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Hard Trivia Questions for Adults

Hard Trivia Questions for Adults (General Questions)


Hard Trivia Questions for Adults


Trivia Questions for Adults with Answers


1. The horse and chariot were introduced in Egypt. By whom it was introduced?
Answer: By Hyksos.


2. Which was the only painting sold by Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh during his life?
Answer: Red Vine.


3. A Danish astronomer is regarded as the greatest observer of the planets and stars of the pre-telescopic time. Name him:
Answer: Tycho Brahe (1546-1601).


4. What is cotton fiber made of?
Answer: It is made of pure cellulose.


5. Which gas is evolved if potassium bromide, manganese di-oxide and cone, Sulfuric acid are heated?
Answer: Bromine.


6. What were among the first input devices to hit the computer graphics world?
Answer: Video Digitizers.


7. What is known as a condenser having one set of stationary plates and one set of movable plates?
Answer: Variable condenser.


8. During hydration the space originally occupied by water in the concrete is filled with:
Answer: Lime.


9. What largely determines the magnitude of reduction in the temperatures with increasing altitude or the temperature gradient in the atmosphere?
Answer: Meteorological conditions.


10. Who said the following poetic words: Lest men suspect your tale untrue, keep probability in view”?
Answer: John Gaay.


11. Who invented Diesel Engine?
Answer: Rudolf Diesel.


12. How many engine was used in the aircraft in 1903? How much was the power of the engine?
Answer: One engine and it had the power less than 20 Horse power.


13. By what name the third period in Egyptian history was known?
Answer: Imperial age or the period of New kingdom.


14. The acoustic effects of this monument are so wonderful that any sonic signals or a -clap taken by it are repeated 12 times over. Identify this monument:
Answer: Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur.


15. Who is the first man in the world to run his telescope towards the sky and saw things that no man had seen before?

Answer: The Italian scientist Galileo Galilei (1564-1642).


Hard Trivia Questions for Adults Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16. Which wood is used for ship building?
Answer: Teak wood.


17. The elements which show the properties of both metals and non-metals are called what?
Answer: Metalloids.


18. When and where was the origin of Computer Graphics?
Answer: In 1940’s in the U.S. Department of Defense.


19. What is called the device which records sound as magnetic energy and reproduces?
Answer: Tape recorder.


20. Casein paints are used over:
Answer: New plastered surface.


21. What is the name of the atmosphere where ELR is equal to DALR?
Answer: Neutral atmosphere.


22. Which mathematician recited a 400-line poem in which every line rhymed with the name Rosalind?
Answer: J.J. Sylvester.


23. Who discovered Electric Motor (DC)?
Answer: Zénobe Gramme.


24. Where is the headquarters of International Civil Aviation Organisation?
Answer: At Montreal, Canada.


25. Who was called the Napoleon of Egypt?
Answer: Thutmose III.


26. A Buddhist Stupa in Ceylon (Now Sri Lanka) was larger than some of the Pyramids of Egypt. Where was it?
Answer: At Anuradhapura, the ancient capital of Ceylon.


27. This book of Aryabhata is regarded as a great contribution in astronomy. Name this book:
Answer: Aryabhatteeyam.


28. From where Vincristine, a wonder drug used to treat blood cancer is extracted?
Answer: Vinca Rosea.


29. The solution left behind when potassium has reacted with water has the properties of:
Answer: Alkalis.


30. The sophisticated and impressive use of computer graphics is the production of images that can be manipulated in three dimension. This technique is called:
Answer: 3D Animation.


Hard Trivia Questions for Adults Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31. What is called x-rays of longer wave length and lesser energy?
Answer: Soft x-rays.


32. The function of a base in paint is:
Answer: To reduce shrinkage cracks in paint film.


33. What is the name of the atmosphere which shall neither resist nor promote any mixing?
Answer: Neutral.


34. Which writer claimed that geometry was the gift of Nile in ancient Egypt?
Answer: Herodotus.


35. Who discovered electronic computer?
Answer: Dr. Alan M. Turing.


36. Scandinavian Airlines System belongs to which country?
Answer: Sweden.


37. Where the Buddha image is believed to have originated?
Answer: At Mathura.


38. What is almost halfway through its 10-billion year life, will expand to become a red giant and then shrink to become a white dwarf?
Answer: The sun.


39. Name two vegetable oils which are used as medicine:
Answer: Caster oil, Mustard oil.


40. The horizontal rows of elements in the periodic table are called what?
Answer: Periods.


41. The technique with which the objects in a 3D environment were created by digitalisation is called:
Answer: (modeled Animation Techniques (MAT).


42. Write an example of a liquid crystal:
Answer: Soap bubble.


43. The crudest form of iron is:
Answer: Pig iron.


44. How many atoms of hydrogen are there in a water molecule?
Answer: Two.


45. Which writer remarked “Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write”?
Answer: H.G. Wells.


46. Who invented Electric Motor (AC)?
Answer: Nikola Tesla.


47. What is the full form of B.O.A.C?
Answer: British Overseas Airways Corporation.


48. Along with another famous artist Georges Braque founded a style of painting. Who was the fellow artist and what style did they originate?
Answer: Pablo Picasso – Cubism.


49. What is the richest source in Rice?
Answer: Carbohydrate.


50. In chemistry and atomic physics the elements of the s-block and p-block are together referred to as:
Answer: Representative elements.


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