Trivia and General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers


Trivia and General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers


Trivia and General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers


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1. With which book does the Bible end?
Answer: Revelation.


2. The time required by the moon to return to the same position relative to a fixed star is called:
Answer: Sidereal month.


3. What is the meaning of parsimony?
Answer: Extreme reluctance to spend money.


4. Which country invented backstroke swimming?
Answer: Egypt.


5. Who was the first English poet to be officially given the title of Poet Laureate?
Answer: John Dryden.


6. Which country has the most productive silver mines?
Answer: Mexico.


7. How many caterpillars of the silk moth have to be boiled alive in order to obtain a pound of silk?
Answer: 3000.


8. What is a maverick?
Answer: An unorthodox person.


9. What does malediction mean?
Answer: Curse.


10. Which planet appears brightest in the night sky?
Answer: Venus.


11. Athena, in Greek mythology, who sprung from Zeus’s forehead, was the goddess of:
Answer: War and Peace.


12. What gives the human brain its energy?
Answer: Glucose.


13. Who founded the Society of Jesus, whose members are known as Jesuits?
Answer: St. Ignatius Loyola.


14. What kind of phobia or fear is Lyssophobia?
Answer: Morbid fear of insanity.


15. Nuclear radiation is extremely harmful for the human body, although on one organ it has the least effect. Which?
Answer: Brain.


Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers


16. In which country are parents fixed a heavy sum of money for producing a second child?
Answer: China.


17. There is an animal whose finger prints are close to those of human beings. Which?
Answer: Orangutan.


18. Which folk singer is associated with the song ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’?
Answer: Bob Dylan.


19. In which city are there more than 20,000 wind mills, the largest number in the world?
Answer: Merida in Mexico.


20. Which town was subjected to an air raid for the first time in history?
Answer: Guernica in Spain.


21. Which sporting event is the long distance ‘Tour de France’?
Answer: Cycling.


22. Which was the first nuclear powered submarine?
Answer: Triton.


23. Which country owns the first nuclear powered submarine?
Answer: USA (I960).


24. How many liters go to make a gallon?
Answer: 4.5.


25. Who introduced potatoes into England?
Answer: Sir Walter Raleigh.


26. Of which country is SABENA the international airline?
Answer: Belgium.


27. Which is the largest port in Germany?
Answer: Hamburg.


28. What is turpitude?
Answer: Depravity.


29. What is the meaning of blase?
Answer: Bored.


30. Which is the fastest train in the world?
Answer: Bullet.


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