Ancient World History General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers Part 4


Ancient World Questions Answers Part 4


Ancient World History General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers Part 4



World History Quiz


1) For what purpose, the Neolithic man used the animal?

Answer: For food and as beast of burden.


2) Another important achievement of Neolithic age was?

Answer: The art of making pots.


3) How did Neolithic man make their pots?

Answer: They made it from clay.


4) What purposes the Neolithic man used his pots?

Answer: To carry water, to store up grains and to cook food.


5) How did this Neolithic man cover their body?

Answer: They learned the art of weaving.


6) How did the Neolithic man make clothes?

Answer: From the hairs of animals and fibers of plants.


7) What helped the Neolithic man to make carts?

Answer: The discovery of the wheels.


8) Which were the animals that Neolithic man used in drawing the cart?

Answer: Dogs and oxen.


9) The Neolithic man traveled through water also. What helped him in his travel?

Answer: The invention of boats.


10) What were all the things the Neolithic man used in making boats?

Answer: The skin of large animals and woods.


11) What kind of worship the Neolithic man followed?

Answer: Worship of nature.


12) What was the root cause of their worship?

Answer: The fear of storm, floods, drought etc.


13) What was the form of their worship?

Answer: By religious rites and sacrifices and worshiped stone phallus.


14) The Neolithic men were familiar with trade. What kind of system they follow?

Answer: They followed barter system.


15) When did men begin to use metals?

Answer: During the last period of the Neolithic age. Nearly by 6000 B.C.


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16) What was the first metal found out by men?

Answer: Copper.


17) Where was Copper used first?

Answer: In Egypt and western Asia.


18) When was copper used in Egypt?

Answer: By 4000 B.C.


19) Which were the first copper mines in the world?

Answer: Sinai and the islands of Cyprus.


20) During the last period of Neolithic age and at the early period of metal age both stone and copper were used by man. By what name that period was known?

Answer: Chalcolithic age or Copper Stone age.


21) What was the defect of copper in making weapons and tools?

Answer: Copper is very soft.


22) How did man in Metal age make Bronze?

Answer: By mixing Copper with Tin or Lead.


23) When did man make Bronze?

Answer: By 2000 B.C.


24) Bronze replaces Copper for tools and weapons. Why?

Answer: Bronze was harder than Copper.


25) What was the result of the discovery of Iron?

Answer: Men’s artistic sense and skill increased.


26) Why did men use iron in the place of copper and bronze for making tools and weapons?

Answer: Iron is harder for making tools and weapons.


27) When was iron discovered?

Answer: Sometimes before 1350 B.C.


28) What was the result of the discovery of I iron?

Answer: It made revolutionary change.


29) In India, only two metals were known. Which are they?

Answer: Copper and Iron.


30) Which was the metal unknown to Indians?

Answer: Bronze.


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