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Top 105 General Awareness (GK) Questions and Answers 2020

Top 105 General Awareness (GK) Questions and Answers


General Awareness Questions


General Awareness (GK) Questions and Answers Part 1 (Questions 1-25)


1) What is meant by FRAX?

Answer: Diagnostic tool used to evaluate the 10 year probability of bone fracture risk.


2) Who wrote the book “Old path white clouds: Walking in the footsteps of the Buddha”?

Answer: Thich Nhat Hanh.


3) Who is Elena Ferrante?

Answer: Pseudonym for an Italian Novelist.


4) Name the measurement of radiation.

Answer: Roentgen.


5) What do we mean by Capex?

Answer: Expense where the benefit continues over a long period rather than being exhausted in a short period.


6) What is meant by Galaxy Note 7?

Answer: Android phablet smartphone produced and marketed by Samsung Electronics.


7) Which is the largest wireless carrier in USA?

Answer: Verizon Communications Inc.


8) What is meant by Google Pixel?

Answer: Line of consumer electronic devices from Google that run Chrome OS or Android operating system.


9) What is meant by Japanese encephalitis?

Answer: Diseases caused by the mosquito borne Japanese encephalitis virus.


10) What is meant by Workday?

Answer: On demand financial management and human capital management software vendor.


11) Who got Nobel prize for literature in 2016?

Answer: Bob Dylan.


12) Who is the executive director of UNDP?

Answer: Erik Solheim.


13) Name the new secretary general of UNO.

Answer: Antonio Guterres.


14) Who is the world’s longest reigning monarch?

Answer: Bhumibol Adulyadej.


15) What is meant by Geographical Information System?

Answer: System designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present spatial or geographical data.


16) Which day is observed as  International Student’s Day?

Answer: October 15.


17) What is meant by nano flake?

Answer: An uneven piece of material with one dimension.


18) Where was the eighth BRICS summit held.

Answer: Bernaulim.


19) Name the currency of China Yuan.

Answer: Renminbi.


20) What is meant by point of care testing?

Answer: Medical diagnostic testing at or near the point of care-that is at the time and place of patient care.


Program in General Education


21) Where is New Development Bank of BRICS headquartered?

Answer: Shanghai.


22) Which is the world’s largest container shipping company?

Answer: Maersk Line.


23) What is meant by BBIN.

Answer: (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal) Sub regional architecture of countries in South Asia.


24) Who is the first song writer to win Nobel prize for literature?

Answer: Bob Dylan.


25) What do we mean by Shenzhou?

Answer: Spacecraft developed and operated by China to support its manned space flight program.


General Awareness (GK) Questions and Answers Part 2 (Questions 26-50)


26) What is meant by NASDAQ?

Answer: American stock exchange.


27) What is meant by Huntington’s disease?

Answer: Inherited disorder that results in the death of brain cells.


28) What is meant by geotagging?

Answer: Process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as a geotagged photograph, video, websites, SMS messages and QR codes.


29) Name three payment gateways operating from India.

Answer: RuPay, Visa and MasterCard.


30) What is meant by Compound Annual Growth Rate?

Answer: Business and investing specific term for the geometric progression ratio that provides a constant rate of return over the time period.


31) What is Hulu?

Answer: American subscription video on demand service owned by Hulu LLC, a joint venture with the Walt Disney Company, 21st Century, Comcast and Time Warner.


32) What is meant by NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement)?

Answer: Agreement signed by Canada, Mexico and the United States creating a trilateral trade bloc in North America.


33) Which US State is called as the “Sunshine state”?

Answer: Florida.


34) Barbara Williams was in the news recently. Who is she?

Answer: American actress.


35) Who is Carlos Alberto?

Answer: Brazilian footballer.


36) Which virus causes bird flu?

Answer: H5N8.


37) What is meant by H5N1?

Answer: Sub type of the influenza A virus which can cause illness in humans and many other animal species.


38) Where is Belfort situated?

Answer: France.


39) Where is the oldest library in the world located?

Answer: Morocco.


40) Tim Cook was in the news recently. Who is he?

Answer: Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc.


41) What is meant by Man Booker prize?

Answer: Literary prize awarded each year for the best original novel written in the English language and published in the UK.


42) Name the Man Booker Prize winner of 2016.

Answer: Paul Beatty.


43) Which country has the highest share of women parliamentarians in the world?

Answer: Rwanda.


44) Steve McCurry was in the news recently. Who is he?

Answer: American photographer who has worked in photojournalism and editorial.


45) Who is John Key?

Answer: New  Zealand Prime Minister.


46) Who bagged Sakharov Human Rights Prize in 2016?

Answer: Nadia Murad  and Lamia Haji Bashar.


47) Who is the current President of  Asian Development Bank?

Answer: Take Hiko Nakao.


48) Which is the world’s cheapest car?

Answer: Tata Nano.


49) What is meant by disaster recovery?

Answer: Set of policies and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure.


50) Who won the Saul Bellow award in 2016?

Answer: Toni Morrison.


General Awareness (GK) Questions and Answers Part 3 (Questions 51-75)


51) World’s tallest man record is upto 251cm from which country?

Answer: Turkey.


52) What movie cast included James Garner, Richard Attenbourough, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Donald Pleasance, James Coburn, Gordon Jackson, Angus McPhee among many others?

Answer: The Great Escape.


53) Term of office of the President of Finland is _?

Answer: 6 years.


54) If you suffer from epistaxis what is wrong?

Answer: Nosebleed.


55) Dipa Karmakar is related to which Sport?

Answer: Gymnastics.


56) In which book would you find the manservant Pas Partout?

Answer: Around the world in 80 days.


57) Who presented India on the World map for the first time?

Answer: Ptolemy.


58) What animals name translates as water horse?

Answer: Hippopotamus.


59) Andromeda is related to _?

Answer: Galaxy.


60) In Greek mythology who killed the Gorgon?

Answer: Perseus.


61) Apogee is the farthest distance between _ and _?

Answer: Moon and Earth.


62) Which two metals are alloyed to make pewter?

Answer: Tin and Lead.


63) The first modern Olympic Games are held in which country?

Answer: Greece.


64) In 1899 the Eastman company in the USA produced first what?

Answer: Kodak 1 (hand held roll film cam).


65) Which radioactive element is used for diagnosing thyroid disorders?

Answer: Iodine.


66) What links Sarte, Neitzsche, Russell and Decartes?

Answer: Philosophers.


67) Ink is created by the chemical reaction between _ and iron(II) sulfate in an aqueous solution?

Answer: Tannic Acid.


68) In 1643 Evangalisa Torichelli invented the first what?

Answer: Barometer.


69) The blood in human body is filtered by the body over how many times per day?

Answer: 300 times.


70) Which Spanish painter has first exhibition at 16, also 4 year blue?

Answer: Pablo Picasso.


71) Quantum theory of radiation is given by _?

Answer: Max Planck.


72) Where did the mutineers of the Bounty settle?

Answer: Pitcairn Islands.


73) World Environment Day is observed every year on?

Answer: June 5.


74) What is the longest river in Italy?

Answer: Po.


75) First World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) was held in which country?

Answer: Istanbul, Turkey.


General Awareness (GK) Questions and Answers Part 4 (Questions 76-105)


76) What does a polyandric women have more than one of?

Answer: Husband.


77) Fascism believed in leadership of _?

Answer: One Man.


78) What links Brazil, Uruguay, Mozambique and Angola?

Answer: Colonies of Portugal.


79) Man Booker Prize for 2015 is awarded to?

Answer: Marlon James.


80) What is the American equivalent of the Irish Poteen?

Answer: Moonshine.


81) Headquarters of International Olympic Committee?

Answer: Lausanne, Switzerland.


82) Who was the last king of Troy killed by Achilles son Pyrrhus?

Answer: Priam.


83) Which are the imaginary lines which join places with same cloud cover?

Answer: Isonephs.


84) In 1911 the archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered what lost city?

Answer: Machu Picchu.


85) ENIAC is?

Answer: An electronic computer.


86) Who won the Superbowl in 1989?

Answer: San Francisco 49ers.


87) The total population divided by available arable land area is referred to as?

Answer: Population density.


88) Who wrote the book Billy Budd also Moby Dick?

Answer: Herman Melville.


89) Oncogenes are associated with _?

Answer: Cancer.


90) Which highwayman rode the horse Black Bess?

Answer: Dick Turpin.


91) Blue colour of sky is due to phenomenon of _?

Answer: Scattering.


92) Barry Allen was the alter ego of which DC comic superhero?

Answer: The Flash.


93) Inflation is caused by?

Answer: Increase in money supply and decrease in production.


94) In 1901 which brand of car was seen for the first time?

Answer: Mercedes.


95) Amalgam is?

Answer: Alloy with mercury.


96) Brisbane is the state capital of which SE Australian state?

Answer: Queensland.


97) Uber Cup is associated with which game?

Answer: Badminton.


98) In Norse mythology what is the name of the ultimate battle?

Answer: Ragnarok.


99) Meteorites are the heavenly bodies that _?

Answer: Burn brightly on entering the Earth’s atmosphere.


100) In 1890 the first electric what opened in London?

Answer: Underground railway.


101) What do we refer by Triumph Bonneville?
Answer: Standard motor cycle featuring a parallel twin four  stroke engine and manufactured in three generations over three separate production runs.


102) Which is the world’s first vaccine to fight against tape worm in pigs?
Answer: CYSWAX.


103) What is meant by Cysticercosis?
Answer: Tissue infection caused by the young form of the pork tapeworm.


104) Who is the current Director General of World Trade Organization?
Answer: Roberto Azevedo.


105) What is meant by Trans Pacific partnership?
Answer: Trade agreement among twelve of the Pacific RIM countries.


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