Top 50 Animals Quizzes – GK Animal Quiz Question Answer

Top 50 Animals Quizzes – GK Animal Quiz Question Answer


Top 50 General Animals Quiz Questions Part 3 - GK Animal Quiz


Animals Quizzes – GK Animal Quiz Question Answer Part 1 (1-15)


1. How many eggs does a mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) typically lay?
Answer: 1–13.


2. What’s the name of a mid-20th-century TV show that featured a talking horse?
Answer: Mr. Ed.


3. How many kilograms does a baby elephant typically weigh?
Answer: 90.


4. Which insects gang up to kill hives of bees and steal their honey?
Answer: Japanese hornets.


5. A bunch of otters is a:
Answer: Romp.


6. What is a dog’s front leg called?
Answer: forelimb.


7. What is another word for how bats sleep?
Answer: roost.


8. What is the name for a group of common and often deadly snakes?
Answer: viper.


9. What keeps tree frogs from falling?
Answer: suction cups on their feet.


10. On what animal would you find a howdah?
Answer: elephant.


11. To which continent are capybaras native?
Answer: South America.


12. Which of these words describes mammals, in terms of body heat?
Answer: homeothermic.


13. Which animal has the widest hearing range?
Answer: dolphin.


14. Field ants take their name from their preferred habitat. True or false?
Answer: True.


15. The word turd derives from which language’s word for excrement?
Answer: Middle English.


Animals Quizzes – GK Animal Quiz Question Answer Part 2 (16-30)


16. How many pups does a gray wolf (Canis lupus) normally give birth to?
Answer: 4–6.


17. How many known species of insects are there?
Answer: 1,000,000.


18. Akita, a dog, is a national treasure of which country?
Answer: Japan.


19. A congregation of rhinoceroses is known as a:
Answer: Crash.


20. What are dogs most closely related to?
Answer: wolves.


21. The tallest land creature is the:
Answer: giraffe.


22. How many kinds of snakes are there?
Answer: 2900.


23. Which of these is found in carnivorous animals?
Answer: carnassial.


24. Where are most chameleons found in nature?
Answer: tropics.


25. What is the mammal with the longest tongue, relative to its size?
Answer: nectar bat.


26. What is the name for an insect’s egg-laying organ?
Answer: ovipositor.


27. What kind of animal is a stallion?
Answer: horse.


28. Ants can be used to predict the weather. True or false?
Answer: True.


29. Which animal uses a cloud of excrement to distract predators, much as a squid uses ink?
Answer: Pygmy sperm whale.


30. How many cubs does a tiger (Panthera tigris) typically give birth to?
Answer: 2–4.


Animals Quizzes – GK Animal Quiz Question Answer Part 3 (31-50)


31. The Norse god Odin rode a magical horse with eight legs. What was the horse’s name?
Answer: Sleipnir.


32. A group of hyenas is known as a:
Answer: Cackle.


33. Which of these is another name for the panda?
Answer: catbear.


34. How many bones does a dog have in its spine?
Answer: 27.


35. In what geological period did birds evolve?
Answer: Jurassic.


36. Snails are called gastropods. True or false?
Answer: True.


37. How do male dance flies entice prospective mates?
Answer: By presenting them with packages of food.


38. What is the largest number of eggs an American toad (Anaxyrus americanus) can typically lay?
Answer: 20,000.


39. On average, how many babies are in a capybara litter?
Answer: 4 or 5.


40. About which horse did Jimmy Driftwood write a song, popularized first by Eddy Arnold and later by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band?
Answer: Tennessee Stud.


41. Where would you not expect to find a viper?
Answer: Antarctica.


42. Which insect lays its eggs in the living body of its victims?
Answer: cicada killer wasp.


43. What is the smallest breed of dog?
Answer: chihuahua.


44. What mammal has killed the most humans?
Answer: rat.


45. A quetzal is a kind of:
Answer: bird.


46. Most snails and slugs are very small. True or false?
Answer: True.


47. The males of which group of birds are known for creating elaborately decorated structures in order to entice mates?
Answer: Bowerbirds.


48. How many pounds of meat is a large male lion capable of eating in one sitting?
Answer: 100.


49. What’s the name of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s best-known horse?
Answer: Traveller.


50. What is the name for a baby koala?
Answer: joey.


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