Sports General Quiz Questions – Sports MCQ and True or False Quizzes


Sports General Quiz Questions – Sports MCQ and True or False Quizzes


Sports General Quiz Questions - Sports MCQ and True or False Quizzes


Sports: True or False Quiz


1. Hurling uses a ball called a sliothar.
True or False?


2. There are 30 balls in the game of snooker.
True or False?


3. An Olympic slalom course must have a vertical drop of less than 200 feet.
True or False?


4. There has never been a woman chess master.
True or False?


5. Pétanque is played with balls.
True or False?


6. Polo is not an Olympic sport.
True or False?


7. The game mah-jongg takes its name from a mythical bird.
True or False?


8. Monica Seles, the tennis player, never earned a prize title.
True or False?


9. In the Tour de France, the winner wears a yellow jersey.
True or False?


10. A dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections.
True or False?


Turn Up the Heat: Sports Quiz Questions Answers

What is the inner edge of an auto-racing track called? How long is the route of the Tour de France in kilometers? Whether you bike, jog, or drive, turn up the heat (in this heat), and see if you qualify as an encyclopedic athlete.


11. What is the inner edge of an auto-racing track called?
A) Airport
B) Apron
C) Apex
D) Approach


12. What country saw the start of the 2010 Tour de France?
A) Italy
B) Austria
C) The Netherlands
D) France


13. How long is the route of the Tour de France in kilometers?
A) 2,400
B) 1,200
C) 3,600
D) 1,800


14. What automobile race is held annually in Indianapolis?
A) Le Mans
B) The Great Race
C) The Grand Prix
D) The Indy 500


15. Which of these accompanies a winning racehorse?
A) Ribbon pony
B) Escort pony
C) Winning pony
D) Lead pony


16. What is the name of a racing event?
A) Ultrawalking
B) Ultrajogging
C) Ultrarunning
D) Ultramarine


17. In track, what is the last leg of a relay called?
A) Foot race
B) Last chart
C) Anchor leg
D) Anchorite


18. In automobile racing, what color is the flag used to warn drivers to slow down?
A) Orange
B) Red
C) Yellow
D) Blue




1. True
The Irish sport of hurling uses a club, called a hurley, and a small ball called a sliothar, which is pronounced “slitter.” The game resembles lacrosse.


2. False
There are 22 game balls used in snooker, including the cue ball. The game is a form of billiards.


3. False
Olympic slalom events require a course to have a vertical drop of at least 650 feet from the beginning to the finish line.


4. False
There have been several women chess masters since the 1970s. Among them are the Polgár sisters—Susan, Judit, and Zsófia—from Hungary, who have won many international matches.


5. True
In pétanque, a player throws a small wooden ball called a jack toward the opposite end of a long narrow court. Each team takes turns throwing a metal ball as close to the jack as possible.


6. True
Polo was an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1936. It was removed from the official roster of Olympic events in 1940, but the International Olympic Committee later helped create the rulebook for the sport.


7. True
The name mah-jongg signifies a mythical “bird of 100 intelligences.” The game originated in China, as does its name.


8. False
Monica Seles won nine Grand Slam singles titles, eight of them before she was 20. She was the top-ranked women’s player in the world for more than three years.


9. True
In 1919 Tour de France founder Henri Desgrange gave a yellow jersey, or shirt, to the overall leader at the end of each day. That custom continues today.


10. True
A standard dartboard contains 20 numbered sections, as well as two rings for double and triple points and a bullseye, or red-colored center.


11. B) Apron
The apron is the inner edge of an auto-racing track. It is usually oval in shape.


12. C) the Netherlands
The Netherlands was the starting country for the 2010 Tour de France bicycle race.


13. C) 3,600
The most difficult and most famous bicycle race in the world, the Tour de France’s routes extend about 2,237 miles (3,600 kilometers).


14. D) The Indy 500
The Indy 500 is an automobile race that runs for 500 miles (800 kilometers). It is held in Indianapolis, Indiana.


15. D) Lead pony
A lead pony escorts a winning racehorse as it circles the track in its victory parade.


16. C) Ultrarunning
Ultrarunning is a sport that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It describes a course that is longer than a marathon—longer than 26.2 miles (42 kilometers), that is.


17. C) Anchor leg
The anchor leg is the last leg of a relay race. It is usually run by the fastest person on the team.


18. C) Yellow
In automobile racing, a yellow flag warns of possible danger and orders drivers to slow down.


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