General Knowledge – GK Quiz Questions 8-June-2018


General Knowledge – GK Quiz Questions 8-June-2018


General Knowledge - Online GK Quiz Questions 8-June-2018


1. For what are Thaumatin, aspartame, and Mannitol used as substitutes?
Answer: Sugar (sweetener).


2. Which milk pudding is made from starch extracted from the pith of a palm tree?
Answer: Sago.


3. What is the secondary covering of a nutmeg?
Answer: Mace.


4. What are the dried stigmas of crocus flowers, used as a flavoring and coloring?
Answer: Saffron.


5. What sort of high-gluten flour is used for making pasta?
Answer: Durum flour.


6. Karaoke is the Japanese word meaning:
Answer: Empty orchestra.


7. How many wives did Henry VIII have beheaded?
Answer: Two.


8. The world’s largest producer of wine is:
Answer: Italy.


9. What creatures do wild bananas depend on for pollination?
Answer: Bats.


10. What is the study of electronic systems that can perform the functions of living beings?
Answer: Bionics.


11. Which King ruled over Taxila from 140 to 130 B.C?
Answer: Antialkidas, a Greek.


12. When did the Egyptians use the arm balance?
Answer: About 7000 years ago.


13. Which country takes the credit for the invention of glass?
Answer: Syria, around 3000 B.C.


14. Before the 8th century Japan used a foreign script. Where did it originate from?
Answer: Chinese script.


15. Which country invented water wheel and when?
Answer: Greece, about 100 B.C.


16. Which country invented the wheel-barrow in the 3rd century A.D and what was it used for?
Answer: China, to carry people.


17. Which country is known to have used paper tissues for more than 300 years?
Answer: Japan.


18. Which saint was a cobbler by caste?
Answer: Ravidas.


19. Where is the statue commonly known as Eros located in London?
Answer: Piccadilly Circus.


20. In which Russian city is the Red Square?
Answer: Moscow.


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