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100 Bible Quiz Questions Answers – Learn More about Bible

Bible Quiz Questions


Bible Quiz Questions Answers

Quiz Questions

Bible Quiz Questions Part 1

Bible Quiz 1 – 10

1) In the second day of creation, God created an arch in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters. What was that arch?

Answer: Sky.

2) According to the Bible, which is the light that rule the day created by the God in the fourth day of creation?

Answer: Sun.

3) Which is the lesser light created by the God which rule in the night?

Answer: Moon.

4) According to the Bible which is the creature created by the God his own image, in the image of God?

Answer: Man.

5) What was created by the God as food for all living things in the face of the earth?

Answer: Herbs.

6) Which was the day the God ended his creation and rested?

Answer: 7th day.

7) Which was the river head went out of Eden garden?

Answer: Pishon.

8) Which is the land Pishon river encompasses?

Answer: Havilah land.

9) Which is the river head encompasses in Cush land?

Answer: Gihon.

10) Where Euphrates and Tigris goes forwards?

Answer: East of Assyria.


Bible Quiz Questions Part 2

Bible Quiz 11 – 20

11) According to the Bible why woman shall be called she?

Answer: Woman had created from man, so ‘she’ named.

12) How had been creation of woman according to the Bible?

Answer: God created woman from the rib of the man.

13) Which was more cunning of the beasts which the God created?

Answer: Serpent.

14) What is the reason man last become dust?

Answer: Because of the curse given by the God to Adam.

15) What did man win, while the prohibited fruit eaten?

Answer: Ability to know good and evils.

16) Why did God sent man out of the Garden of Eden?

Answer: The command of God denied and ate prohibited fruit.

17) Who was the first son of Adam and Eve?

Answer: Cain.

18) Who was the second son of Adam?

Answer: Abel.

19) What was Abel’s job?

Answer: Sheep keeper.

20) What was the job of Cain?

Answer: Agriculture.


Bible Quiz Questions Part 3

Bible Quiz 21 – 30

21) Who assassinated Abel?

Answer: Cain.

22) Where did Cain settled when he left Eden?

Answer: Land of Nod.

23) Who was the son of Cain?

Answer: Enoch.

24) Which was the city built by Cain for Enoch?

Answer: Enoch.

25) What was the name of Enoch’s son?

Answer: Irad.


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26) Who was the father of Mehujael?

Answer: Irad.

27) Who was the father of Methuselah?

Answer: Mehujael.

28) Who were the wives of Lamech?

Answer: Adah and Zillah.

29) Who was the mother of Jubal?

Answer: Adah.

30) Who was the brother of Jabal?

Answer: Jubal.


Bible Quiz Questions Part 4

Bible Quiz 31 – 40

31) Who is known as the father of live-stock?

Answer: Jabal.

32) Who was the father of harp and flute players?

Answer: Jabal.

33) Who was the mother of Jubal Cain?

Answer: Zillah.

34) Who was the sister of Jubal Cain?

Answer: Naamah.

35) Who was the son born for Adam after Abel and Cain?

Answer: Seth.

36) Who was the son of Seth?

Answer: Enosh.

37) How many years was the life duration of Adam?

Answer: 930 years.

38) How many years was the life duration of Seth?

Answer: 912 years.

39) Who was the son born for Enosh when he was 90 years?

Answer: Cainan.

40) How many years was the life duration of Cainan?

Answer: 910 years.


Bible Quiz Questions Part 5

Bible Quiz 41 – 50

41) Who was the son born for Jared when he was 162 years?

Answer: Enoch.

42) Who was the father of Noah?

Answer: Lamech.

43) Who were the sons of Noah?

Answer: Shen, Han, Japheth.

44) Who were the mighty men in olden days?

Answer: Nephilim.

45) According to the Bible who was the righteous person before God?

Answer: Noah.

46) Noah’s ark built by which wood?

Answer: Gopher.

47) How many days come to pass the rain which make flood on the earth?

Answer: Forty days and nights.

48) Who planted vineyard first in the earth?

Answer: Noah.

49) Who were the sons of Japheth?

Answer: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshek, Tiras.

50) Who was the first mighty hunter in the Bible?

Answer: Nimrod.


Bible Quiz Questions Part 6

Bible Quiz 51 – 60

51) Which were the important cities in the land of Shinar?

Answer: Babel, Erech, Accad.

52) Which were the cities in Assyria built by Nimrod?

Answer: Nineveh, Rehoboth, Calah, Resen.

53) Which was the principal city in Assyria built by Nimrod?

Answer: Resen.

54) “In your all families of the earth shall be blessed” as God told to whom?

Answer: To Abraham.

55) Who was the wife of Abraham?

Answer: Sarai.

56) Where did Abram build altar to the God?

Answer: In Bethel.

57) Who is nephew of Abram?

Answer: Lot.

58) Who was the king Sodom went out to meet Abraham, who defeated Chedorlaomer and the kings who were with him?

Answer: Melchizedek.

59) According to the request of Sarai, who was the maid received by Abram?

Answer: Hagar.

60) Who was the son of Abram borned by Hagar?

Answer: Ismael.


Bible Quiz Questions Part 7

Bible Quiz 61 – 70

61) Who was the Bible character as Mother of Nations?

Answer: Sarai.

62) Who was the son borned by Abraham and Sara?

Answer: Isaac.

63) Where did God appear to Abraham?

Answer: Near terebinth trees of Mamre.

64) Who was the son of the elder daughter of Lot born by her father?

Answer: Moab.

65) Who was the father of Moabit?

Answer: Moab.

66) Who was the father of Amman?

Answer: Ammanites.

67) Who was the son of younger daughter of Lot born by him?

Answer: Ben-Ammi.

68) Who was the son born by Abraham and Sara in old age?

Answer: Isaac.

69) God has made me laugh; so that all who hear will laugh with one, who told like that?

Answer: Sara.

70) How did the name get the place Beersheba?

Answer: Between Abraham and Abimelech swore an oath there for this reason named the place Beersheba.


Bible Quiz Questions Part 8

Bible Quiz 71 – 80

71) Which was the tee Abraham planted in Beersheba?

Answer: Tamarisk tree.

72) Where did Sara die?

Answer: In Kiriath-arba.

73) Where did Sara was buried?

Answer: In the cave of Machpelah.

74) Who is the daughter of Bethael who born by Milcah from Nahor?

Answer: Rebecca.

75) After the death of Sara to whom Abraham took as wife?

Answer: Keturah.

76) Who was the father of Sheba and Dedan?

Answer: Jokshan.

77) Who were the sons of Midian?

Answer: Ephah, Epher, Hanoch, Abidah, Eldaah.

78) The of life years of Abraham’s?

Answer: 175 years.

79) Where was buried the dead body Abraham?

Answer: In the cave of Machpelah.

80) Why the son of Rebecca received name ‘Esau’?

Answer: Because that child was like hairy garment all over.


Bible Quiz Questions Part 9

Bible Quiz 81 – 90

81) Who was the second son of Rebecca?

Answer: Jacob.

82) How did Jacob got such name?

Answer: That child’s hand took hold of Esau’s heel at the time birth.

83) Among the sons of Isaac to whom he loved more?

Answer: Esau.

84) What is the reason Isaac more loved to Esau?

Answer: He used to taste savory food bringing by Esau.

85) Among the sons of Rebecca to whom she loved more?

Answer: Jacob.

86) Another name of Esau?

Another: Edom.

87) What is the meaning of Edom?

Answer: Redly.

88) What answer told Jacob to Esau, who asks red stew?

Answer: Sell me your birthright.

89) Who bought birthright of Esau?

Answer: Jacob.

90) Why Philistines envied to Isaac?

Answer: He became wealthy and mighty.


Bible Quiz Questions Part 10

Bible Quiz 91 – 100

91) Which was the first well dug by Isaac’s servants in the valley of Gerar?

Answer: Esek.

92) What is the meaning of Esek?

Answer: Controversial thing.

93) Who were the wives of Esau?

Answer: Basemath, Judith.

94) The first name of Bethuel?

Answer: Luies.

95) What is the meaning of Bethuel?

Answer: House of God.

96) Who is the first baby of Jacob by Leah?

Answer: Reuben.

97) What name Jacob got for having struggle with God and men and has prevailed?

Answer: Israel.

98) What name given the place where Jacob seen God face to face?

Answer: Peniel.

99) Why the children of Israel do not eat the muscle shrank, which is on the hip socket?

Answer: The people who were struggled with Jacob in Peniel touched the socket of his hip.

100) How Succoth got that name?

Answer: Because Jacob built a house and made a booth for livestock.


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