Physics Quiz General Knowledge part 12 – GK Questions – Science Quiz Questions


Physics part 12 – Questions


Physics Quiz General Knowledge part 12 - GK Questions - Science Quiz Questions


Physics GK Quizzes



1. Who was the first to suggest this idea “Radiant energy can be emitted and absorbed by atoms only in discrete amounts called ‘quanta’ ”?

Answer: Max Planck


2. Who first contemplated “the speed of light is the same no matter how it is measured”?

Answer: Albert Einstein


3. Who was the first to suggest that matter and energy are inter changeable?

Answer: Albert Einstein


4. Who first formulated the idea that ‘a moving rod contracts in the direction of its motion’?

Answer: Lorentz and Fitzgerald independently


5. Who first proposed the concept of atomic number?

Answer: Henry Moseley


6. Who, in 1829, was the first scientist to suggest that the spectral line should be used as a standard of length?

Answer: Jacques Babinet


7. Who formulated the idea ‘the farther away a galaxy is, the faster it is moving’?

Answer: Edwin Hubble


8. Who gave the idea, “the light in proceeding from point to point travels along the route which minimizes file time required”?

Answer: Pierre de Fermat


9. Who was the first to think, “The period of oscillation of a pendulum is independent of its amplitude”?

Answer: Galileo


10. Who was the first to give the idea, “Each pure substance has its own characteristic spectrum”?

Answer: Gustav Kirchhoff


11. Who was first to think about “A pivoted magnetic needle placed parallel to a wire carrying an electric current makes oscillation”?

Answer: Hans Christian Oersted


12. Who was first to suggest “A planet moves most quickly when it is closest to the sun, but slows down as it moves farther away”?

Answer: Johannes Kepler


13. “Regular strokes of the pendulum could be utilized in the accurate measurement of time”

Who was the first to advance this idea?

Answer: Galileo Galilee


14. 8 Nov. 1895 is an important date in the history of physics. What is it?

Answer: Roentgen discovered the X-rays


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15. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin conducted the famous kite experiment. What did it suggest?

Answer: Lightning is a form of electricity


16. In which year did Luigi Galvani discover, albeit accidently, the action of electricity on the muscles of a dissected frog?

Answer: 1771


17. What is the important event which took place in 1665?

Answer: The discovery of Newtonian laws of gravitation


18. For given value of n, what is the maximum number of electrons in an orbit?

Answer: 2n2


19. What is the speed of an electron in the orbit of hydrogen atom in the ground state?

Answer: C/137


20. Which is the best laboratory approximation to an ideal black body?

Answer: A hollow enclosure blackened inside with soot and having a small hole


21. From where fraunhofer, lines are observed in the spectrum?

Answer: The sun


22. Why is the fraunhofer lines present in the spectrum?

Answer: Vapors of elements present in atmosphere absorb certain colors


23. Write an example of sources that give discrete emission spectrum:

Answer: Mercury Vapor lamp


24. Which is the longest wavelength?

Answer: Infra-red radiation


25. Light from a distant star is examined with a spectroscope. What does the spectrum show?

Answer: Temperature of star


26. From where Band spectrum is obtained?

Answer: Molecules In the gaseous state of matter


27. Which type of spectra is produced in a candle flame, an electric bulb and a kerosene oil lamp?

Answer: Continuous spectra


28. In which color, wavelength of 5450 A0 occurs?

Answer: Green


29. What is the velocity of an electron in ground state?

Answer: 2 x 106m/s


30. The energy of an electron in the first orbit of hydrogen atom is -13.6 ev. What is the energy of the electron in the fourth orbit?

Answer: -0.85 ev.


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