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99 General Knowledge Printable Quiz

99 General Knowledge Printable Quiz


GK Questions and Answers in English


General Knowledge Printable Quiz Part 1 (Questions 1-25)


1) Pesto sauce is mainly made of what?
Answer: Basil.


2) Name the household item invented by Hamilton Smith?
Answer: Washing Machine.


3) Which country do Rugby’s Jonah Lomu represents?
Answer: New Zealand.


4) A Legislative Branch consist of _
Answer: The Congress – The Senate and The House Of Representatives.


5) The Divine Ponytail in football is known by whom?
Answer: Roberto Baggio.


6) Civil War in Spain ended in which year?
Answer: 1939.


7) Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, Rafael are the four Masters _
Answer: High Renaissance.


8) The feet which is palmiped means?
Answer: Webbed.


9) Name the person who is known as “The Golden Bear” in the sports?
Answer: Jack Nicklaus.


10) What is the location of the Executive Branch?
Answer: The White House.


11) The secret identity of Peter Parker is?
Answer: Spider-Man.


12) The Giant Panda usually feeds on _
Answer: Bamboo.


13) The Microsoft is owned by whom?
Answer: Bill Gates.


14) The number of households in the United Kingdom that currently watches TV in black & white
Answer: 13,000.


15) Who built The Eiffel tower?
Answer: Alexander Eiffel.


16) In the calendar, you notice a total of _ months have exactly 30 days.
Answer: 4.


17) The unlawful killing of a human being without malice, refers to the term _
Answer: Manslaughter.


18) The periodic table of elements begin with this element as the first, name it?
Answer: Hydrogen.


19) Name the metal that is liquid at room temperature?
Answer: Mercury.


20) What fruit is related to Isaac Newton’s Gravity theory?
Answer: Apple.


21) The term we use to refer to a baby eagle?
Answer: Eaglet.


22) The children’s book having Cornish mermaid as one of its character is written by whom?
Answer: Helen Dunmore.


23) University of Oxford, has its library named as _
Answer: Bodleian.


24) For what measurement do the Scoville Heat Scale used?
Answer: The heat of chilies.


25) The White Cliffs of Dover looks over the sea from which country?
Answer: France.


General Knowledge Printable Quiz Part 2 (Questions 25-50)


26) Name the planet that has the fastest spins?
Answer: Jupiter.


27) List out the names of month that has a total of 30 days.
Answer: September, April, June, November.


28) The Oldest living thing on Earth is?
Answer: California’s Bristlecone Pine.


29) The first battery was invented by whom?
Answer: Count Alessandro Volta.


30) The regular presenters Reginald Bosanquet, Trevor McDonald, Sandy Gall, Alastair Stewart Carol Barnes and Alastair Burnett of which TV Programme?
Answer: ITv News At Ten.


31) The southernmost part of England is _
Answer: Lizard Point.


32) The baby butterfly also referred to as what?
Answer: Egg, Larva, Pupa.


33) Name the seventh planet orbiting the sun?
Answer: Uranus.


34) Where does the phrase, “We’ll always have Paris” comes from?
Answer: Movie Casablanca.


35) A ten-cent coin of the US has which person’s face?
Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt.


36) What hormone carries sugar from the blood to cells?
Answer: Insulin.


37) Manticore refers to _
Answer: A mythical beast that typically have the body of a lion, sting of a scorpion, and the face of a man.


38) The fastest animal in the world is _
Answer: Cheetah.


39) Name the country that has the large production of diamond all over the world?
Answer: South Africa.


40) Explain, the term Judicial Branch?
Answer: The branch that decides the meaning of laws, how they are applied, and interprets laws based on the Constitution.


41) The term Male bovine is used to refer which animal?
Answer: Bull.


42) A time period equal to 1000 years is _
Answer: Millennium.


43) During St. Crispin’s day a famous battle was fought , name it?
Answer: Agincourt.


44) The City Yuma, Arizona, is known to be the _ city on Earth.
Answer: Sunny.


45) The United States got the Alaska in which year?
Answer: In the year 1867.


46) What was Columbus in search of originally during his voyage
Answer: India.


47) The needles are being used in order to heal specific points of the body; what is such treatment called?
Answer: Acupuncture.


48) A Tudor Rose consist of _ number of petal
Answer: 5.


49) Panda is having what complexion?
Answer: Black And White.


50) Pick out the odd among the following.
a. Pocket
b. Wallet
c. Purse
d. Box
Answer: Box.


General Knowledge Printable Quiz Part 3 (Questions 51-75)


51) Who is also known as Curse of God?

Answer: Genghis Khan.


52) Kimberlite contains what precious item?

Answer: Diamonds.


53) The Smallest planet in the solar system is _?

Answer: Mercury.


54) Who directed Dr Strangelove, 2001, The Shining (full name)?

Answer: Stanley Kubrick.


55) Which was the first Indian bank provided internet banking facility?

Answer: ICICI Bank.


56) Rene Lalique – Art Nouveau designer worked what material?

Answer: Glass.


57) Which year is declared as the International Year of Microcredit by UN?

Answer: 2005.


58) Who created the children’s land of Narnia and Lion Witch Wardrobe?

Answer: Clive Staples Lewis.


59) Principles of Economics is written by?

Answer: Alfred Marshall.


60) What animal lives in a drey?

Answer: Squirrel.


61) Which two planets are also called as Ice Giants?

Answer: Uranus and Neptune.


62) Why is Louise Brown – born 1978 famous?

Answer: First test tube baby.


63) Who is the inventor of Elevator?

Answer: Elisha Otis.


64) The title of whose book translates as my struggle?

Answer: Adolf Hitler.


65) An Instrument Udometer is used to _?

Answer: Measure Rainfall.


66) Anna Mary Robinson, famous American painter, what name?

Answer: Grandma Moses.


67) The International Labour Organization Headquarters located in?

Answer: Geneva.


68) In which country would you find the Negev desert?

Answer: Israel.


69) The jawless animal is _? Answer:



70) Which character has been played by the most actors?

Answer: Sherlock Holmes.


71) Who is the inventor of Optical Fibre?

Answer: Narinder Singh Kapany.


72) In Greek mythology a Hamadryads spirit guarded what?

Answer: Trees.


73) Which acid is used to test the purity of gold?

Answer: Nitric acid.


74) Jocasta was the wife of Laius and the mother of who?

Answer: Oedipus.


75) Which test is used to detect Typhoid fever?

Answer: Widal test.


General Knowledge Printable Quiz Part 4 (Questions 76-99)


76) Who wrote The Rights of Man – and The Age of Reason?

Answer: Thomas Paine.


77) Which planet has the largest ring in the Solar system?

Answer: Saturn.


78) What is the capital of Sicily?

Answer: Palermo.


79) The Atacama Desert is located in which country?

Answer: Chile.


80) What was invented by Dr Edward Land in 1947?

Answer: Polaroid.


81) The Battle of Golden Rock was fought between?

Answer: French & British.


82) Syd Barett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason (Group)?

Answer: Pink Floyd.


83) ‘A State is known by the rights that it maintains ?’ is said by whom?

Answer: Harlod J. Laski.


84) Carlo Collodi created which famous children’s character?

Answer: Pinocchio.


85) The study of the origin and history of words is called as _?

Answer: Etymology.


86) What is mainly extracted from pitchblende?

Answer: Uranium.


87) The SI unit of Luminous Flux is _?

Answer: Lumen.


88) Which connects Delft, Sevres, Wedgwood, Chelsea?

Answer: Porcelain.


89) Who was the inventor of Crescograph?

Answer: Jagadish Chandra Bose.


90) Which country introduced the worlds first diesel loco in 1912?

Answer: Germany.


91) A newborn baby has_ bone?

Answer: 270 to 350.


92) in 1656 Christian Huygens invented what type of timekeeper?

Answer: Pendulum clock.


93) Hard drives read and record information using?

Answer: Magnetism.


94) Which is the capital of Tanzania?

Answer: Dodoma.


95) In what industry did John Davidson Rockefeller get rich?

Answer: Oil.


96) Nurek dam is curently the tallest man made dam in the world. It is situated in which country?

Answer: Tajikistan.


97) The Mau Mau were terrorists in which country late 50s early 60s?

Answer: Kenya.


98) Name of the first computer virus is _?

Answer: Creeper.


99) Jean Claude Killy famous in which sport?

Answer: Skiing.


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