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Prehistoric Animals Trivia General Knowledge Questions

Prehistoric Animals Trivia General Knowledge Questions


Prehistoric Animals Trivia Quiz Questions


1. Any animal that existed more than 5,500 years ago, before human beings began recording their history in writing is _
Answer: Prehistoric animal.


2. Which is the best known prehistoric animal?
Answer: Dinosaurs.


3. Seismosaurus (a kind of Dinosaurs) have a maximum length of _
Answer: 150 feet (45 meters).


4. Length of a sea scorpion was:
Answer: 8 feet (24 meters).


5. The long history of animals is recorded by:
Answer: Fossils.


6. Which are the remains of prehistoric life?
Answer: Fossils.


7. Fossils consist of:
Answer: Bones, shells and tracks of animals, as well as petrified wood and impressions leaves.


8. Scientists who study about fossils:
Answer: Paleontology.


9. Paleontology compare prehistoric animals with living one using:
Answer: Fossils.


10. The oldest known animal remains date from:
Answer: About 600 million years ago.


11. A period in which most animals developed in the earth history, is called by scientists:
Answer: Phanerozoic Eon.


12. ‘Phanerozoic Eon’ means:
Answer: Time of visible animal life.


13. When did Phanerozoic Eon begin?
Answer: About 544 million years ago.


14. Scientists divide the Phanerozoic Eon into how many eras?
Answer: Three.


15. Which are the three divisions in Phanerozoic Eon?
Answer: Paleozoic Era, Mesozoic Era and Cenozoic Era).


Prehistoric Animals Trivia General Knowledge Questions Part 2


16. The duration of Paleozoic Era:
Answer: From about 544 million to 248 million years ago.


17. The duration of Mesozoic Era:
Answer: From 248 million to 65 million years ago.


18. The Cenozoic Era started from:
Answer: 65 million years ago.


19. At present which era is continuing?
Answer: Cenozoic Era.


20. Each of the three eras are divided into shorter intervals called:
Answer: Periods.


21. Periods can be divided into:
Answer: Epochs.


22. Animal life evolved and flourished only after:
Answer: Plants become available as food.


23. Food of prehistoric animals:
Answer: Either plants or plant eating animals.


24. The earliest animals were lived in:
Answer: Seas.


25. The bodies of the earliest animals in the seas were made up of:
Answer: Cells.


26. The earliest animals in the seas used which part for feeding, reproduction etc.?
Answer: Cells.


27. Which are the first animals, known from fossils preserved in rocks about 600 million to 570 million years old?
Answer: Jellyfishes, worms and leaf like creatures.


28. Leaf like creatures are called:
Answer: Sea pens.


29. Jellyfishes, worms and sea pens were:
Answer: Invertebrates.


30. Invertebrate means:
Answer: Animals having no backbones.


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