Easy Quiz Questions – Online Quiz


Easy Quiz Questions – Online Quiz


Easy Quiz Questions - Online Quiz


30 Quick Quiz Questions and Answers


1. Which Indian emperor was a patron and a player of polo?
Answer: Akbar.


2. What happened to the last Mughal emperor of India, Bahadur Shah Zafar, after the Sepoy Mutiny?
Answer: He was exiled to Burma.


3. Apart from the top ten mountains in Asia, which is the next highest?
Answer: Ismoil Somoni Peak.


4. Where do the Blue Nile and White Nile meet in great scenic splendor?
Answer: Khartoum.


5. What is the meaning of banal?
Answer: Commonplace.


6. What is the meaning of quizzical?
Answer: Questioning and mocking.


7. Where would you now try to find the remains of the ancient city of Carthage?
Answer: Tunisia.


8. What is the unit currency in Spain called?
Answer: Peseta.


9. Which martial art was developed by the Japanese master Kanō Jigorō?
Answer: Judo.


10. Which country has a totally unadorned, unpatterned, white flag?
Answer: Western Sahara.


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11. Name a source of noise pollution which one is capable of causing permanent damage to one’s hearing:
Answer: Power drill.


12. The fastest moving snake in the world?
Answer: Black Mamba.


13. A4 is the international size of a certain commodity. Which?
Answer: Paper.


14. Name the time required by the moon to return to the same position relative to a fixed star:
Answer: Sidereal Month.


15. The prophet ordained that his followers should read the ‘namaz’ so many times a day. How many?
Answer: Five.


16. Name the ratio of speed between a flying object and the speed of sound:
Answer: Mach number.


17. In a classic featuring an adventure by the sea, Which sailor dreamed of toasted cheese?
Answer: Ben Gunn.


18. What is the meaning of acerbity?
Answer: Bitterness.


19. India is +5.5 hours from GMT. Which place is +12 hours?
Answer: New Zealand.


20. Kinshasa is the capital city of:
Answer: Zaire.


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21. Which insect is the greatest disease carrier?
Answer: Housefly.


22. Androcles was a Roman slave. Which animal was he friendly with?
Answer: Lion.


23. Of the renowned American symphony orchestras, name the earliest:
Answer: New York Philharmonic Orchestra.


24. How many letters of the alphabet make the Roman numbering system?
Answer: 7.


25. Which country was the first to domesticate cats?
Answer: Egypt.


26. What does officious mean?
Answer: Unnecessarily eager to offer one’s services.


27. In cricket, name the term used for. ‘Loudly abusing the opposing players continuously to make them lose their cool’:
Answer: Sledging.


28. Who discovered the source of the Nile?
Answer: John Hanning Speke).


29. In which sport has Jack Nicklaus distinguished himself?
Answer: Golf.


30. Which monetary unit is the most common in the world?
Answer: Dollar.


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