50 Online Quiz General Knowledge New 2018 – Learn GK Quiz Questions


Online Quiz General Knowledge New 2018 – Learn GK Quiz Questions


Online Quiz General Knowledge New 2018 - Learn GK Quiz Questions


1) What is meant by Google Allo?
Answer: Messaging mobile app developed by Google.


2) Expand UNCTAD
Answer: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.


3) What is meant by madam tussauds?
Answer: Wax museum in London.


4) Who is  Jared Leto?
Answer: American actor, singer, songwriter and director.


5) What is meant by Ivy League?
Answer: Collegiate athletic conference compromising sports teams from eight private institutions of higher education in the north eastern United States.


6) Which is the world’s second biggest wireless service market?
Answer: India.


7) Where is Charlotte located?
Answer: USA.


8) Who is Jack Dorsey?
Answer: Cofounder and CEO of Twitter.


9) What is meant by DNA methylation?
Answer: Process by which methyl groups are added to DNA.


10) Mark Cuban was in the news recently. Who is he?
Answer: American businessman and investor.


11) Where is the world’s largest radio telescope located?
Answer: China.


12) Which is world’s longest running TV soap opera?
Answer: Coronation Street.


13) What is meant by Incredible India?
Answer: International marketing campaign by the Government of India to promote tourism in India to an audience of global appeal.


14) Who is Samantha Power?
Answer: United States Ambassador to the United Nations.


15) Which is world’s largest container shipping firm?
Answer: AP Moller Maersk .


16) List the member nations of SAARC
Answer: India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.


17) Name the type of obstructive lung disease characterized by long term poor airflow
Answer: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.


18) Name the space probe built by the European space agency launched on 2 March 2004
Answer: Rosetta.


19) What is meant by graphene?
Answer: Allotrope of carbon in the form of a two dimensional lattice.


20) Who is David Bowie?
Answer: English singer and songwriter.


21) What is meant by melamine?
Answer: Organic base and a trimer of cynamide with 1,3,5 triazine skeleton.


22) Who is Shimon Peres?
Answer: Israeli statesman and ninth President serving from 2007 to 2014.


23) Who is Max Walker?
Answer: Australian cricketer.


24)  What is meant by Oslo accords?
Answer: Set of agreements between the government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation organization.


25) What is meant by Maritime Silk Road?
Answer: Chinese strategic initiative to increase investment and foster collaboration across the historic silk road.


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26) What is meant by Paris agreement?
Answer: Agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change dealing with greenhouse gases emissions, mitigations, adaptation and finance starting in the year 2020.


27) Who is Susan Rice?
Answer: 24th United States National Security Advisor.


28) Where is Chabahar port located?
Answer: Iran.


29) What is meant by nepenthes khasiana?
Answer: Tropical pitcher plant of the genus nepenthes.


30) Who got the Nobel prize for medicine in 2016?
Answer: Yoshinori Ohsumi.


31) Who is Kim Kardashian?
Answer: American reality television personality and businesswoman.


32) Where is the world’s tallest wood building located?
Answer: University of British Columbia.


33) what is meant by autophagy?
Answer: Natural, regulated, destructive mechanism of the cell that disassembles unnecessary or dysfunctional components.


34) Who is Christian de Duve?
Answer: Nobel prize winning  Belgian cytologist and biochemist.


35) Who is William Campbell?
Answer: Irish American biologist and parasitologist known for his work in discovering new therapy against infections.


36) Who is James E Rothman?
Answer: American biochemist.


37) What is meant by purchasing managers index?
Answer: Economic indicator derived from monthly surveys of private sector companies.


38) Who got Nobel prize for physics in 2016?
Answer: David  J Thouless, F Duncan M Haldane, J Michael Kosterlitz.


39) Who is the current President of Peru?
Answer: Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.


40) Who got Nobel prize for chemistry in 2016?
Answer: Jean Pierre Sauvage,  J Fraser Stoddart and Bernard Feringa.


41) What is meant by “The Rolling Stones”?
Answer: English rock band formed in London in 1962.


42) Who is the first Prime Minister of China?
Answer: Zhou Enlai.


43) What is meant by BIMSTEC(Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multisectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation)?
Answer: International organization involving a group of countries in South Asia and South East Asia.


44) Who are the member nations of BIMSTEC?
Answer: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan, and Nepal.


45) Who holds the record for longest living human being?
Answer: Jeanne Calment.


46) Who won the Nobel peace prize in 2016?
Answer: Juan Manuel Santos.


47) What is meant by bonobo?
Answer: Endangered great ape and one of the two species making up the genus pan.


48) Jon Bon Jovi was in the news recently. Who is he?
Answer: American singer, songwriter, and actor.


49) What is meant by osteoporosis?
Answer: Disease where decreased bone strength increases the risk of a broken bone.


50) What is meant by ischemic heart disease?
Answer: Group of diseases that include stable angina, unstable angina, myocardial infarction, and sudden cardiac death.


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