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Can You Answer these 100 Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions

Can You Answer these 100 Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions


Can You Answer these 100 Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions


Easy General Knowledge Quiz Part 1 (Questions 1-20)


1. What is the theme of a passion play?

Answer: Christ’s suffering and death.


2. When did the Indian Peace Keeping Force 9IPKF) first land on Sri Lankan soil?

Answer: 30 July, 1987.


3. Where was the 1989 Kumbh Mela held?

Answer: Prayag.


4. What is the French equivalent of the Stock Exchange?

Answer: The Bourse.


5. Who started the Shuddhi Movement?

Answer: Swami Shraddhananda.


6. In the honors list of explorers, who was the Italian usually given credit for discovering Newfoundland?

Answer: John Cabot.


7. The ballet dancer’s short and spreading skirt is called:

Answer: Tutu.


8. What is the high tower of a Muslim Mosque called?

Answer: A minaret.


9. Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Answer: Tuscany, Italy.


10. Who built the Jahaz Mahal (Ship Palace), at Mandu?

Answer: Muhammad Shah.


11. What would be the nationality of a stamp with the word ‘Suomi’ printed on it?

Answer: Finnish.


12. Between which two of Canada’s Great Lakes do the Niagara Falls lie?

Answer: Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.


13. What is a “Kerry Blue”?

Answer: A breed of dog.


14. What mountains form the boundary between European Russia and Siberia?

Answer: The Urals.


15. Which river forms the major part of the international boundary between the United States of America and Mexico?

Answer: The Rio Grande.


16. How many feet are there in a nautical fathom?

Answer: Six.


17. Macao, on the southern coast of main land China, is a colony of which European nation?

Answer: Portugal.


18. What is depicted on the reverse side of a two pence coin?

Answer: The Prince of Wales’s Feathers.


19. It was formerly known as East Pakistan. By what name is it now known?

Answer: Bangladesh.


20. What is the name of the strait which separates North Island from South Island in New Zealand?

Answer: Cook strait.


Easy General Knowledge Quiz Part 2 (Questions 21-40)


21. Who was the Italian merchant explorer whose name was given to the continent of America?

Answer: Amerigo Vespucci.


22. On what part of the body is a “wimple” worn and who would normally be seen wearing it?

Answer: On the head of a nun – it is a form of head -dress.


23. What is meant by UFO?

Answer: Unidentified Flying object.


24. What did Sir Rowland Hill introduce in Britain in 1840?

Answer: The Penny Post.


25. Who would have worn a ‘gorget’, ‘pauldron’, ‘beaver’ and ‘greave’?

Answer: A knight – they are all parts of a suit of armor.


26. ‘Bastinado’ was an eastern form of punishment. Of what did it consist?

Answer: The beating of the soles of the feet with thin rods.


27. How many balls are there on a snooker table at the beginning of a game?

Answer: 22 -including the cue-ball.


28. The flag of Nepal is unique in terms of national flags. What is remarkable about it?

Answer: It is not rectangular – it comprises two over-lapping triangles.


29. What is the inscription on the obverse side of the Victoria Cross?

Answer: For Valour.


30. Only one astrological sign is not named after a living creature – which one?

Answer: Libra (the scales).


31. With which legendary heroine is the City of Coventry associated?

Answer: Lady Godiva.


32. What is the expansion of M.B.B.S?

Answer: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.


33. What is Ichthyology?

Answer: The study of the natural history of fishes.


34. Pilgrims flock from all over the world to visit Mecca. Where is Mecca?

Answer: Saudi Arabia, on the shore of Red Sea.


35. Where would you find “fire damp”?

Answer: Down a mine – it’s the miner’s name for methane gas.


36. What would you do with a “wandering sailor”?

Answer: Plant it – it is a household plant.


37. What color of Ensign does the Merchant Navy fly?

Answer: Red.


38. What is the alternative name for Holy Island, the island off the north coast of Northumberland?

Answer: Lindisfarne.


39. British scientist Lord Ernest Rutherford won a Nobel Prize in 1908. In which field of science did he work?

Answer: Atomic Science – he was the first man to split the atom.


40. What kind of bird did Noah first release from the Ark after the rains abated?

Answer: A Raven.


Easy General Knowledge Quiz Part 3 (Questions 41-60)


41. To which country belongs the Dogon tribes?

Answer: Mali.


42. How many hoops are used in a game of croquet?

Answer: Six.


43. Which British inventor developed the hovercraft?

Answer: Sir Christopher Cockerell.


44. A ‘rhea’ is a flightless bird but what does the geographical term ‘ria’ mean?

Answer: A drowned river valley.


45. Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon – but who was the second?

Answer: Buzz Aldrin.


46. What is ‘xenophobia’?

Answer: Dislike or fear of strangers.


47. What does the Red Triangle stand for?

Answer: Family Planning.


48. What famous tourist attraction is wearing away at the rate of five feet per annum?

Answer: Niagara Falls.


49. According to Bible, on what day did God create the sun, moon and the stars?

Answer: On the fourth day.


50. The birthstone of August is Peridot. What color is it?

Answer: Green.


51. Where would you find the San Andreas Fault?

Answer: The west coast of the United States centred on San Francisco.


52. In which city would you find the Jacques Cartier Bridge?

Answer: Montreal.


53. What is the longest river in the British Isles?

Answer: The River Shannon in Eire.


54. What is measured on a Beaufort Scale?

Answer: Wind force or speed.


55. What is ‘dutch courage’?

Answer: Courage gained through alcoholic drink.


56. What is ‘Mistral’?

Answer: A cold wind that blows down the Rhone Valley in France.


57. Which country is the second largest in the world, in area?

Answer: Canada.


58. Of which European country do the Magyars make up 92% of the population?

Answer: Hungary.


59. Which river’s waters, head waters and tributaries drain half the continent of South America?

Answer: Amazon.


60. Which is the largest city in the largest state of USA?

Answer: Anchorage.


Easy General Knowledge Quiz Part 4 (Questions 61-80)


61. What is the third bail to be potted in the sequence of colors in snooker?

Answer: Brown.


62. Which equestrian sport tests the all-round ability of the horse and rider?

Answer: Three day eventing.


63. What is the basic currency unit of Vietnam?

Answer: The dong.


64. How many Sikh representatives were there in the constituent Assembly of 1948?

Answer: Four.


65. The Jana Sangh Party was founded in:

Answer: 1949.


66. Which town in Umbria was the birthplace of St. Francis?

Answer: Assisi.


67. Which public official can order an inquest into instances of sudden, violent or suspicious death?

Answer: Coroner.


68. Carlo Collodi wrote a story about a wooden puppet which became human. What is its title?

Answer: The Adventure of Pinocchio.


69. What is the term for a person with assets of over 1000 million dollars?

Answer: Billionaire.


70. What is the acronym for the agency set up in 1923 to provide co-operation between police forces Answer: worldwide?



71. Which district of London gave its name to the Prime Meridian?

Answer: Greenwich.


72. Which is the country in the British Isles is said to have the highest density of sheep in the world?

Answer: Wales.


73. In which country are England’s largest lake and highest mountain situated?

Answer: Cumbria.


74. Where was Janata Dal, as a new political party, launched in October 1988?

Answer: Bangalore.


75. In which town did Isaac Newton attend the grammar school, and Margaret Thatcher attend the local girl’s school?

Answer: Grantham.


76. Which Indian city has a style of riding breeches named after it?

Answer: Jodhpur.


77. From which of the nine named planets does the mineral tellurium get its name:

Answer: Earth.


78. Which English physicist and mathematician was born in the same year that Galileo died?

Answer: Isaac Newton.


79. Which British city is the home of the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television?

Answer: Bradford.


80. What comes between duke and earl in the ranking of British peers?

Answer: Marquess.


Easy General Knowledge Quiz Part 5 (Questions 81-100)


81. What is the emblem of Islam, displayed, for example, on the national flags of Turkey, Pakistan and Tunisia?

Answer: Crescent moon.


82. Which is the biggest port in India?

Answer: Chennai.


83. What is the English name for the Danish Port of Helsinger, the setting for Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”?

Answer: Elsinore.


84. Which UK government funded body has an official symbol of quality called a ‘kite’ mark?

Answer: British Standards Institute.


85. The famous scientist Thomas Alwa Edison was died on:

Answer: October 18, 1931.


86. In which year was the artificial rubber – Neoprene – discovered?

Answer: 1932.


87. In which year vaccine for Yellow fever formulated?

Answer: 1932.


88. In which year Frequency Modulation (EM) radio transmission started?

Answer: 1933.


89. Which is the largest waste producing country in the world?

Answer: America (Here one man produces 2 Kg of wastes per day).


90. Which state in USA is known as “The Land of Enchantment”?

Answer: New Mexico.


91. Which one of the five Great Lakes lies totally within the United States?

Answer: Lake Michigan.


92. What is the other name of Vitamin A?

Answer: Retinol.


93. Which Scottish waterway links the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: Caledonian Canal.


94. Which disease in children is caused by the intensive use of nitrate fertilizers?

Answer: Methemoglobinemia.


95. Where was India’s 1st ship-building yard established?

Answer: Kochi.


96. The Postal system in India dates back to the year:

Answer: 1837.


97. Which European country has been ruled by Harald V since 1991?

Answer: Norway.


98. Who is the patron saint of music?

Answer: St. Cecilia.


99. What was the code of gallantry and honor that medieval knights were pledged to observe?

Answer: Chivalry.


100. Which were the two factions of the Russian Social Democratic Party whose names were taken from the words the ‘majority’ and ‘minority’?

Answer: Bolshevik and Menshevik.


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