Environment GK Quizzes 2018 – Environmental Examination Questions


Environment GK Quizzes 2018 – Environmental Examination Questions


Environment GK Quizzes 2018 - Environmental Examination Questions


1. What are the two most widely used chemical fertilizers?
Answer: Ammonium sulfate and Urea.


2. What is the use of sewage treatment plants?
Answer: The polluted water from factories can be treated in sewage treatment plants to control water pollution.


3. Which European country uses its subterranean thermal water to heat 85% of its homes?
Answer: Iceland.


4. Which is formed in bogs by the incomplete decomposition of sphagnum moss, and only grows 1 mm a year?
Answer: Peat.


5. Which landlocked Asian country is described as the world’s highest ‘rubbish dump’ because of all the refuse left behind by expeditions?
Answer: Nepal.


6. On which group of British Islands is Burgar Hill, where the world’s most productive wind powered generator is situated?
Answer: The Orkney Islands.


7. When was the first appearance of alligator weed?
Answer: In 1965.


8. India has one of the rarest monkeys in the world in the western ghats. What is the name of this primate?
Answer: The lion-tailed Macaque.


9. Although there are several species of monkeys on the earth, only one species build shelters for themselves on trees. Name this unusual species:
Answer: Aye-aye.


10. What is the safe level of noise intensity to humans?
Answer: Up to 80 decibels are safe.


11. In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote a book which is now very popular in Environmental Literature. What’s the title of this well-known book?
Answer: Silent Spring.


12. The main theme of the ‘Silent Spring’ is the harmful effects of a particular insecticide. Identify this insecticide:
Answer: DDT.


13. There are a number of mammals inhabiting the earth. Which is the slowest moving mammal among all of them?
Answer: Sloth (can be seen in South American jungles)


14. There is a reptile in New Zealand which has a third eye on its forehead. Name this unique creature:
Answer: Tuatara.


15. Who was the director of the environmental pressure group Friends of the Earth 1984-90?
Answer: Jonathon Porritt.


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16. Research-Scientists used one particular species of monkey for developing the polio vaccine by separating the ‘Rh’ factor in the blood. Identify this species:
Answer: Rhesus macaque.


17. ‘Keibul Lamjao National Park’ is a unique wild life sanctuary. It is floating on the surface of a lake, in which state of India is it situated?
Answer: Manipur.


18. What is NEERl?
Answer: National Environmental Engineering Research Institute.


19. What are the three main greenhouse gases?
Answer: Carbon dioxide, Methane and Chlorofluorocarbon.


20. What is the name of Britain’s nuclear-fuel reprocessing plant?
Answer: Sellafield.


21. What was the viral disease controversially introduced into Britain during the 1950s to reduce the rabbit population?
Answer: Myxomatosis.


22. Which sea is so highly polluted that the Barcelona convention was set up in 1976 to try and clean it up?
Answer: Mediterranean Sea.


23. What was on patrol in the Pacific, protesting against nuclear testing when it was sunk by French agents in 1985?
Answer: Rainbow Warrior.


24. Which European country is committed to decommissioning all of its nuclear reactors?
Answer: Sweden.


25. Both whale and whale shark are gigantic creatures living in the oceans. What is the biological difference between the two?
Answer: The whale shark is a fish whereas the whale is a mammal.


26. The period from the time of conceiving a baby till the time of delivering it is known as “Gestation Period”. For instance the gestation period in human beings lasts about 9 months, what is the gestation period of an elephant?
Answer: 18 to 20 months.


27. Name the world’s largest species of Ox. Where are they found:
Answer: Musk Ox, found in Canada and Denmark.


28. In one of the States of India all the tourist spots have been named after various birds. Identify the state:
Answer: Haryana.


29. Which is the environment wing of UNO?
Answer: United Nations Environment Programme.


30. Name the mammal which has become notorious as being a ‘blood sucker’:
Answer: Vampire bats (they drink the blood of cattle and horses)


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