Math Quiz Pathfinders Inventors and Founders of Mathematics – Maths Quiz Questions


Math Pathfinders Inventors and Founders of Mathematics – Maths Quiz Questions


Math Quiz Pathfinders Inventors and Founders of Mathematics


1) Who hit upon the idea of “Cartesian coordinate”?

Answer: Rene Descartes.


2) Who is the discoverer of conic sections?

Answer: Menaechmus.


3) Who formulated the concept of “Fractals”?

Answer: Benoit Mandelbrot.


4) Who provided that π2 is irrational?

Answer: Adrien Marie Legendre.


5) Who is the not so well known father of statistics?

Answer: John Graunt.


6) Who discovered the “Isogonic Centre” of the triangle?

Answer: Evangelista Torricelli.


7) Who formulated “the Incompleteness Theorem” no theory of all mathematics is finitely describable, consistent and complete?

Answer: Kurt Godel.


8) Who is the originator of the game theory is now applied to business, war etc.?

Answer: John Von Neumann.


9) Who proved that transcendental numbers exist?

Answer: Joseph Liouville.


10) Who is the father of mathematical physics?

Answer: Daniel Bernoulli.


11) Who discovered the science of infinity?

Answer: George Cantor.


12) Which mathematician gave a global plan to solve a mathematical problem?

Answer: George Polya.


13) Who invented the invention of integral calculus?

Answer: Francesco Bonaventura Cavalieri.


14) Who invented logarithm for faster calculations?

Answer: John Napier.


15) Who invented the slide rule?

Answer: William Oughtred.


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16) Who invented the method of exhaustion for determining the areas and volume of geometrical figures and solids respectively?

Answer: Eudoxus.


17) G.H Leibniz invented calculus. But one famous scientist also simultaneously invented calculus. Name him.

Answer: Isaacs Newton.


18) Who is the inventor of superellipse?

Answer: Piet Hein.


19) Who invented the integrator, an instrument which gives the value of definite integrals?

Answer: James Thomson.


20) Who invented the first chess playing machine?

Answer: Leonardo Torres y Quevedo.


21) Who invented “Quaternions”?

Answer: William R. Hamilton.


22) Who invented what is known as “descriptive geometry”?

Answer: Gaspard Monge.


23) Who founded the mathematical theory of information?

Answer: Claude Shannon.


24) Who is considered the founder of trigonometry?

Answer: Hipparchus.


25) Who laid the foundation of matric algebra?

Answer: Arthur Cayley.


26) Who founded the subject of vector analysis?

Answer: Josiah Williarrd Gibbs.


27) Who founded the subject of functional analysis?

Answer: Thomas Bayes.


28) Who is the founder of modern theory of numbers?

Answer: Pierre de Fermat.


29) Who founded the subject of projective geometry?

Answer: Girard Desargues.


30) It is said that he laid the foundation of calculus in geometrical form before it was actually invented by others. Who was he?

Answer: Isaac Barrow.


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