10 GK Questions and Answers – General Knowledge 2018 Online Quiz – GK Video Quiz


GK Questions and Answers – 2018 Online Quiz – GK Video Quiz


GK Questions and Answers - General Knowledge 2018 Online Quiz


GK Youtube video Quiz



GK Questions


1. Which language is related to both Cornish and Welsh, and is now recognized language of France?
Answer: Breton.


2. Which two sets of exams were replaced by GCSE in 1988?
Answer: GCE Ordinary Level; CSE.


3. In which year was ITDC established?
Answer: 1966.


4. Who built the Charminar?
Answer: Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.


5. Where is the tomb of Tutankhamun located?
Answer: Giza, Egypt.


6. Who used the Latin phrase, ‘cogito ergo sum” (‘1 think therefore I am’) as the foundation for his philosophical theory?
Answer: Descartes.


7. What is the general term for the use of computers, telecommunications and micro electronics in the processing and transmissions of data?
Answer: Information Technology.


8. What do the Sikhs propose to call their separate state, if it ever achieves cessation from India?
Answer: Khalistan.


9. Who is excluded from succession to the throne in Salic law?
Answer: Women.


10. Which diamond has a Persian name meaning “mountain of light”?
Answer: Koh-i-noor.

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