Ancient World History General Knowledge Online Quizzes with Answers Part 5


Ancient World History General Knowledge Quizzes with Answers Part 5


Ancient World History General Knowledge Quizzes with Answers Part 5



1) What was the importance of metal age?

Answer: It made tremendous progress in even walks of human life.


2) Men are divided into different races. What is meant by race?

Answer: A group of people of the same kind.


3) Which are the main races in the world?

Answer: The black or the Negroid, The yellow or Mongoloid, The white or Caucasian.


4) Today, racial purity is a myth. Why?

Answer: All the races today became so much mixed up due to inter mingling and inter breeding.


5) Which race forms the largest division of man?

Answer: The Mongoloid.


6) Which was the first language used by men?

Answer: Some sounds which expressed emotions.


7) When did language originate?

Answer: No exact date. It took a pretty long time.


8) What was the language used by the man during the early Neolithic period?

Answer: It consisted of a few hundred words.


9) How did the Neolithic men express their feelings?

Answer: Rejoice by dancing and sorrows by tears.


10) How did different language originate?

Answer: People were separated by natural barriers. It results the appearance of many languages.


11) Which are the main Indo-European or Aryan languages?

Answer: They are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Persian and Indian languages like Sanskrit.


12) What are the languages belonging to the Semitic group?

Answer: They are Hebrew, Arabic, Abyssinian, Assyrian and ancient Phoenician.


13) What are the languages that can be included in the Hamitic group?

Answer: The ancient Egyptian languages, The Barber languages, North Africa and East Africa.


14) Which are the main languages that included in Turanian group?

Answer: The Lappish, Finnish and Magyar, Tartar, Manchu and Mongol languages.


15) Which are the languages that can be grouped under the Chinese group?

Answer: They are the Chinese, Burmese, Siamese and the Tibetan languages.


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16) What are the American Indian languages?

Answer: The languages in different American countries.


17) Who are the people that use the Bantu language?

Answer: The people of Central Africa.


18) By whom are spoken the Malayo-polynesian languages?

Answer: The people of Malaysian countries. Some other languages like the Dravidan languages in south India also come to this group.


19) How did the art of writing develop?

Answer: Developed from drawing.


20) Where did the alphabets originate from?

Answer: From Hieroglyphics and Cuneiform writings.


21) What kind of writing was Hieroglyphics?

Answer: Picture use writings.


22) Why was that form of writing called Hieroglyphics?

Answer: It was used by the priests in Egypt, which meant Holy pictures.


23) When did the Egyptians invented this form of writings?

Answer: By 6000 B.C


24) Where did the Egyptians write?

Answer: At first they carved on stones. Later they invented paper and wrote with the help of a kind of pen and ink.


26) Who were the people which developed the cuneiform writings?

Answer: The Sumerians in Mesopotamia.


27) Where did the Sumerians write?

Answer: They used to draw on clay plates.


28) What kind of writing was cuneiform writing?

Answer: They used symbols, to represent a sound.


29) What kind of writing was that developed in China?

Answer: The Chinese also used pictures like the Egyptians.


30) How did alphabet develop?

Answer: The Phoenicians blended Hieroglyphics and Cuneiform systems of writing and developed the first form of alphabet.


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