Literature Quiz Questions with Answers – How Well Do You Know Literature


Literature – How Well Do You Know Literature?


Literature Quiz Questions with Answers - How Well Do You Know Literature


Literature Quiz and Answers


1. What ‘I’ Is The Chinese Book Of Divination?
I Ching


2. Who wrote the poems “Ozymandias” and “Ode to the West Wind”?


3. What ‘TOTH’ Is A. A. Milne’s Play Taken From A Book By Kenneth Grahame?
Toad Of Toad Hall


4. What book about four days in Iowa took Robert J. Waller two weeks to write, and topped bestseller lists for seven months?
The Bridges of Madison County


5. Which comic actor and writer co-wrote the book “Life and How to Survive It”?
John Cleese


6. What town was the birthplace of William Shakespeare?


7. Who wrote Myra Breckinridge, Lincoln and Julian?
Gore Vidal


8. What ‘N’ Is The Bird Keats Wrote An Ode To?


9. What Was The Only Novel To Be Written By Margaret Mitchell?
Gone With The Wind


10. Which Author Created The Sleuths Miss Jane Marple And Hercule Poirot?
Agatha Christie


11. Which 4 letter word for having sex first appeared in a dictionary in 1986?
Bonk – not the obvious one!


12. Which ‘JE’ Is Governess To The Ward Of Mr Rochester, In The Book Bearing Her Name?
Jane Eyre


13. How Many Sonnets Did William Shakespeare Write?


14. Which Authors First (Unsuccessful) Book Was Inland Voyage?
Robert Louis Stevenson


15. Who wrote “An Outcast of the Islands”?
Joseph Conrad


16. Who Wrote Charlie And The Chocolate Factory?
Roald Dahl

17. In Which Thomas Hardy Novel Does The Character BathSheba Everdene Appear?
Far From The Madding Crowd


18. Who Wrote The Science Fiction Novel Slaughterhouse Five?
Kurt Vonnegut


19. What seven words provide the opening line of the Shakespeare play Richard III?
Now is the winter of our discontent


20. Which Group Of Fans Are The Only Ones To Be Mentioned In The Oxford English Dictionary?


21. Who Wrote The Novel Invisible Man In 1952?
Ralph Waldo Emerson


22. John Ridd is the male lead in which book with a girl’s name as its title?
Lorna Doone


23. Which Great Book Was Started In Bedford Jail In 1675?
The Pilgrim’s Progress


24. The Authorised Version Of The Holy Bible Was Made At The Order Of Which King?
James The First (1611)


25. Which novel opens with the words, ‘Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again … ”


Online Literature Quiz Questions and Answers 2017 – 2018


26. Who Wrote About A Pig Called The Empress Of Blandings?
P G Wodehouse


27. Whose 1995 Novel The Moor’s Last Sigh Enraged Hindu Militants In
Salman Rushdie’s


28. Which County Shares Its Name With The First Name Of An English Author?
Somerset (Maugham)


29. What title is held by Shakespeare’s Cymbeline?
King of Britain


30. Excluding The Word Hawaii What Is The Only Word In The English Dictionary That Has A Double Ii?
Skiing (Possibly Radii)


31. Who wrote her memoirs in “What Falls Away”?
Mia Farrow


32. Who wrote the play Happy Days in 1961?
Samuel Beckett


33. Who wrote a cookery book called “Keeping lt Simple”?
Gary Rhodes


34. What is the term used to denote the unauthorized and illegal accessing of programs, often with criminal intent?


35. Who Wrote The Novel Bonfire Of The Vanities?
Tom Wolfe


36. What ‘W’ Is The Name By Which Mr Collins, Who Wrote ‘The Woman In White’, Is Known?


37. What Pen Name Was Adopted For The Book ‘Bravo Two Zero’?
Andy Mcnab


38. What ‘E’ Was A Greek Dramatist Who Wrote Some Eighty Plays?


39. What is the first book in the New Testament?
Gospel of Matthew


40. Which playwright wrote “Barefoot in the Park” and “The Odd Couple”?
Neil Simon


41. What ‘Gem’ Is The Strange Looking Creature That Jealousy Is Described As In Shakespeare’s Othello!?
Green Eyed Monster

42. Who wrote the long-running West End play ‘The Mousetrap’?
Agatha Christie


43. Which Shakespeare Play Concerns The Two Old Friends Valentine And Proteus’ Love For The Beautiful Julia?
The Two Gentlemen Of Verona


44. Who’s First Book Was Pebble In The Sky?
Isaac Asimov


45. What book was the best-seller of the year in America in 1794?
Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, which had been published in England the year before – three years after his death


46. Who Wrote That ‘The Female Of The Species Is Deadlier Than The Male?’?
Rudyard Kipling


47. Who Wrote Servants Of The Wankh In 1969?
Jack Vance


48. What ‘D’ Is The Setting For Shakespeare’s Hamlet?


49. Who wrote plays with a political theme such as “The Little Foxes”?
Lillian Hellman


50. In What Book Does Humpty Dumpty First Appear?
Through The Looking Glass

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