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Online General Knowledge Quiz UK

Online General Knowledge Quiz UK


General Knowledge - Online GK Quiz Questions 8-June-2018


1. For what are Thaumatin, aspartame, and Mannitol used as substitutes?
Answer: Sugar (sweetener).


2. Which milk pudding is made from starch extracted from the pith of a palm tree?
Answer: Sago.


3. What is the secondary covering of a nutmeg?
Answer: Mace.


4. What are the dried stigmas of crocus flowers, used as a flavoring and coloring?
Answer: Saffron.


5. What sort of high-gluten flour is used for making pasta?
Answer: Durum flour.


6. Karaoke is the Japanese word meaning:
Answer: Empty orchestra.


7. How many wives did Henry VIII have beheaded?
Answer: Two.


8. The world’s largest producer of wine is:
Answer: Italy.


9. What creatures do wild bananas depend on for pollination?
Answer: Bats.


10. What is the study of electronic systems that can perform the functions of living beings?
Answer: Bionics.


11. Which King ruled over Taxila from 140 to 130 B.C?
Answer: Antialkidas, a Greek.


12. When did the Egyptians use the arm balance?
Answer: About 7000 years ago.


13. Which country takes the credit for the invention of glass?
Answer: Syria, around 3000 B.C.


14. Before the 8th century Japan used a foreign script. Where did it originate from?
Answer: Chinese script.


15. Which country invented water wheel and when?
Answer: Greece, about 100 B.C.


Online General Knowledge Quiz UK Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16. Which country invented the wheel-barrow in the 3rd century A.D and what was it used for?
Answer: China, to carry people.


17. Which country is known to have used paper tissues for more than 300 years?
Answer: Japan.


18. Which saint was a cobbler by caste?
Answer: Ravidas.


19. Where is the statue commonly known as Eros located in London?
Answer: Piccadilly Circus.


20. In which Russian city is the Red Square?
Answer: Moscow.


21. Give an example of hypabyssal rock:
Answer: Dolerite.


22. Who was the author of the book Selected Stories
Answer: Anton P. Chekhov.


23. Which is the first leading cereal of the world?
Answer: Wheat.


24. On what date did Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon?
Answer: July 20, 1969.


25. The most of the mouths of the Ganga are in this Bangladesh Province, which province?
Answer: Khulna.


26. The presence of what chemical substance distinguishes “heavy water” from common water?
Answer: Deuterium.


27. Where is rice grown in Europe?
Answer: Po River Valley, Italy.


28. Who played the Huey Long part in the movie All the King’s Men?
Answer: Broderick Crawford.


29. ‘The Admirable Crichton’ (1902) has been an ever popular play on the stage. Who wrote it?
Answer: James Matthew Barrie.


30. In the body, duodenum is part of the:
Answer: Digestive tract.


Online General Knowledge Quiz UK Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31. Which is the largest French-Speaking city in North America?
Answer: Montreal.


32. Which weather system often results in clear, hot, sunny days in summer and fine, frosty days in winter?
Answer: Anticyclone.

33. Where were Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories mostly published?
Answer: The Strand Magazine.


34. Who ventured into Tasmania’s Adventure Bay in 1642?
Answer: Abel Tasman.


35. On which Island is the capital of New Zealand?
Answer: North Island.


36. Who was the Goddess of the Home?
Answer: Hestia.


37. Who was the first man to classify the stars in terms of their apparent brightness?
Answer: Galileo.


38. Which monument stands on Liberty Island south of Manhattan?
Answer: The Statue of Liberty.


39. Who first used the term ‘Quasi-rent?
Answer: Alfred Marshall.


40. With what food did Jesus feed 5,000 people?
Answer: Loaves of bread and fishes (Matt 14:19).


41. When was Bhaskara-I launched into space?
Answer: 1979.


42. David Hasselhoff drove a talking car named Kitt on what 1982 NBC TV show?
Answer: Knight Rider.


43. Which was the only Oscar that was awarded to Orson Welles for Citizen Cane, which was regarded by many critics as the greatest film ever made?
Answer: He was the co-winner with Herman J. Mankiewicz, for the best original screenplay Oscar.


44. In adverstising, which national chain of motor lodges promises, “We’ll leave the light on for you”?
Answer: Motel Six.


45. Who wrote ‘Our Films Their Films’?
Answer: Satyajit Ray.


46. In advertising, which insurance company’s slogan tells you to “get a piece of the rock”?
Answer: Prudential.


47. Name the six organs of the UNO:
Answer: (1) General Assembly (GA), (2) Security Council (SC), (3) The Economic and Social Council, (4) The Trusteeship Council, (5) International Court of Justice, (6) The Secretariat.


48. Who is credited with the first vaccination?
Answer: Dr. Edward Jenner.


49. Which Noble Prize medals has identical back sides?
Answer: Physics and chemistry.


50. What are the protons and neutrons that are emitted from a helium atom called?
Answer: Alpha particles.


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