Internet Quiz Questions and Answers – What is Internet?


Internet – What is Internet?


Internet Quiz Questions and Answers


1) What is INTERNET?

Answer: Internet is the world’s of largest network, the ‘networks of networks’ scattered all over the world.


2) When was INTERNET created?

Answer: It was created nearly twenty seven years ago as a project for the U.S. department of defence.


3) The internet helps in three ways. Which ways?

Answer: To get information, to provide information and to compile information.


4) The most recent and very successful attempt at presenting information over the internet is?

Answer: The World Wide Web (WWW)


5) What is internet service provider?

Answer: It is a company that provides the internet access.


6) What is WWW?

Answer: It is a system based on hypertext and HTTP for providing, organizing and accessing wide variety of resources that are available via the Internet.


7) What is a web page?

Answer: It is a unit of information, often called a document that is available over the WWW.


8) Name the protocol that allows a computer to use the TCP/IP protocol and to be connected directly to the Net using a standard voice telephone line and a high speed modem?

Answer: PPP (Point to Point Protocol)


9) It is a software program that acts as an interface between the user and the WWW. What is it?

Answer: Web Browser.


10) Name two different types of web browser?

Answer: Text-Based Browser and Graphical Browser.


11) It collects and organizes resources that are available via the WWW and is designed to provide a starting point for locating information. Name it.

Answer: Web index.


12) It is an interactive tool that enables to locate information available via WWW. Name it.

Answer: Search engine.


13) It is a unique numeric identifier used to specify a particular host computer on a particular network and is part of a global standardized scheme for identifying machines that are connected to the internet. Name it.

Answer: IP Address.


14) It is a way to identify and locate computers connected to the internet. Name it.

Answer: Domain Name.


15) It provides a standard hierarchical way of identifying and locating internet resources on the WWW. Name it.

Answer: Uniform Resource Locator.


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16) A binding document signed by all users that explains the rules of the internet use at an institution. Name this policy.

Answer: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


17) What is Telnet?

Answer: It is the protocol that enables one computer to establish a connection to another computer. Telnet provide access to many resources around the world.


18) What is Gopher?

Answer: It is a protocol designed to search, retrieve and display documents from remote sites on the internet.


19) It is an Internet search tool that has the capability of searching many databases at one time. Name it.

Answer: Wide Area Information Server (WAIS)


20) Name the net based services that lets you locate files that are available for downloading via FTP.

Answer: Archie.


21) What is FTP?

Answer: File Transfer Protocol (The medium that allows transferring of files between computers on the net using an FTP program or via Web Browser.


22) What is an E-Journal?

Answer: It is an electronic publication typically found in academic circles.


23) What is E-mail?

Answer: A network service that enables users to send and receive messages. Communicating via E-mail is the number one use of the net.


24) What is Finger?

Answer: Software that allows the user to enter the address of an internet site to find information about that system users or a particular user.


25) What is Homepage?

Answer: The first page of a website and the starting point for navigating the web using web browser.


26) What is Host?

Answer: A computer that acts as a server, users at remote computers are allowed to access information that is stored on the server or host computer.


27) What is Hot-lists?

Answer: List of frequently accessed web site document name and URLs.


28) What is URL?

Answer: An addressing scheme used to link resources on the web.


29) What is Netscape?

Answer: A web browser.


30) What is NNTP?

Answer: Network News Transport Protocol (This is used to distribute network news)


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