Mixed Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers


Mixed Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers


Mixed Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers


General Trivia Quiz


1. Which country invented fishing reels?
Answer: China.


2. Who is the father, and who is the mother of a mule?
Answer: An ass and a mare.


3. What was the nationality of the poet, Khalil Gibran?
Answer: Lebanese.


4. What is the correct meaning of buxom?
Answer: Full-bosomed.


5. Which is the easternmost, westernmost and northernmost state in the US?
Answer: Alaska.


6. What does definitive mean?
Answer: Conclusive.


7. What is ‘Women’s suffrage’?
Answer: The right of the woman to vote.


8. Where was woman suffrage, first introduced?
Answer: USA.


9. When was woman suffrage introduced in USA?
Answer: 1920.


10. When was woman suffrage introduced in Britain?
Answer: 1928.


11. Dilwara temple is famous for its:
Answer: Monuments.


12. Which is the first country to have adopted a national flag?
Answer: Denmark.


13. In which year Denmark have adopted a national flag?
Answer: A.D. 1219.


14. What is a hectometer?
Answer: 100 meters.


15. Name the main character of the classic ‘Jungle book’:
Answer: Mowgli.


Online Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers


16. Name the largest fresh water lake in the world:
Answer: Lake superior (USA).


17. Write a word which connects cook, atmosphere and blood:
Answer: Pressure.


18. Which is the world’s largest producer of coffee?
Answer: Brazil.


19. What is ‘Origami’ the Japanese art of?
Answer: Paper folding.


20. What does mucilage mean?
Answer: A gluey substance.


21. Name the dog in the cartoon ‘Mickey Mouse’:
Answer: Pluto.


22. In which country is the battlefield Waterloo where Napoleon was defeated?
Answer: Belgium.


23. In ancient Egyptian mythology who was the goddess of love and joy?
Answer: Hathor.


24. Why is Assam so flood-prone?
Answer: Frequent changes in the course of the river Brahmaputra.


25. A disorder involving abnormal loss of appetite is:
Answer: Anorexia.


26. Among primates, other than man, which has the most highly developed brain?
Answer: Chimpanzee.


27. What does ambience mean?
Answer: Atmosphere of a place.


28. What is livid?
Answer: Black and blue.


29. Japanese art, of flower arrangement:
Answer: Ikebana.


30. In which state is the ‘Bihu’ festival celebrated?
Answer: Orissa (India).


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