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GK 2019 Top Quizzes with Answer

GK 2019 Top Quizzes with Answer


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1. How many times take the Sunlight to reach on Earth?
Answer: 8mins 20 sec.


2. Which planet is known as the morning & evening star?
Answer: Venus.


3. Who was the first Western explorer to reach China?
Answer: Marco Polo.


4. The major diet of pandas is _
Answer: Bamboo.


5. Connecting different computers in an organized manner within an office building can be termed as?
Answer: LAN.


6. Dragonflies are some of the fastest insects. How fast can a dragonfly fly?
Answer: 7. 50 Mph.


7. A baby kangaroo remains in its mother’s pouch for how many months?
Answer: 13 months.


8. Canine teeth help for _
Answer: Tearing.


9. Which continent does not have any deserts?
Answer: Europe.


10. A temporary storage area, attached to the CPU, for IO operations is a?
Answer: Buffer.


11. Which language has the most number of alphabets?
Answer: Khmer (Cambodian)


12. What is the name of the highest Mountain in Africa?
Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro.


13. What is Blue Brain project?
Answer: Cloning of human brain.


14. What was the original name of New York City?
Answer: New Amsterdam.


15. Which country is popularly knowns as ‘land of the windmills’?
Answer: Netherlands.


Top GK Quiz Questions Everyone Should Know – GK 2019


16. A memory bus is mainly used for communication between?
Answer: Processor and memory.


17. Dew drops are formed because of _
Answer: Evaporation.


18. Which continent is known as cold desert?
Answer: Antarctica.


19. The Windy City in the World is?
Answer: Wellington, New Zealand.


20. A person able to use both hands with equal skill is called?
Answer: Ambidextrous.


21. The life of a key switch in a modern keyboard is?
Answer: Hundred million cycles.


22. What country has the most borders?
Answer: China.


23. Where is a shrimp’s heart?
Answer: In its Head.


24. An area of wetlands dominated by herbaceous plants rather than woody plants are called
Answer: Marsh.


25. What is a group of Penguins in water called?
Answer: Raft.


26. In what year did American women win the right to vote?
Answer: 1920.


27. Formations that come down from the ceiling in a cave are called
Answer: Stalactites.


28. The language understood by a computer without translation is called?
Answer: Machine Language.


29. What is Odontophobia, the fear of?
Answer: Teeth.


30. What is known as the “master gland” of the human body?
Answer: Pituitary gland.


GK 2019 Top Quizzes Part 3 – General Knowledge 2019


31. Which structures have four basic designs – beam, cantilever, arch and suspension?
Answer: Bridges.


32. What are the substances in the saliva of vampire bats, leeches and mosquitoes which stop blood from clotting?
Answer: Anticoagulants.


33. What was the name of the pope who introduced the reformed calender used by the western world?
Answer: Pope Gregory (Gregory XIII).


34. What is the popular name for members of the RCMP?
Answer: Mounties.


35. Which type of edible nut is produced by a variety of hickory tree?
Answer: Pecan.


36. What is the collective word for a group of companies that limits competition by price-fixing, market sharing and restricting output?
Answer: Cartel.


37. Which sign is the decapod of the zodiac?
Answer: Cancer.


38. Which river is poetically called “Isis” until it flows through Oxford?
Answer: The Thames.


39. What is an important meeting between world political leaders usually called?
Answer: Summit conference.


40. What is the Italian word for ‘swank’ and the name of an organization that is also known as “la Cosa Nostra”?
Answer: Mafia.


41. Who built Nizamuddin Auliya tomb?
Answer: Alauddin Khalji.


42. Which Cathedral on the Seine River is considered the pride of Paris?
Answer: The Cathedral of Notre Dame.


43. In which country would you visited Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the many great monuments to Buddhism in this country?
Answer: Myanmar.


44. What was the court language of Mughals?
Answer: Persian.


45. Which regiment was the first to rebel when the Revolt of 1857 began at Meerut on 10th May?
Answer: Third Native Cavalry.


46. When did the British Parliament transfer the power to govern India from the East India Company to the British crown?
Answer: 1858.


47. Which Mughal emperor wrote his autobiography?
Answer: Babar.


48. When did Lord Curzon issue an order dividing the province of Bengal into two parts?
Answer: 1905.


49. Who laid the foundation of the Federation Hall to mark the indestructible unity of Bengal?
Answer: Anandamohan Bose.


50. In which year the British Government adopted what came to be known as Minto-Morley Reforms?
Answer: 1909.


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