Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Computer Quiz Questions – Top Computer GK Quiz


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Computer Quiz Questions – Top Computer GK Quiz


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Computer Quiz Questions


1) What is Robotics?

Answer: The scientific study of robot.


2) Who is considered as the father of industrial robot?

Answer: Joseph Engelberger.


3) Who holds the patent for the first industrial robot?

Answer: George Devol.


4) What are the three major components of a robot?

Answer: Manipulator, Brain, Power supply.


5) Which part controls the movement of robots hand?

Answer: Manipulator.


6) What is the purpose of a computer in a robot system?

Answer: As its controller.


7) What are the hardwares essential in a computer controlled robot?

Answer: Memory, CPU, A/D and D/A converters.


8) Give one example for a computer programming language that can be used for robot programming?

Answer: AML (A Manufacturing Language)


9) What is flexible manufacturing system (FMS) or computerized manufacturing system?

Answer: A combination of CAD/CAM & Robotics)


10) What is the major disadvantage of using a robot?

Answer: Heavy investment.


11) The Expert system was introduced in?

Answer: 1958.


12) The expert system was developed by which university?

An: Stanford.


13) The first expert system was?

Answer: DENDRAL.


14) In which field the expert system has application areas of A.I?

Answer: Artificial intelligence.


15) Name the language used in Expert system?

Answer: LISP & PROLOG.


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Top Questions


16) Name one of the most important parts in Expert system?

Answer: Knowledge Base.

17) Which system was designed for diagnosis and therapy recommendation for infectious disease?

Answer: MYCIN.

18) DENDRAL system is widely used by?

Answer: Research chemists.

19) Which system has been designed for solving mathematical problems?

Answer: MACSYMA.

20) Which system has been designed to assist geologist in mineral exploration?


21) What is Artificial Intelligence?

Answer: Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science concerned with the study and creation of systems that exhibit some form of human intelligence.

22) What is the importance of AI?

Answer: Human intelligence have certain limit in speed and accuracy. It is interrupted due to the lack of presence of mind, mood, etc. Bu AI systems have their own superb abilities.

23) Who is the father of Artificial Intelligence?

Answer: Allen Turing.

24) Which is the first test programming language?

Answer: IPL.

25) The beginning of Artificial Intelligence in?

Answer: 1958.

26) What are the languages used for Artificial Intelligence programming?

Answer: 1. LISP, 2. PROLOG, 3. SMALL TALK & ACTOR.

27) LISP is?

Answer: List Programming Language.

28) PROLOG is?

Answer: Logic Programming Language.


Answer: Object Oriented Programming Language.

30) What are the branches of Artificial Intelligence?

Answer: 1. Expert System, 2. Natural Language System, 3. Perception System.


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