Music Quiz Questions and Answers – Learn about Music


Music Quiz Questions and Answers – Learn about Music


Music Quiz Questions and Answers


Music Online Quiz Questions



1) Name the Austrian musician who composed the famous Waltz ‘On the Beautiful, Blue Danube’ in 1866?

Answer: Johann Strauss (the younger)


2) Which eminent German family produced musicians over seven generations?

Answer: Bach family.


3) Name the famous German composer who continued writing musical pieces even after he turned deaf?

Answer: Ludwig Van Beethoven.


4) Name the Russian born musician who composed the ballet ‘The Firebird’ in the year 1910?

Answer: Igor Stravinsky.


5) Which musical instrument is reputed to be the oldest in the world?

Answer: The Drum.


6) Who considered as the father of Ghazals in Indian music?

Answer: Mirza Ghalib.


7) What is the name of the Chinese guitar?

Answer: Pipa-pa.


8) The highest attainable male voice in music is called?

Answer: Alto.


9) To which country does the musical stringed instrument ‘Balalaika’ belongs?

Answer: Russia.


10) Which is the national musical instrument of Japan?

Answer: Koto (a kind of zither)


Music Quiz Questions and Answers Part 2

Stanford Department of Music


11) Which instrument is a keyboard reed-organ, powered by foot pedals and used in American churches in 1800?

Answer: Harmonium.


12) Which instrument has 47 strings and seven pedals, and was introduced in to the orchestra in the 19th century?

Answer: Concert harp.


13) Which instrument‘s name translates literally as ‘soft sound’?

Answer: Pianoforte (piano)


14) What were performed at La Scala, Milan and at auditorium in Convent Garden, London?

Answer: Operas.


15) Which composer wrote 27 piano songs, 23 string quarters, 35 violin sonatas and more than 50 symphonies?

Answer: Mozart.


16) Which Barodian opera was completed by Rimsky-Korsakov and Glazunov after the composer’s death?

Answer: Prince Igor.


General Music Quiz with Answers


17) What is the title of only one opera of Beethoven?

Answer: Fidelio.


18) Which symphony did Dvorak write during his time as director of the National Conservatory in New York?

Answer: The ‘New World’ Symphony.


19) For which British king did Handel compose the ‘Water Music’ in 1717?

Answer: George I.


20) Which composer transcribed sound of birds and incorporated it into much of his work?

Answer: Messiaen.


21) Which British conductor founded ‘The Proms’ in 1895?

Answer: Sir Henry Wood.


22) What was the surname of the Austrian who catalogued Mozart’s works with K-numbers?

Answer: Kochel.


23) Who composed the ‘Enigma Variations’?

Answer: Elgar.


24) What does the musical term ‘fortissimo’ mean?

Answer: Very loud.


25) Which rock and soul singer’s real name is Annie Mae Bullock?

Answer: Tina Turner.


26) Charlie Watts, the drummer belong to which group?

Answer: The Rolling Stones.


27) What was the title of Paul Simon’s record which topped the album charts in 1986?

Answer: Graceland.


28) What is the stage name of the rock singer Reg Dwight?

Answer: Elton John.


29) Which Canadian singer/song writer recorded the albums ‘Blue’ and ‘Hejira’ ?

Answer: Joni Mitchell.


30) Which English rock group had a stage show that often ended up with them destroying their instruments?

Answer: The Who.


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