya?
    A.Vishnu B.Shiva C.Indra
  1. What is parasol a kind of?
    A.Umbrella B.Footwear C.Bracelet
  1. What was the pen name of William Sydney Porter?
    A.Mark Twain B.Oscar Wilde C.O’ Henry
  1. Which spice consists of the seed of the Myristica fragrans, a tropical evergreen tree?
    A.Cardamom B.Clove C.Nutmeg
  1. Which leader wrote the Srimad Bhagavad Gita Rahasya while he was jailed in Myanmar?
    A.Bal Gangadhar Tilak B.Motilal Nehru C.Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  1. Who was born in Gwalior in 1945 to Haafiz Ali Khan?
    A.Amjad Ali Khan B.Bismillah Khan C.Ali Akbar Khan
  1. Which is the largest internal organ in the human body?
    A.Liver B.Heart C.Lung


Answers :

  1. Uranus 2. Egypt 3. Nelson Mandela 4. Indra 5. Umbrella 6. O’ Henry 7. Nutmeg 8. Bal Gangadhar Tilak 9. Amjad Ali Khan 10. Liver


Latest Part 3

  1. After whom is the chemical element with atomic number 102 named?
    A.Albert Einstein B.Alfred Bernhard Nobel C.Isaac Newton
  1. In the Mahabharata, who was granted a divine inward eye so that he could see and relate the events of the battlefield to Dhritarashtra?
    A.Sanjaya B.Purochana C.Shikhandi
  1. The capital of which Scandinavian country is located on the islands of Zealand and Amager?
    A.Norway B.Sweden C.Denmark
  1. Complete this Sunderlal Bahuguna phrase which he coined during the Chipko Movement: ‘Ecology is permanent _____.’
    A.Economy B.Sociology C.Biology
  1. By what name is K’ung Fu-tzu better known to the Western world?
    A.Confucius B.Lao Tzu C.Fa-Hien
  1. Which spice was introduced to India around 1800 CE by the East India Company in its spice garden in Courtallam, Tamil Nadu?
    A.Clove B.Pepper C.Cardamom
  1. In Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, what was the name of the warship in which Captain Nemo sailed?
    A.Basillus B.Nautilus C.Remolus
  1. Bidriware derives its name from the town of Bidar. In which state is Bidar located?
    A.Karnataka B.Kerala C.Gujarat
  1. In India, who heads the Department of Space?
    A.The president B.The prime minister C.The defence minister
  1. Which actor won the National Award in the Best Actor category for Dastak in 1971 and Koshish in 1973?
    A.Dev Anand B.Sanjeev Kumar C.Dilip Kumar


Answers :

  1. Alfred Bernhard Nobel 2. Sanjaya 3. Denmark 4. Economy 5. Confucius 6. Clove 7. Nautilus 8. Karnataka 9. The prime minister 10. Sanjeev Kumar


MCQ 2017 Part 4

  1. Adams, Leverrier, Galle and Lassell are some of the rings of which planet?
    A.Neptune B.Saturn C.Jupiter
  1. In the Mahabharata, who among these was killed by Krishna?
    A.Karna B.Ekalavya C.Jayadratha
  1. Which famous philosopher was also the tutor of Alexander the Great?
    A.Aristotle B.Socrates C.Rousseau
  1. What was defined as ‘three grains of barley, dry and round, placed end to end lengthwise’?
    A.Centimetre B.Millimetre C.Inch
  1. The name of which of these means the ‘gilded one’ in Spanish?
    A.El Dorado B.Buenos Aires C.El Nino
  1. Which 1852 book was smuggled into Russia in Yiddish to evade the czarist censor?
    A.Uncle Tom’s Cabin B.Alice in Wonderland C.Das Kapital
  1. Who was the prime minister of the United Kingdom at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation?
    A.Neville Chamberlain B.Winston Churchill C.Harold McMillan
  1. Tomato, sweet corn, oxtail, bird’s nest, chimney and French onion are all …
    A.Types of soup B.Breeds of cats C.Sporting events
  1. Which work is often referred to as the fifth veda?
    A.Panchtantra B.Natyashastra C.Arthshastra
  1. Which Indi-pop singer was born Sujata, and was known for her hit ‘Made in India’?
    A.Sunita Rao B.Alisha Chinai C.Pravati Khan


Answers :

  1. Neptune 2. Ekalavya 3. Aristotle 4. Inch 5. El Dorado 6. Uncle Tom’s Cabin 7. Winston Churchill 8. Types of soup 9. Natyashastra 10. Alisha Chinai


Update Your General Knowledge with Latest Quiz Part 5

  1. Which of these elements is not named after a scientist?
    A.Einsteinium B.Ruthenium C.Curium
  1. In which present-day country was the Battle of Waterloo fought?
    A.France B.Iran C.Belgium
  1. Which rakshasa took the form of a golden deer to lure Lakshmana away, leaving Sita unprotected?
    A.Tadaka B.Mareecha C.Nikumbha
  1. In India, ‘Duty Unto Death’ is the motto of which organization?
    A.Border Security Force B.National Cadet Corps C.Central Bureau of Investigation
  1. Which country’s highest peak is Mount Ararat?
    A.China B.Turkey C.Iran
  1. What do you call a system of serving when a meal, consisting of several dishes is set out and guests serve themselves?
    A.Buffet B.A la carte C.Menu
  1. With which artist would you associate The Thinker, a statue cast in bronze?
    A.Auguste Rodin B.Michelangelo C.Leonardo da Vinci
  1. Kisan Ghat in Delhi is the memorial ground of which famous leader?
    A.Charan Singh B.Rajiv Gandhi C.Jagjivan Ram
  1. Edward Lear was famous for his five-line humorous poems. What is the correct term for this style of poetry?
    A.Elegy B.Sonnet C.Limerick
  1. Which character did actor Leonard Nimoy portray in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier?
    A.Spock B.Kirk C.McCoy



  1. Ruthenium. Ruthenium is named after a region of central Europe, Curium is named after the Curies, Einsteinium is named after Einstein. 2. Belgium 3. Mareecha 4. Border Security Force 5. Turkey (Greater Ararat) 6. Buffet 7. Auguste Rodin 8. Charan Singh 9. Limerick 10. Spock


Quiz Questions about All Subjects GK Test Part 6

  1. Collectively, how many moons do the planets Mercury and Venus have?
    A.One B.None C.Fifty-five
  1. The Chinese pilgrim Fa-hien visited Kannauj between 399 and 414 A. D. during the reign of…
    A.Chandragupta II B.Ashoka C.Kanishka
  1. Which deity is credited with teaching Ayurveda to Sushruta?
    A.Vishwakarma B.Dhanwantari C.Charaka
  1. In which device might you come across a trackball?
    A.TV camera B.Computer C.Watch
  1. What island did Peter Minuit acquire for sixty guilders from the Native Americans?
    A.Manhattan Island B.Christmas Island C.Galapagos Island
  1. Which of these herbs, used extensively in Indian cuisine, is referred to as dhania in Hindi?
    A.Coriander B.Fenugreek C.Asafoetida
  1. Sir Winston Churchill visited which country during its years under British rule and called it ‘the pearl of Africa’?
    A.Somalia B.Uganda C.South Africa
  1. Jatra is a traditional theatre form of which state of India?
    A.Andhra Pradesh B.West Bengal C.Maharashtra
  1. Abraham Ortelius’s book, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, which means ‘Theatre of the World’, is generally believed to be the first modern example of what?
    A.Atlas B.Dictionary C.Encyclopedia
  1. Which of these Raj Kapoor starrers was also released as The Vagabond?
    A.Barsaat B.Awara C.Shri 420



  1. None 2. Chandragupta II 3. Dhanwantari 4. Computer. It is a small ball that is set in a holder, and can be rotated by hand to move a cursor on a computer screen. 5. Manhattan Island 6. Coriander 7. Uganda 8. West Bengal 9. Atlas 10. Awara


Learn How to Win General Knowledge Quiz Competitions with Part 7

  1. Which is the only giant planet whose equator is nearly at right angles to its orbit?
    A.Mars B.Jupiter C.Uranus
  1. The archeological remains of which institution is found in the vicinity of a village called ‘Bara Gaon’ in the eastern part of India?
    A.Nalanda University B.Taxila University C.Ujjain Sun Temple
  1. In the Mahabharata, which grandson of Pandu died in warfare when he was trapped in a ‘Chakravyuha’?
    A.Abhimanyu B.Prativindhya C.Yaudheya
  1. In Buddhism, what among these does the ‘swastika’ signify?
    A.Buddha’s feet or footprints B.Teachings of Buddha C.Signature of Buddha
  1. Which style of cooking shares its name with the second largest province of China?
    A.Hunan B.Szechwan C.Shandong
  1. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the legislative and judicial capital of which country?
    A.Maldives B.Sri Lanka C.Seychelles
  1. Shakti Sthal is the samadhi of which prime minister of India?
    A.Jawaharlal Nehru B.Charan Singh C.Indira Gandhi

8.‘ Yakshagana’ is a traditional theatre form of which Indian state?
A.Maharashtra B.Andhra Pradesh C.Karnataka

  1. Which famous author’s original name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?
    aEnid Blyton B.Lewis Carroll C.Charles Dickens
  1. In which film has Michelle McNally’s story been memorably told?
    A.Black B.Family C.Hum Tum



  1. Uranus 2. Nalanda University 3. Abhimanyu 4. Buddha’s feet or footprints 5. Szechwan 6. Sri Lanka 7. Indira Gandhi 8. Karnataka 9. Lewis Carroll 10. Black


General Knowledge Mental Training Part 8

  1. Fill in the blank: the wheel and axle, the lever, the ramp, the screw and the pulley are all_______ machines.
    A.Simple B.Turbine C.Mechanical components
  1. According to Hindu mythology, which snake killed Parikshit?
    A.Kaliya B.Takshak C.Ananta
  1. In which city can you find the mausoleum of Arjumand Bano Begum?
    A.Delhi B.Agra C.Aurangabad
  1. What is described in the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘an Indian sweet made from a mixture of flour, sugar, and shortening, which is shaped into a ball’?
    A.Rasgulla B.Laddu C.Balushahi
  1. The name of which city comes from two words meaning ‘market for areca nut’ in the local language?
    A.Guwahati B.Kohima C.Itanagar
  1. In geometry, which figure gets its name from the Greek word for ‘table’?
    A.Rhombus B.Square C.Trapezeum
  1. Who wrote the science fiction classic Rendezvous with Rama?
    A.Arthur C. Clarke B.Ray Bradbury C.H.G. Wells
  1. The life of which deity makes up the most common theme of Pahadi paintings?
    A.Buddha B.Narada C.Krishna
  1. Who was the first woman to be appointed the governor of Uttar Pradesh?
    A.Sucheta Kripalani B.Sarojini Naidu C.Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

10. 15 August 2005 marked the thirtieth anniversary of which path-breaking film?
A.Deewar B.Mughal-e-Azam C.Sholay



  1. Simple 2. Takshak 3. Agra 4. Laddu 5. Guwahati 6. Trapezeum 7. Arthur C. Clarke 8. Krishna 9. Sarojini Naidu 10. Sholay. It was released on 15 August 1975.


GK Quiz Sample MCQ Part 9

  1. Which fabric was introduced by Sir H.B. Lumsden and W. Hodson in 1848 for the uniforms of British colonial troops in India?
    A.Khaki B.Denim C.Corduroy
  1. In Hindu mytholgy, who cursed Krishna that he would be killed by trickery?
    A.Kunti B.Gandhari C.Karna
  1. M.K. Gandhi lived in a farm in South Africa named after a famous Russian novelist. Name the author.
    A.Leo Tolstoy B.Mark Twain C.Charles Dickens
  1. Haflong is the only hill station of…
    A.Manipur B.Assam C.Meghalaya
  1. Thomson seedless, bangalore blue, anab-e-shahi are the major varieties of which fruit in India?
    A.Grapes B.Oranges C.Litchis
  1. In which book would you come across the floating island of Laputa and the land of the Houyhnhnms?
    A.Robinson Crusoe B.Kidnapped C.Gulliver’s Travels
  1. Which Indian dance form traces its traditions to the Mahari and the Gotipua traditions?
    A.Kathak B.Kathakali C.Odissi
  1. Who among these advises the Government of India on legal matters?
    A.Attorney General B.Speaker of the Lok Sabha C.Governor of Reserve Bank of India
  1. In 1976, in which catgeory did Sholay win its only Filmfare Award?
    A.Best Film B.Best Director C.Best Editing
  1. Which are the only big cats to have a tuft or a bunch of hair at the end of their tail?
    A.Lions B.Tigers C.Jaguars



  1. Khaki 2. Gandhari 3. Leo Tolstoy 4. Assam 5. Grapes 6. Gulliver’s Travels 7. Odissi 8. Attorney General 9. Best Editing 10. Lions


Top Answered Part 10

  1. In the hermitage of which sage was Shakuntala brought up?
    A.Kanva B.Agastya C.Dronacharya
  1. According to Thomas Alva Edison, what was 1 per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration?
    A.Genius B.Happiness C.His phonograph
  1. Which leader did Mahatma Gandhi call the ‘Prince among Patriots’?
    A.Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose B.Jawaharlal Nehru C.Vallabhbhai Patel
  1. If you were a cartographer, what would you be studying?
    A.Maps B.Coins C.Postcards
  1. Which nut is attached to a yellow or red pear-shaped false fruit?
    A.Almond B.Cashew nut C.Walnut
  1. Which country’s population consists mostly of Flemings and Walloons?
    A.Denmark B.Belgium C.Paraguay
  1. In literature, which author used the pseudonym Isaac Bickerstaff?
    A.Mark Twain B.Jonathan Swift C.Roald Dahl
  1. With which dance form would you associate the famous dancers Rukmini Devi Arundale and Yamini Krishnamurthy?
    A.Kathak B.Manipuri C.Bharatnatyam
  1. Who appoints the Attorney General of India?
    A.The president B.The prime minister C.The chief justice of the Supreme Court
  1. In 2008, who became the first Indian actor to receive the prestigious Malaysian title, ‘Datuk’?
    A.Aamir Khan B.Ajay Devgn C.Shah Rukh Khan



  1. Kanva 2. Genius 3. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose 4. Maps 5. Cashew nut 6. Belgium 7. Jonathan Swift 8. Bharatnatyam 9. The president 10. Shah Rukh Khan


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