Physics Quiz Questions for Competitive Exams – Physics Online GK


Physics for Competitive Exams – Online GK


Physics Quiz Questions for Competitive Exams - Physics Online GK


1. Name an object which has no potential, energy but has only kinetic energy:

Answer: A running vehicle.


2. What do you mean by a potential energy?

Answer: Potential energy is the stored energy.


3. What is the escape velocity from the moon?

Answer: 2.37 km/s.


4. Which is the direction of rotation of a synchronous satellite of earth?

Answer: West to east.


5. Which force is needed to change the direction of a moving body?

Answer: External unbalanced.


6. The momentum of a body depends on what?

Answer: Its mass and velocity.


7. What is the formula for potential energy?

Answer: mgh.


8. What is the co-efficient of restitution e for a perfectly, elastic collision?

Answer: 1.


9. What is the co-efficient of restitution e for a perfectly inelastic collision?

Answer: 0.


10. How many times is the energy increased if the unit of force and length be each increased by four times?

Answer: 16 times.


11. What is the mechanical advantage in a machine where a resistance W is overcome by applying an effort p?

Answer: w/p


12. How much work a man does when he pushes a wall and fails to displace it?

Answer: No work at all.


13. Why does an athlete run some distance before taking a long jump?

Answer: By running the athlete gives himself larger inertia of motion.


14. Which force done by the system will increase the potential energy of the system?

Answer: A conservative force.


15. Two particles of masses 1 g and 4 g are moving with equal linear momenta. What is the ratio of their kinetic energies?

Answer: 4.


16. An engine develops 10 kw of power. How much time will it take to lift a mass of 200 kg to height of 40 meter (g = 10 ms2)

Answer: 8 sec.


17. What is called the energy, which an electron acquires when accelerated through a potential difference of 1 voit?

Answer: 1 e v.


18. What is called the perpendicular distance from effort to fulcrum?

Answer: Effort arm.


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