Society and Culture True or False and Multiple Choice GK Questions


Society and Culture True or False and Multiple Choice GK Questions


Society and Culture True or False and Multiple Choice GK Questions


Structures of Government: True or False Quiz

Parliamentary democracy. Monarchies. Feudalism. All are types of government, but do you know the differences? Sort out the systems in this government quiz.


1. There are many absolute monarchies around the world.
True or False?

Answer: False
By the beginning of the 21st century there were few remaining absolute monarchies. Most countries that had been ruled by a monarch had become constitutional monarchies.


2. There are two major kinds of constitutional democracy.
True or False?

Answer: True
There are two leading types of constitutional democracy in the world today. These are the presidential system, such as that of the United States, and the parliamentary system, such as that of India.


3. No country has both a parliament and a president.
True or False?

Answer: False
Some constitutional countries, notably France, have systems that combine the presidential and parliamentary approaches to government.


4. Dictators always abolish legislatures.
True or False?

Answer: False
In some cases dictators establish one-party rule and end all political opposition. They may maintain some institutions, such as a legislature, but in fact they control all the power in the country.


5. Most parliaments are bicameral.
True or False?

Answer: True
Most parliaments are bicameral, which means that they consist of two separate houses of legislators. Great Britain’s Parliament, for example, is made up of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.


6. In a parliamentary system, the prime minister is the most important political leader.
True or False?

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Answer: True
In a parliamentary system the prime minister is the national political leader, and another figure serves as the head of state.


7. Feudalism is a modern system of government.
True or False?

Answer: False
Feudalism is a medieval system of government in which people lived on estates owned by the nobility and worked for them, with the nobility keeping the money earned.


Paris was a Woman – Paris Quiz Questions

What Parisian was the first woman to head the IMF? Who is the female protagonist of The Hunchback of Notre Dame ? Test your knowledge of the famous femmes of Paris with this quiz.


8. Which of the following women was not sketched by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec?
A) Edith Piaf
B) Jane Avril
C) Yvette Guilbert
D) La Goulue

Answer: Edith Piaf
Alas, Toulouse-Lautrec died before Edith Piaf was born.


9. What Parisian woman was a pioneer of the film industry?
A) Colette
B) Ida Lupino
C) Alice Guy
D) Dorothy Arzner

Answer: Alice Guy
Alice Guy directed her first film, La Fée aux choux (“The Cabbage Fairy”) in 1896.


10. Which of the following American expatriates, like Gertrude Stein, held a legendary, well-attended salon in Paris?
A) Colette
B) Madame de Staël
C) Natalie Barney
D) Djuna Barnes

Answer: Natalie Barney
Natalie Barney’s salon operated from 1909 to 1972.


11. What Parisian was the first woman to head the International Monetary Fund?
A) Carla Bruni
B) Ségolène Royal
C) Simone de Beauvoir
D) Christine Lagarde

Answer: Christine Lagarde
In 2011, Christine Lagarde became the first woman to head the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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12. What actress played a humourless Russian Communist Party member corrupted by a Parisian hat?
A) Audrey Hepburn
B) Greta Garbo
C) Ingrid Bergman
D) Marlene Dietrich

Answer: Greta Garbo
Greta Garbo played a Russian Communist in the movie Ninotchka (1939).


13. What is the name of the female protagonist of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a novel set in the Paris cathedral of that name?
A) Elizabeth
B) Esmeralda
C) Evangeline
D) Esperanza

Answer: Esmeralda
It is Esmeralda—rather than Quasimodo, the hunchback of the title—who is the moral center of the novel.


14. This little-known American artist and portrait painter lived much of her adult life in Paris. Who is she?
A) Harriet Hosmer
B) Romaine Brooks
C) Rosa Bonheur
D) Dotty Wilde

Answer: Romaine Brooks
Romaine Brooks lived much of her adult life in Paris. She is represented in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.


15. What American expatriate in Paris opened an English-language bookstore called Shakespeare and Company?
A) Amy Marcy Beach
B) Adrienne Monnier
C) Sylvia Beach
D) Gertrude Stein

Answer: Sylvia Beach
Sylvia Beach had a bookstore called Shakespeare and Company. She also helped James Joyce publish Ulysses.


16. Which American writer, noted for her novels and stories of upper-class American society, lived in Paris from 1907 to 1937?
A) Alice Roosevelt Longworth
B) Gene Stratton Porter
C) Willa Cather
D) Edith Wharton

Answer: Edith Wharton
Edith Wharton wrote such books as The Custom of the Country and The Age of Innocence while living in Paris.

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17. What French writer moved to Paris when she married and was first published under her husband’s pen name, “Willy”?
A) Simone de Beauvoir
B) Colette
C) George Eliot
D) George Sand

Answer: Colette
Colette’s Claudine novels were published by her husband as his own work.


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