Top Nature Quiz Questions with Answers – GK Online Quiz


Top Nature Quiz Questions with Answers – GK Online Quiz


Top Nature Quiz Questions with Answers - GK Online Quiz


1. Which is not a butterfly?
a. Cabbage White b. Pink Petal c. Red Admiral


2. What was the first name of the famous Blue Peter gardener Mr…… Thrower


3. What is the name of the conifer that became well known for creating garden border disputes amongst neighbours?


4. Haltwhistle in Northumberland claims to be what?


5. Which plant beginning with ‘b’ is brillant for attracting butterflies?


6. Ladybirds are good for controlling what pest?


7. The Optimum Population Trust, a leading group of demographers have declared what population to be the number that that the natural resources of the British Isles can sustainably cope with?


8. Jude the Obscure is a type of what?


9. Which seabird is sometimes called a ‘Sea Parrot’ ?


10. Which charity are against sewage?


11.Which popular garden plant was used by the Romans in their baths to scent the water?


12. Which country is associated with Koi Fish popular in garden ponds throughout the world?


13. Chile is the original home for which dramatic tree often found in stately homes and mature larger gardens?


14. Ermine is an alternative name for which British mammal?


15. Goldfinches, Magpies and Greenfinches all have something in common, apart from being birds of course. What do they have in common?


16. Edmund Hilary trained on which British mountain in preparation for his ascent up Mount Everest?


17. A Franciscan monk named a popular garden plant after Leonhart Fuchs, a 15th century German doctor and herbalist. What plant was it?


18. What benefit is there to growing ferns in the UK?


19. Something in the garden became popular in the Netherlands during the 17th century, as a symbol for the House of Orange and independence, what was it?


20. How many tonnes of charcoal are estimated to be used in the UK every year for barbecues, that are not from sustainable sources?
a. None it is illegal b. 10,000 tonnes c. 40,000 tonnes d. 80,000 tonnes


21. Name the evergreen hedge that has created many a neighbourly dispute?


22. The Monkey Puzzle tree originates from which country?


23. What herb is regularly mentioned along with Rosemary?


24. The RHS holds a flower show at Tatton Park, which is in what County?


25. Name the popular type of goldfish found in ornamental garden ponds.


Nature General Quiz Questions


26. What plant is used in the treatment of Leukemia?


27. Soil can be Acidic, Alkaline or……?


28. Is a blue tulip fact or fiction?


29. What can be placed over Rhubarb to make it longer and more delicate?


30. What colour rose is associated with Lancashire?


31. What yellow flowering tree is poisonous?


32. What is the name for sculpting hedges?


33. What bulb plant could be described as having a facial hair problem?


34. Butterflies – Red Admiral, …….. White?


35. Name the organic gardener with flower in his name?


36. What special attribute makes Lavender ideal for dry conditions?


37. What county did Capability Brown, the famous landscape designer originate from?


38. I am a woody stemmed plant, usually branched near the base and lacking a single trunk….what am I?


39. What is a whip?


40. A Hybrid Tea is a type of what plant?


41. Where do Pelargoniums originate from?


42. What type of plants can be found in a rock garden?


43. Rhizomes are a type of what plant?


44. What herb beginning with ‘A’ has soothing properties?


45. A dibber is useful for what?


46. Cacti are often refered to as what?


47. Kale, Cauliflowers, Brussel Sprouts are all what type of vegetable?


48. A beer trap can help control what type of pest?


49. A cloche can help protect plants from what?


50. Shepherds Purse is a type of what?




1. Pink Petal is not a butterfly.
2. Percy
3. Leylandi
4. The central point of the British Isles, measured from north, south, east and west.
5. Buddleia
6. Greenfly Aphids
7. 30 million or less
8. Rose
9. Puffin
10. Surfers
11. Lavender
12. Japan
13. Monkey Puzzle Tree
14. Stoat
15. Their populations have been increasing in recent years.
16. Mount Snowdon
17. Fuchsia
18. There is no major pests or diseases that affect them in the UK.
19. The Carrot
20. 40,000 tonnes
21. Leylandi
22. Chile
23. Thyme
24. Cheshire
25. Koi
26. Vinca, a strain of the Perrywinkle
27. Neutral
28. Fiction
29. A Rhubarb Forcer
30. Red
31. Laburnum
32. Topiary
33. The Bearded Iris
34. Cabbage
35. Bob Flowerdew
36. Small leaves
37. Northumberland
38. A shrub
39. A young seedling or grafted tree without branches.
40. Rose
41. South Africa
42. Alpines
43. Bulbous
44. Aloe Vera
45. Planting seeds
46. Succulents
47. Western Brassicas
48. Slugs and snails
49. Frost
50. Weed


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