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Easy Trivia Questions and Answers

Easy Trivia Questions and Answers


Simple Trivia Questions and Answers


Easy Trivia Questions and Answers Part 1 (Questions 1-15)


1) The country where Mont Blanc Tunnel of France connects to?
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Germany
d) Netherland
Answer: Italy


2) Ayres Rock is situated in which place?
a) United States of America
b) Australia
c) France
d) United Kingdom
Answer: Australia


3) The animal having the breeds Persian, Siamese and Abyssinian is?
a) Cat
b) Rabbit
c) Antelope
d) Dog
Answer: Cat


4) What is the number of wings a butterfly possess?
a) Four
b) Two
c) Six
Answer: Four


5) Which is the sport that uses the term Duck, Flipper and Googly?
a) Squash
b) Tennis
c) Cricket
d) Football
Answer: Cricket


6) The female hedgehog is known as?
a) Queen
b) Sow
c) Doe
d) Princess
Answer: Sow


7) According to Greek mythology what does a winged horse represents?
a) Pegasus
b) Archne
c) Phoenix
d) Poseidon
Answer: Pegasus


8) The left side of ship is known as
a) Dock
b) Jetty
c) Port
d) Shaft
Answer: Port


9) Which day is celebrated as Halloween day in the month of October?
a) 15th
b) 31st
c) 1st
d) 21st
Answer: 31st


10) Name the place where Mary’s lamb go one day in the nursery rhyme?
a) School
b) Market
c) Church
d) Park
Answer: School


11) Which is the name of the children’s book having the character named Professor Caractacus Potts ?
a) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
b) Swallows and Amazons
c) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
d) Matilda
Answer: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


12) Name the food which is the favorite of the cartoon character Garfield?
a) Lasagne
b) Quiche
c) Pizza
d) Burger
Answer: Lasagne


13) What makes up the porridge with milk?
a) Corn
b) Oats
c) Wheat
d) Bean
Answer: Oats


14) Name the country having Seoul as its capital?
a) Vietnam
b) South Korea
c) North Korea
d) Middle East
Answer: South Korea


15) The animal used as a symbol of the motor manufacturer Suzuki is?
a) Leopard
b) Rhinoceros
c) Horse
d) Cheetah
Answer: Rhinoceros


Easy Trivia Questions and Answers Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16) Name the family who finds Paddington Bear, and adopts him in the stories by Michael Bond?
a) Brown
b) Green
c) Black
d) Red
Answer: Brown


17) The person who makes candles is called?
a) Chanter
b) Chandler
c) Cobbler
d) Entrepreneur
Answer: Chandler


18) Name the currency of the United States of America?
a) Dollar
b) Centime
c) Pound
d) Euro
Answer: Dollar


19) The sign of zodiac which is represented by the goat?
a) Virgo
b) Capricorn
c) Cancer
d) Scorpio
Answer: Capricorn


20) Which is the cat in the archenemy of Tweety Pie?
a) Sylvester
b) Korky
c) Tigger
d) Kent
Answer: Sylvester


21) Name the van that Scooby Doo and his companion travels in?
a) Secret Machine
b) Mystery Machine
c) Stealthy Machine
d) Lucky Machine
Answer: Mystery Machine


22) Name the animal having the breeds Alpine, Angora and Toggenburg?
a) Goat
b) Horse
c) Sheep
d) Cow
Answer: Goat


23) The Silver Wedding Anniversary is celebrated by married couple after how many years?
a) 40
b) 25
c) 15
d) 28
Answer: 25


24) The number of square stickers on each faces of classic Rubik’s cube is?
a) Six
b) Nine
c) Twelve
d) Fifteen
Answer: Nine


25) A Basketball team consist of how many players?
a) Five
b) Six
c) Eight
d) Ten
Answer: Five


26) What animal does Pepé Le Pew represents in the cartoon?
a) Badger
b) Skunk
c) Cat
d) Goat
Answer: Skunk


27) The aeroplane Air Force One is owned by whom?
a) President of the USA
b) Queen Elizabeth 2
c) The Pope
d) President of Turkey
Answer: President of the USA


28) The instrument used by doctors to check the body temperature of a person is?
a) Stethoscope
b) Thermometer
c) Otoscope
d) Sphygmomanometer
Answer: Thermometer


29) According to Roman religion who is known as the God of Sea?
a) Adonis
b) Neptune
c) Troy
d) Mars
Answer: Neptune


30) A baby seal is called as?
a) Sealing
b) Pup
c) Kit
d) Calf
Answer: Pup


Easy Trivia Questions and Answers Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31) What does spring and neap represents in nature?
a) Winds
b) Clouds
c) Tides
d) Rain
Answer: Tides


32) The taste buds of human beings are located in which part of the body?
a) On the tongue
b) On the lips
c) At the back of the throat
Answer: On the tongue


33) The board game which has the pieces Top hat, race car and Scottie dog is?
a) Monopoly
b) Trivial Pursuit
c) Cluedo
d) Liubo
Answer: Monopoly


34) The fictional character lived in the village of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh is?
a) Harry Potter
b) Dr Doolittle
c) Artemis Fowl
d) Spongebob
Answer: Dr Doolittle


35) The policeman in the cartoon Top Cat is?
a) Officer Dibble
b) Officer Bibble
c) Officer Fibble
d) Officer Libble
Answer: Officer Dibble


36) Which bone is known as the funny bone in human body?
a) Comical
b) Humerus
c) Jocular
d) Radius
Answer: Humerus


37) Which day is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day in the USA?
a) 24th November
b) 22nd November
c) 20th October
d) 24th September
Answer: 24th


38) Puff, choux or short can be of which food?
a) Pasta
b) Pastry
c) Jam
d) Salad
Answer: Pastry


39) What is the color of Envy?
a) Blue
b) Green
c) Yellow
d) Red
Answer: Green


40) The torch as said by Americans is?
a) A nightlight
b) A spotlight
c) A flashlight
d) A dimlight
Answer: A flashlight


41) The country which had Schilling as the monetary unit before the Euro is?
a) Austria
b) Italy
c) Finland
d) Switzerland
Answer: Austria


42) What is the name of the Kung Fu Panda in the film?
a) Po
b) Lo
c) Mo
d) Bo
Answer: Po


43) What does Little Tommy Tucker singer for in the nursery rhyme?
a) His lunch
b) His supper
c) His breakfast
d) His snacks
Answer: His supper


44) Who impersonated the grandmother in the fairy tale The Little Red Riding Hood?
a) A wolf
b) A bear
c) A troll
d) A fox
Answer: Wolf


45) The dimple surfaced ball is used in which sport?
a) Golf
b) Tennis
c) Rugby
d) Baseball
Answer: Golf


46) The fictional character Jiminy Cricket is of which film?
a) Dumbo
b) Pinocchio
c) Thomas O’Malley
d) Harry Potter
Answer: Pinocchio


47) Waitangi Day is a public holiday on 6th February in which country?
a) New Zealand
b) Canada
c) Argentina
d) Brazil
Answer: New Zealand


48) There is an English proverb in which a fruit eaten daily will keep the doctor away, name the fruit?
a) Orange
b) Apple
c) Pear
d) Plum
Answer: Apple


49) Which Ancient Greek mathematician and inventor is said to have shouted the word ‘Eureka’?
a) Hippocrates
b) Archimedes
c) Euclid
d) Pythagoras
Answer: Archimedes


50) The phonograph and the first practical light bulb was invented by whom?
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Thomas Edison
c) Michael Faraday
d) Albert Einstein
Answer: Thomas Edison


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