Ancient World History General Knowledge Online Quiz Questions Part 3


Ancient World History General Knowledge Online Quiz Questions Part 3


Ancient World History General Knowledge Online Quiz Questions Part 3


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1) What does their belief in soul and life after death show?

Answer: They were having a form of religion.


2) Where did we get the skeletons of Grimaldi?

Answer: Unearthed from the caves in Grimaldi in North Italy.


3) What was the state of Grimaldis in the evolution of man?

Answer: A higher stage in the evolution of man. They were man in every sense.


4) Are Grimaldis not savages?

Answer: They were savages of a higher order.


5) What was the native of the Grimaldis?

Answer: They were more usual in nature.


6) What was the state of civilization the Grimaldis having?

Answer: They were as civilized as the Cro-Magnons.


7) Who were Rhodesians?

Answer: The Rhodesians belong to Africa.


8) What was the cultural standard of Rhodesians?

Answer: They were also having equal cultural standards like the other groups.


9) What was the cultural standard of the Paleolithic man in general?

Answer: They were hunters, cave dwellers, and used unpolished stone weapons. Their society, their achievements in art and civilization were almost the same everywhere.


10) Where do the word Neolithic originate from?

Answer: From Greek. In Greek, Neo means-New and Lithic means-Stone.


11) What is the other name used for Neolithic age?

Answer: New Stone Age


12) When did Neolithic Age begin in Europe?

Answer: In Europe from 10000 B.C.


13) When did Neolithic Age begin in Asia and Africa?

Answer: Nearly from 15000 B.C.


14) The New Stone Age is considered as an important milestone in the story of human progress. Why?

Answer: It was a great forward step on the long road of civilization.


15) What were the improvements that man made in the use of their tools and weapons?

Answer: The stone tools and weapons were smoothened and sharpened by grinding.


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16) What are all the variety of tools used by man during the Neolithic age?

Answer: Tools made of wood, ivory and bone were found.


17) What was the greatest achievement during the new Stone Age?

Answer: The development of agriculture.


18) What were the crops that the Neolithic man cultivates?

Answer: Wheat and Barley at the beginning then Millet, Maize, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.


19) What was the method of agriculture followed by the Neolithic man?

Answer: They were crude at first.


20) What were the implements used by Neolithic man in their agriculture?

Answer: Plough drawn by oxen was used.


21) Where did the Neolithic gardens appear first?

Answer: In Egypt and West Asia.


22) What compelled the Neolithic men to stay in one place?

Answer: Agriculture


23) What were the improvements that happened in their dwellings?

Answer: They built houses to live in.


24) What were the types of houses the Neolithic man built?

Answer: On the top of trees, in deep pits under the ground, and on the surface of water on wooden platforms.


25) What were the other improvements in the life of Neolithic man?

Answer: Living in one place helped him to develop group living.


26) What helped the Neolithic man to co-operate one another and obey certain rules and laws?

Answer: Group living


27) When did man begin to tame animals?

Answer: Along with agriculture.


28) What was the first animal tamed by man?

Answer: Probably dog


29) What all were the other animals that man tamed later?

Answer: Wild goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, horse, monkeys etc. soon followed.


30) Where was cattle and sheep tamed first?

Answer: In West Asia or Central Asia.


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