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Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers


Mixed Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers


1. Which country invented fishing reels?
Answer: China.


2. Who is the father, and who is the mother of a mule?
Answer: An ass and a mare.


3. What was the nationality of the poet, Khalil Gibran?
Answer: Lebanese.


4. What is the correct meaning of buxom?
Answer: Full-bosomed.


5. Which is the easternmost, westernmost and northernmost state in the US?
Answer: Alaska.


6. What does definitive mean?
Answer: Conclusive.


7. What is ‘Women’s suffrage’?
Answer: The right of the woman to vote.


8. Where was woman suffrage, first introduced?
Answer: USA.


9. When was woman suffrage introduced in USA?
Answer: 1920.


10. When was woman suffrage introduced in Britain?
Answer: 1928.


11. Dilwara temple is famous for its:
Answer: Monuments.


12. Which is the first country to have adopted a national flag?
Answer: Denmark.


13. In which year Denmark have adopted a national flag?
Answer: A.D. 1219.


14. What is a hectometer?
Answer: 100 meters.


15. Name the main character of the classic ‘Jungle book’:
Answer: Mowgli.


Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Part 2


16. Name the largest fresh water lake in the world:
Answer: Lake superior (USA).


17. Write a word which connects cook, atmosphere and blood:
Answer: Pressure.


18. Which is the world’s largest producer of coffee?
Answer: Brazil.


19. What is ‘Origami’ the Japanese art of?
Answer: Paper folding.


20. What does mucilage mean?
Answer: A gluey substance.


21. Name the dog in the cartoon ‘Mickey Mouse’:
Answer: Pluto.


22. In which country is the battlefield Waterloo where Napoleon was defeated?
Answer: Belgium.


23. In ancient Egyptian mythology who was the goddess of love and joy?
Answer: Hathor.


24. Why is Assam so flood-prone?
Answer: Frequent changes in the course of the river Brahmaputra.


25. A disorder involving abnormal loss of appetite is:
Answer: Anorexia.


26. Among primates, other than man, which has the most highly developed brain?
Answer: Chimpanzee.


27. What does ambience mean?
Answer: Atmosphere of a place.


28. What is livid?
Answer: Black and blue.


29. Japanese art, of flower arrangement:
Answer: Ikebana.


30. In which state is the ‘Bihu’ festival celebrated?
Answer: Orissa (India).


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