50 Online Quiz Contest Questions



1) Who said “Direction is telling the people what to do and seeing that they do it in the best possible manner”?
Answer: Ernest Dale.


2) Cryptography is usually used in what for protecting secret messages?
Answer: Computer Networks.


3) Which band is used for T.V, F.M, air navigation, radar?
Answer: VHF.


4) The purpose of distribution reservoirs is:
Answer: City water supply.


5) What is the name of the project aimed at building a viable self-sustaining National Dairy Industry on co-operative lines?
Answer: Operation flood.


6) The centre of mass of a body is known as:
Answer: Barycenter.


7) Velocity of sound in a gas is proportional to what?
Answer: Square root of adiabatic elasticity.


8) Who opened the world’s first school of navigation in 1416?
Answer: Prince Henry of Portugal.


9) Mr. Henry James writes fiction as if it were a painful duty – a critic said. Who?
Answer: Oscar Wilde.


10) According to Astrology friend planets of Mars:
Answer: Jupiter, Sun and Moon.


11) Which one is more compact engine, internal or external combustion?
Answer: Internal.


12) In modern times, which engines are most commonly used in automobiles?
Answer: Internal Combustion Engines.


13) Which are the eight fold paths of Buddhism?
Answer: Right view, right resolution, right words, right action, right living, right effort, right thinking, right concentration.


14) Whose dying words were : ‘I am dying as I have lived, beyond my means’?
Answer: Oscar Wilde.


15) In 1740 Henry Carey was attributed with the composition and singing of a famous musical work-what was it?
Answer: The British National Anthem-God save the king.


16) In Hindu Mythology Who is the Guru of Bhishma in archery and other arts of war?
Answer: Vasishtha.


Online Quiz Contest Questions Part 2 (Questions 17-31)


17) Who is the prime minister of Spain in 2019?
Answer: Pedro Sánchez.


18) Which shoreline is formed by the raising of the continental shelf above the sea water caused by epeirogenic forces of earth?
Answer: Emergent Shoreline.


19) In sociology, a community becomes a community any if it has:
Answer: Common territory.


20) What is the title of the two epic Hindu poems written in Sanskrit?
Answer: Mahabharata, Ramayana.


21) How many Accepting houses are there in England?
Answer: About 17.


22) When was Samuel Morse patented his telegraph?
Answer: 1840.


23) Who were the leaders of the ‘Big Three Nations’ met at the Yalta Conference to plan for the peace that would follow the war?
Answer: President Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S), Winston Churchill (Great Britain), Premier Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union).


24) Name the mother of Prophet Muhammad:
Answer: Aminah bint Wahb.


25) Who were North African Muslims who had invaded Spain in the A.D. 700’s?
Answer: Moors.


26) Which is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere?
Answer: Aconcagua.


27) Which fins consist of a fleshy stalk fringed with rays?
Answer: Lobed.


28) When was some people in the Middle East began to do farming?
Answer: About 8000 B.C.


29) In which process the digital files may be output directly to laser platesetters?
Answer: Photo composition.


30) Who was the master of trilogy?
Answer: Aeschylus.


31) What is the legal term which indicates the rejection of a case due to the non-existence of the remedy?
Answer: infructuous.


Online Quiz Contest Questions Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


32) Which are the most common camera filters for photography?
Answer: Gelatin filter.


33) Who did offering to God among the head of the fathers house on the first day?
Answer: Nahshon.


34) What is the real name of Kumar Gandharva who was a famous musician in Carnatic music?
Answer: Shivaputra Siddharamayya Komkalimath.


35) What is the name of the fashion institute at Mumbai?
Answer: National Institute of Fashion Technology.


36) The conscience of the revolution is the book of:
Answer: Robert Vincent Daniels.


37) 1000 kilograms are equal to how many metric ton?
Answer: One metric ton.


38) What is the currency of Botswana:
Answer: Pula.


39) Where in Italy most of the tourists reach during summer season?
Answer: Venice.


40) What are two types of dandruffs?
Answer: Pityriasis Capitis Simplex and Pityriasis rosea.


41) Which is the Western border of outer plateau?
Answer: Karakoram Range.


42) In which countries did Cha Cha Jiva, Rumba and Samba dances flourished?
Answer: Latin American countries.


43) Gandhi regarded his participation in 1919 session of the Congress as his real entrance into the Congress politics. Where was this session held?
Answer: Amritsar.


44) Some of the understory trees are smaller species that grow well in the shade of:
Answer: Canopy.


45) How does scientists classify streams?
Answer: By stream order.


46) Analogous organs are those organs having similarity in:
Answer: Function.


47) Instrumental conditioning is studied by:
Answer: Edward Thorndike and B. F. Skinner.


48) Rationalism arise in:
Answer: 1600’s.


49) If sharp things are entered into the body, shouldn’t pull out it. Pull out only from the hospital. Why?
Answer: Bleeds uncontrollably and the person will die.


50) Which English poet illustrated all his major work himself?
Answer: William Blake.


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