Music Questions and Answers – Music General Knowledge


Music Questions and Answers – Music General Knowledge


Music Questions and Answers - Music General Knowledge


1. ‘My Music, My Life’ is the autobiography of which musician?
Answer: Ravi Shankar – Sitarist.


2. Why didn’t Gustav Holst include Pluto in his 1918 orchestral suite ‘The Planets’?
Answer: It wasn’t discovered until 1930.


3. What were the surnames of Thomas and Arthur who collaborated to write ‘The Savoy operas’?
Answer: Gilbert and Sullivan.


4. What was the nationality of Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály and Franz Liszt?
Answer: Hungarian.


5. What is the name for the annual summer series of concerts held at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in which the audience originally walked about?
Answer: The Proms/ Promenade concerts.


6. What was used to conduct the orchestra before the baton was introduced in the early 19th century?
Answer: A violin bow.


7. Which Irish flutist was a member of the Berlin Philharmonic 1969-75 before pursuing a solo career?
Answer: James Galway.


8. Which country home and opera house hosts an annual summer festival established by John Christie in 1934?
Answer: Glyndebourne.


9. What are ‘Peter Grimes’ and ‘Billy Budd’?
Answer: Operas by Benjamin Britten.


10. Which instrument do you associate with John Williams, Julian Bream and Andres Segovia?
Answer: (Classical) Guitar.


11. What are the 5 -note pentatonic, the 6 -note whole- tone, the 7-note diatonic and the 13-note chromatic?
Answer: Scales.


12. Which composer held the office of Prime Minister in Poland in 1919?
Answer: Ignacy Jan Paderewski.


13. Which composer was Kapellmeister to Prince Esterhazy 1761-1790?
Answer: Joseph Haydn.


14. What was the name of the Italian village, renowned for its violin-making families of Amati, Giuseppe Guarneri and Antonio Stradivari?
Answer: Cremona.


15. Which’ legendary magician was the inspiration for musical works by Ferruccio Busoni, Hector Berlioz, Charles Gounod and Robert Schumann?
Answer: Faust.


16. Which Australian composer, pianist and organist has held the post of Master of the Queen’s Music since 1975?
Answer: Malcolm Williamson.


17. Whose operas are performed at the annual summer festival at Bayreuth in Germany?
Answer: Richard Wagner.


18. Who was the famous British singer of the 20th century, whose original name was Harry Webb?
Answer: Cliff Richard.


19. What was the name of the night club in Liverpool in which the Beatles and other ‘pop’ groups started their careers in the early sixties?
Answer: The Cavern.


20. Who was the band leader who was killed in an air crash in the English Channel during World War II?
Answer: Glenn Miller.


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