Quiz Questions about Famous Personalities Around the World


Quiz Questions about Famous Personalities Around the World


Quiz Questions about Famous Personalities Around the World


1. London based actor who played the role of Gandhi in Richard Attenborough’s film ‘Gandhi’. Won best actor Oscar Award. Name him:
Answer: Ben Kingsley.


2. American foreign policy expert secretary of State 1973-77 and special advisor on national security affairs to President Nixon shared Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 with Lê Đức Thọ. Name him:
Answer: Henry Kissinger.


3. Name the American who founded Rotary International in 1905:
Answer: Paul P. Harris (1868-1947)


4. Indian founder of Jainisim, which teaches the sacredness of all life. Name him:
Answer: Vardhamana Mahavira (6th century BC)


5. Argentinian football star, played for Italian club Napoli (1987-91). Famous for the ‘hand of God’ goal against England in 1986. Banned for 15 months for drug problems. He was T.V. Commentator in 1998 world cup. Name him:
Answer: Diego Maradona.


6. President of India since July 1997. Vice-President during 1992-97. Joined the Foreign service after graduating from London School of Economics. He was ambassador to China, USA etc. Name him:
Answer: K.R. Narayanan.


7. The ‘Iron man of India’. He was a leading freedom fighter and prominent Indian who worked closely with Mahatma Gandhi. He played a key role in the integration of India’s princely states with the union. The Deputy Prime Minister in the Nehru Government. Name him:
Answer: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (1875-1950)


8. South American revolutionist called the Liberator. He founded Grand Colombia. Revered as a Latin American hero. Name him:
Answer: Simon Bolivar (1783-1830)


9. Former President of Bangladesh, founder of Bangladesh Nationalist Party in 1979 rode to power on November 7, 1975 through a coup. Name him:
Answer: Ziaur Rahman (1937-1981)


10. India’s leading film music director. His album ‘Vande Mataram’ is a best seller. ‘DilSe’, ‘Roja’, ‘Bombay’ are some of his best films. Name him:
Answer: A.R. Rahman.


11. First black President of South Africa. He was imprisoned for about 27 years for fighting apartheid. Under his leadership African National Congress led the South Africans to a non-racist democracy, won Bharat Ratna in 1990. Name him:
Answer: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.


12. U.S. President 1981-88. Former TV & film star. Governor of California 1967-74. Name him:
Answer: Ronald Reagan.


13. Former Tanzanian President and popular African leader. Chairman South Commission. Name him:
Answer: Julius Nyerere.


14. Egyptian Statesman and leader of the Arab World. Deposed General Naguib (1954). Nationalized the Suez Canal (1956). One of the founder of the Non-Aligned Movement. Name him:
Answer: Gamal Abdel Nasser.


15. One of world’s best movie star belongs to Hongkong. Made 40 films since 1976, when he was touted as the new Bruce Lee. Name him:
Answer: Jackie Chan.


16. English dramatist and poet who ranks with Shakespeare and Marlowe as one of the three great Elizabethan playwrights. Name him:
Answer: Ben Johnson (1573-1637)


17. He won national amateur billiards champion of India twelve times. Winner of three world titles. Name him:
Answer: Wilson Jones.


18. I want to be alone was which famous actress’s cry?
Answer: Greta Garbo.


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19. I was the son of an Austrian Customs Officer and used to paint pictures, postcards in a slum in Vienna. I divorced my non-Aryan wife as I believed “God had created Germans to rule the world”. To whom is this attributed?
Answer: Adolf Hitler.


20. A famous actor best known for the ‘Superman movies’. A horse back riding accident left him paralyzed. Who was he?
Answer: Christopher Reeve.


21. He had been called the father of Soviet literature and the founder of the doctrine of Socialist realism. A story writer, novelist and dramatist. Who was he?
Answer: Maxim Gorky.


22. Who was the most powerful woman president of Argentina?
Answer: Madame Eva Peron.


23. Who was the Keralite to become the President of the Republic of Singapore?
Answer: Devan Nair.


24. Who was the creator of Sculptures ‘The Kiss and The Thinker’?
Answer: Auguste Rodin.


25. Who succeeded Litvinov as the Soviet Foreign Minister just before the Second World War?
Answer: Vyacheslav Molotov.


26. Who is mainly responsible for saving the peregrine falcon from extinction?
Answer: Tom Cade.


27. Who was known as the ‘The Wizard of Menlo Park?’
Answer: Thomas Alva Edison.


28. Who was the wife of Priam, king of Troy and mother of Hector?
Answer: Hecuba.


29. Who immortalized the ballet “The Dying Swan”?
Answer: Anna Pavlova.


30. Amerigo Vespucci visited Central America in AD 1499. Who was the other explorer with him?
Answer: Alonso de Ojeda.


31. Buckingham palace is the official residence of the British royal family. However it was not built by any of the British kings. Who was its builder?
Answer: Duke of Buckingham.


32. Who contributed most to the ‘escape acts’ in Magic?
Answer: Harry Houdini.


33. Who was known as the “man of thousand faces”?
Answer: Lon Chaney.


34. Who proposed the idea of Debt for Nature Swap, which is now catching up fast all over the world?
Answer: Thomas E. Lovejoy.


35. She entered into a pact with the Germans and French during World War I, thus acting as a double agent. She was executed when caught- in 1917. The name by which she became popularly known was as “The eye of the morning”. Who was she? (
Answer: Mata Hari.


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