Religion General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

Religion General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers


Religion Questions and Answers Quiz


1. In which religion a number of Gods called ‘Kami’ are worshipped?
Answer: Shinto religion.


2. Name the ethical practice in Jainism of not causing harm to any living thing:
Answer: Ahimsa.


3. Abraham is the founder of Judaism as well as the ancient Kingdom of Israel. What does ‘Abraham’ mean?
Answer: Father of many nations.


4. Name the biblical garden which was the home of Adam and Eve:
Answer: Eden.


5. At which place Gautama Buddha got enlightenment?
Answer: Near Gaya – Bihar.


6. Name the saint who introduced Christianity in Japan:
Answer: St. Francis Xavier.


7. In which religious calendar we find the months of ‘Shevat’ and ‘Tammuz’?
Answer: The Hebrew Calendar.


8. Of which country is Confucianism a native religion?
Answer: China.


9. In Christianity who betrayed Jesus Christ to the Jewish high priests for thirty pieces of silver?
Answer: Judas Iscariot.


10. Hinayana and Mahayana are the two main sects of which religion?
Answer: Buddhism.


11. What is the name of the religious belief that acknowledges only one true God?
Answer: Monotheism.


12. Name the largest temple in the world:
Answer: Angkor Wat.


13. Which major world religion practiced in Japan does not have any sacred text? ‘
Answer: Shinto religion.


14. In Christianity what does ‘Amen’ mean:
Answer: So be it.


15. In which country the Christians are called ‘Copts’?
Answer: Egypt.


16. The word apostle is derived from which Greek word?
Answer: Apostolos.

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17. What is the meaning of the Greek word ‘Apostolos’?
Answer: Messenger.


18. In which country the ‘War of Religions’ were fought?
Answer: France.


19. Under which tree did Buddha attain enlightenment?
Answer: Bodhi tree.


20. What is the meaning of the word ‘Shinto’, the Japanese religion?
Answer: The way of the spirits.


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