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50 GK Questions for Class 5 to 7 with Answers

50 GK Questions for Class 5 to 7 with Answers


50 General Knowledge Online Latest Quiz Part 28 - Top GK Questions


50 GK Questions for Class 5 to 7 with Answers Part 1 (Questions 1-15)


1) Who discovered Greenland?
Answer: Norseman Eric.


2) The old name of Tuvalu?
Answer: The Ellice Islands.


3) Biggest eggs in the world?
Answer: Ostrich Eggs.


4) Electric Lamp invented by:
Answer: Thomas Alva Edison.


5) Who discovered Suez Canal?
Answer: Ferdinand de Lesseps (Designed).


6) New York is popularly known as the city of?
Answer: Skyscrapers.


7) The headquarters of ICAO is located at?
Answer: Montreal.


8) World AIDS Day?
Answer: 1-Dec.


9) Highest plateau in the world is?
Answer: Tibet.


10) Fastest planet?
Answer: Mercury.


11) Electrical Waves discovered by?
Answer: Heitz.


12) The headquarters of UNEP is located at?
Answer: Nairobi.


13) Currency of Algeria?
Answer: Algeria Dinar.


14) Balloon invented by:
Answer: Montogolfier.


15) Colored Photography invented by:
Answer: Lippman.


50 GK Questions for Class 5 to 7 with Answers Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16) Which country is known as “Pearl of Antilles”?
Answer: Cuba.


17) The crescent is the emblem of:
Answer: Pakistan.


18) The smallest continent is:
Answer: Australia.


19) The national Emblem of Luxembourg:
Answer: Lion with Crown.


20) Fuhrer (also Fuehrer) name used for:
Answer: Adolf Hitler.


21) Biggest bird in the world?
Answer: African Ostrich.


22) The only country in the world with no official capital:
Answer: Nauru.


23) Which is the largest Sea?
Answer: The Philippine Sea with an area of about 2 million square miles.


24) Where is the red sea located?
Answer: West of Saudi Arabia and East of Egypt and Sudan.


25) Currency of Vatican City State:
Answer: Lira.


26) Where is Mediterranean Sea located?
Answer: South of Europe and North of Africa.


27) Largest island?
Answer: Greenland.


28) Aspirin discovered by:
Answer: Dreser.


29) First person to cross Antarctic Circle:
Answer: James Cook (1773).


30) Which Country is known as “Land of Eagles”?
Answer: Albania.


50 GK Questions for Class 5 to 7 with Answers Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31) Adding Machine invented by:
Answer: Balise Pascal.


32) The first woman Prime Minister of a country:
Answer: Mrs. Srimavo Bhandarnaike.


33) Which country has most number of spoken languages?
Answer: Papua New Guinea with 820 languages are spoken, is the most languages spoken country in world.


34) Currency of Bahrain?
Answer: Dinar.


35) The largest peninsula in the world is:
Answer: Arabia.


36) The old name of Manchuria?
Answer: Manchuko.


37) The Capital of Mozambique is?
Answer: Maputo.


38) Tallest animal in the world?
Answer: Giraffe.


39) Hydrogen discovered by:
Answer: Cavendish.


40) The founder of KODAK Company was :
Answer: Eastman.


41) Longest bridge in the world? :
Answer: Second Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.


42) WMO stands for:
Answer: World Meteorological Organization.


43) Safety Pin invented by:
Answer: William Hunt.


44) The lowest mountain range in the world is the:
Answer: Bhieuna Bhaile.


45) Who discovered Brazil?
Answer: Pedro Alvarez Cabral (Portuguese).


46) First country to Print Books :
Answer: China.


47) Land of Setting Sun:
Answer: Britain.


48) Telegraph Code invented by:
Answer: Morse.


49) Wheel sign used for:
Answer: Progress.


50) The term ‘________’ in a cyclone refers to circular region of relatively light Winds
Answer: Eye.


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