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GK Online Test in English 2020 – Trivia Quiz

GK Online Test in English 2020 – Trivia Quiz


49 Common Knowledge Questions - GK Quizzes with Answers


GK Online Test in English  – Trivia Quiz Part 1 (Questions 1-15)


1) In what month do American’s celebrate, “National Pizza Month”?
Answer: October.


2) What is the sound caused by lightning?
Answer: Thunder.


3) On average, how long would you have to walk to burn off a Big Mac?
Answer: 140 minutes of brisk walking.


4) What is Tiger Woods real name?
Answer: Eldrick Tont Woods.


5) Which main character in “Friends” spoke to the superintendent of Monica’s building about attending Yoga Classes?
Answer: Ross.


6) This is the only snake that builds a nest for its eggs.
Answer: King Cobra.


7) This person’s position in the Senate is largely ceremonial, with the exception of tie votes. He/She casts the deciding vote.
Answer: The Vice President.


8) Barack Obama was the first president to be born in which state?
Answer: Hawaii.


9) This device can wake you up, but cannot tuck you in.
Answer: Alarm Clock.


10) Which ocean covers 28% of the entire surface of the globe?
Answer: Pacific Ocean.


11) This Food Network star lost their contract after a racial slur scandal in 2013
Answer: Paula Deen.


12) John Ritter was the son of which famous country singer?
Answer: Tex Ritter.


13) The World Series between Dodgers-Yankees in 1991 was most memorable because of this
Answer: Only one run was scored during the game; that run being scored during the seventh inning.


14) What does a bell from Santa’s sleigh signify in the movie, “The Polar Express”?
Answer: The First Gift of Christmas.


15) What character in the film, “Alice in Wonderland”, was not portrayed in any of the books written by Lewis Carroll?
Answer: The Doorknob.


GK Online Test in English  – Trivia Quiz Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16) This movie topped the Box Office charts in 1993
Answer: Jurassic Park, grossing $357,067,947.


17) Who said, “and so the lion fell in love with the lamb” in the Twilight movie?
Answer: Edward.


18) How does Lemony Snicket define “aberrant” at the end of the book “Book the First, The Bad Beginning”
Answer: Very, very wrong, and causing much grief (on page 162).


19) What is Jack Sparrow’s last line in “Dead Man’s Chest”?
Answer: “Hello, beastie.”


20) What is the literal meaning of Espresso?
Answer: Pressed Out.


21) Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey co-starred in this movie, which was the first movie to ever be rated PG-13
Answer: Red Dawn.


22) In a deck of cards, which King has a sword through his head?
Answer: The King of Hearts.


23) When was the first Apple computer released?
Answer: April 11, 1976.


24) When was Giacoma Casanova born?
Answer: April 2, 1725.


25) In 2005, this ice cream manufacturer started using Fairtrade goods for its ingredient list
Answer: Ben & Jerry’s.


26) Aztec emperor Montezuma drank 50 golden goblets of this every day. It was thick, dyed red, and flavored with chili peppers
Answer: Hot Chocolate.


27) Which US State is the only state that grows cacao beans commercially?
Answer: Hawaii.


28) Who is famous for being the first to break the sound barrier?
Answer: Chuck Yeager – October 14, 1947.


29) In Disney’s, “The Lion King,” what type of animal is Zazu?
Answer: A red-billed Hornbill.


30) What was Angelina Jolie’s character’s name in the movie, “Gone in Sixty Seconds”
Answer: Sara Wayland.


GK Online Test in English  – Trivia Quiz Part 3 (Questions 31-49)


31) In the movie, “Pretty Woman”, what does Vivian say to Edward when he finds her using floss?
Answer: Yeah? So? I had all those strawberry seeds and you shouldn’t neglect your gums.


32) In the children’s song, “On Top of Spaghetti” what was lost when somebody sneezed?
Answer: My poor meatball.


33) Who was the Vice-President in 1992?
Answer: Al Gore.


34) What group sang the song, “Walk like an Egyptian?”
Answer: The Bangles.


35) Poland Spring Bottled Water comes from 8 natural springs in the Pine Tree State, which state is this?
Answer: Maine.


36) Whose senior picture had the inscription, “Billboard charts; here I come! – a hopeful pipe dream from an ordinary Jersey kid.”
Answer: Tommy Page.


37) This flu virus made headlines in 2009
Answer: Swine Flu.


38) Glitter Gulch is a strip club in this popular US City
Answer: Las Vegas.


39) She was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and she died in 30 BC.
Answer: Cleopatra VII.


40) This fruit floats because 25% of its volume is air?
Answer: Apple.


41) What is the real name of U2 singer, Bono?
Answer: Paul David Hewson.


42) What was the health problem that Mother Teresa had in September 1989?
Answer: A second Heart Attack.


43) A war started between El Salvador and Honduras after an unpopular referee call in 1969 in which sport?
Answer: Soccer.


44) Who won an unprecedented four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics?
Answer: Jesse Owens.


45) In the Bible, who was Esther’s Father?
Answer: Abihail.


46) How much snow fell at the Heavenly Ski Resort, located in California, from January 1st, 2017 to January 31st, 2017?
Answer: 24.75 feet of snow.


47) What holiday is celebrated in Japan on March 14th?
Answer: White Day (when men give women gifts that are 3x the value of the Valentine gift given by the women on Valentine’s Day).


48) If you were to make a life-size sculpture of a giraffe from scrap metal, what would be the best item to use for the neck?
Answer: Air Conditioning Duct.


49) This gas, identified by the letter F on the Periodic Table, is the most reactive non metal of all chemical elements?
Answer: Fluorine.


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