General Knowledge – Competitive Exams Questions


General Knowledge – Competitive Exams Questions


General Knowledge - Competitive Exams Questions


1. What is a poltergeist?
Answer: A knocking ghost.


2. What is the correct meaning of bland?
Answer: Dull and uninteresting.


3. Whose detective is Father Brown?
Answer: Agatha Christie.


4. If you are holding your opponent in a half nelson what kind of combat are you in?
Answer: Wrestling.


5. What is the meaning of misapprehend?
Answer: Misunderstand.


6. How many spokes are there in “Asoka Chakra” of Indian National flag?
Answer: 24.


7. Which country buried their unknown soldier at Arc de Triomphe?
Answer: France.


8. In which city of China is the Tiananmen Square situated?
Answer: Beijing.


9. When Nader Shah invaded India?
Answer: In 1739.


10. What is the expansion of NAM?
Answer: Non-Aligned Movement.


11. When Ireland became free?
Answer: 1921.


12. Who became the Prime Minister in Soviet Union, after the death of Stalin?
Answer: Malenkov.


13. The Mauryas established and patronized an art centre at on near?
Answer: Chunar.


14. If you stood in Donegall square and on one side were the City Hall, which Irish City would you be in?
Answer: Belfast.


15. Name an Indian festival once in twelve years:
Answer: Kumbh Mela.


16. In which Indian City can you visit the Qutb Minar, the tall minaret built by the slave king Qutb al-Din Aibak?
Answer: Delhi.


17. The tallest sky scrapper in the world is in the USA. Name it:
Answer: The Sears Tower, Chicago.


18. In which country Trincomalee Port is situated?
Answer: East Coast of Sri Lanka.


19. What does the Cenotaph in White Hall, London, commemorate?
Answer: The ‘Glorious Dead’ of the world wars.


20. Upon completion in 1931, it was called the “All-India War Memorial Arch”. How do we know it today?
Answer: India Gate.


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