10 Latest Online Quiz Answers – English GK Quiz Questions with Video


Latest Online Quiz Answers – English GK with Video


Latest Online Quiz Answers - English GK Quiz Questions


General Questions – GK Quiz



Online Quiz Questions


1. What is the name of the South Africa movement led by Chief Buthelezi?
Answer: Inkatha movement.


2. Which boy’s name, signaled in Morse code, would be represented by six dashes?
Answer: Tom.


3. From which foreign country does the largest number of tourists visit India?
Answer: U.K.


4. What is called a “Stalemate” in chess?
Answer: A draw.


5. Who built the famous Vitthal Mandir in Vijayanagar?
Answer: Krishnadevaraya.


6. Which London church is officially the collegiate church of St. Peter?
Answer: Westminster Abbey.


7. Which cereal is used to make ‘black’ breads?
Answer: Rye.


8. What type of flowers produce vanilla pods?
Answer: Orchids.


9. What accurately describes drinks with no C2H5OH content?
Answer: Nonalcoholic.


10. Which vegetable is a green variety of banana, used as a staple food in the tropics?
Answer: Plantain

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