Maths Quiz Questions about Mathematics Books and Authors – Online Maths Quiz


Maths about Mathematics Books and Authors – Online Maths Quiz


Maths Quiz Questions about Mathematics Books and Authors



1) Russell Maloney‘s story book gives an idea about statistics. Name this book.

Answer: Inflexible logic.


2) This classic of Plato contains reference to numbers whose significance is still being dugout by mathematicians. Name it.

Answer: Flatland.


3) Who is the author of geometry oriented science fiction Flatland?

Answer: Edwin A. Abbot.


4) “The world can be made intelligent in terms of right angles” This statement was made in a world famous classic of Plato. Which is that classic?

Answer: The Timaeus.


5) Who explains his experience in a one dimensional world as a depicted in the classic science fiction Flatland?

Answer: A square.


6) Which story shows how the law of average fails?

Answer: The Law.


7) Who is the author of this book “The Law”?

Answer: Robert M. Coates.


8) “The senses delight in things duly proportional” who made this statement relating beauty to mathematics?

Answer: Thomas Aquinas.


9) Who said “music is the pleasure of the human soul experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting”?

Answer: G. W. Leibniz.


10) Who forwarded in his books this motto “The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers”?

Answer: Richard W. Hamming.


11) An artist as well as mathematician, he wrote a book on geometrical and perspective meant for artists. Who was he?

Answer: Albrecht Durer.


12) Who said “the power is not in the hands of the few but information in the hands of the many”?

Answer: John Naisbitt.


13) Which books on mathematics has been described as a “scientific poem”?

Answer: Mecanique Analytique.


14) Who is the author of “Mecanique Analytique”?

Answer: Joseph Lagrange.


15) Himself an esteemed philosopher of mathematics, he wrote solely and extensively on the philosophy of mathematics. Who is he?

Answer: Ludwig Wittgenstein.


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16) Who is the author of classic “Principia Mathematica”?

Answer: A. N. Whitehead and Bertrand Russell.


17) Who wrote one of the greatest mathematical treatises of ancient times the “Arithmetica”?

Answer: Diophantus.


18) Who wrote “A Mathematician‘s Apology”?

Answer: G. H Hardy.


19) Who wrote the first textbook on differential calculus?

Answer: Marquis de l’Hôpital.


20) Who is the author of “The Fractal Geometry of Nature” an important contribution to understanding form and complexity in the physical universe?

Answer: Benoit Mandelbrot.


21) Who wrote the classic “Paradoxes of the Infinite”?

Answer: Bernhard Bolzano.


22) Who wrote “Liber Abaci” which introduced the Indian number system and zero to the Europe?

Answer: Leonardo da Pisa.


23) Which mathematician wrote “Discourse of Method” in bed when he was hardly 16 years old and had studied mathematics for a few months only?

Answer: Rene Descartes.


24) Who wrote the classic “On Growth and Form” a mathematical treatment of natural history?

Answer: D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson.


25) Who wrote the popular “One, Two, Thre… Infinity” a book on numbers and their relationship with the cosmos?

Answer: George Gamow.


26) Who is the author of “Mathematical Ideas, Their Nature and Use”?

Answer: Jagjit Singh.


27) Who wrote the recent mathematical masterpiece “Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid”?

Answer: James R. Newman.


28) Who discovered the oldest document on mathematics?

Answer: A. Henry Rhind.


29) Who wrote the witty and amusing book “A Budget of Paradoxes”?

Answer: Augustus De Morgan.


30) Who is the author of the classic “Men of Mathematics”?

Answer: E. T. Bell.


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