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Why our blood is red – Know more about our Blood

 Why our blood is red ?


Why our blood is red - Know more about our Blood


Blood is red: What is the reason?

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Do you know why our blood is red ? Our blood is red because of the substance hemoglobin, which is contained in our red blood cells. The function of these specialized cells is to carry oxygen from our lungs to wherever it is needed in the body. They are formed in our bone marrow and the hemoglobin in them which is made of iron and protein becomes redder as it is picks up oxygen. It loses this color as it deposits oxygen in other cells and picks up carbon dioxide to carry back to the lungs, which is why some of the blood vessels in our hands and arms appear blue through our skin.


As well as carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide, the blood carries nutrients to the cells, so that they can perform their functions, and for cell repair and growth. Waste products are carried back to the liver for removal.


As well as the red cells, our blood also carries white blood cells, which help to fight off disease. All of the cells and nutrients are carried in a pale yellow thick liquid which is called plasma. The other materials carried in the plasma include a substance called fibrinogen, which helps the blood to clot when we cut ourselves.


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[Red contains white and red blood cells that float inside a liquid called plasma. It also contains thousands of different substances needed by the body. Blood carries all these things round the body and also removes waste products]


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