Physics Quiz Questions Inventions in Physics – Learn Physics – Science Quiz


Physics Quiz Questions Inventions in Physics – Learn Physics – Science Quiz



Physics Quiz Questions Inventions in Physics


1) Who invented electric bulb?

Answer: Thomas Alva Edison


2) Who first made an electro magnet?

Answer: William Sturgeon


3) Who discovered that the flow of electric current influences a magnetic needle?

Answer: Oersted – in 1820


4) Who determined the quantity of electric charge in an electron?

Answer: Robert Andrews Millikan


5) Who developed the law of attraction or repulsion of electric charges?

Answer: Coulomb


6) Who artificially made radio isotopes?

Answer: Irene curie, Frederic Joliot


7) Who 1st predicted the existence of Isotopes?

Answer: Frederick Soddy


8) Who discovered the existence of the nucleus inside the atom?

Answer: Ernest Rutherford -in 1911


9) Who is the enunciator of modem atomic theory?

Answer: John Dalton


10) Who made the first nuclear reactor?

Answer: Enrico Fermi


11) Who is the father of the concept of atom?

Answer: Dalton


12) Who first used the word ‘electric’?

Answer: William Gilbert


13) Who proved the existence of seven colors in sunlight?

Answer: Sir. Isaac Newton


14) Who proved that light travels faster than sound?

Answer: Ole Romer


15) Who first made artificial dye from coal tar?

Answer: W.H. Perkin


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16) Which instrument is used to demonstrate Archimedes principle?

Answer: Cartesian diver


17) When was nuclear fission discovered?

Answer: In 1938 by Lise Meitner (Austria) and Otto Hahn (Germany)


18) Who tried to prove that air is weightless?

Answer: Voltaire


19) Who was the Indian scientist awarded Nobel – prize for physics?

Answer: Dr. C.V. Raman, in 1930


20) Who invented Radar?

Answer: Albert H. Taylor


21) Who propounded the theory of electrolysis?

Answer: Michael Faraday


22) Who first measured the velocity of light?

Answer: Romer


23) Who invented Calculating Machine?

Answer: Wilhelm Schickard


24) Who discovered Airplane?

Answer: Wilbur and Orville Wright


25) Who invented Airship?

Answer: Ferdinand von Zeppelin


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