Computer Graphics Quiz Questions Answers – General Graphics Quiz


Computer Graphics Answers – General Graphics Quiz


Computer Graphics Quiz Questions Answers


1) The term morphing comes from Greek word?

Answer: Morphe.


2) When the number of frames in between two images increase the?

Answer: Clarity of morphing increases.


3) What are the two types of morphing?

Answer: Distortion and Transition morphing.


4) Which type is commonly used for advertisements in TV?

Answer: Distortion morphing.


5) The first film which uses the morphing is?

Answer: Willow.


6) The technique for 2D morphing comes from digital image processing and?

Answer: Texture mapping.


7) Morphing process varies depending on whether the image is?

Answer: 2D dimensional or 3D dimensional.


8) Which algorithm is used as an initial image is stretched and deformed to conform to the shape of final image?

Answer: Digital image warping.


9) Specify a morph, the animator demonstrate correspondence with the _?

Answer: Initial and final image.


10) Adobe photoshop has revolutionized the world of _?

Answer: graphics.


11) Photoshop was one of the first revolutions of _?

Answer: Macintosh graphics programs.


12) How many channels are supported by photoshop?

Answer: 24 alpha channels.


13) How many layers are supported by photoshop?

Answer: 99 independent layers.


14) In photoshop using what format, that you can export images to other programs like adobe illustrator.

Answer: Desktop color separation format.


15) Adobe photoshop recommends that a minimum system is _?

Answer: Intel 1386, 1486, or Pentium processors.


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16) For photoshop to run all operations smoothly, it requires?

Answer: 24 bit video card.


17) Flat bed scanners use _?

Answer: CCD’s or charge coupled device as photoreceptors.


18) What were among the first input devices to hit the computer graphics world?

Answer: Video digitalizers.


19) Photoshop is a _?

Answer: Electronic dark room.


20) When and where was the origin of Computer Graphics?

Answer: In 1940’s in the US department of Defence.


21) The sophisticated and impressive use of computer graphics is the production of images that can be manipulated in three dimensions. This technique is called?

Answer: 3D Animation.


22) Which computer is used for computer graphics imaging?

Answer: Silicon computer.


23) The technique with which the objects in a 3D environment were created by digitalization is called?

Answer: Modelled Animation Techniques (MAT)


24) Which technique is used to transform the shape of an object?

Answer: Linear Interpolation Techniques.


25) The menu which is used for pointing to the selection of colors is called?

Answer: Palette.


26) Which are the two types of coloring algorithms used in animation?

Animation: Region filling algorithm and Polygon filling algorithm.


27) Which algorithm works much faster?

Answer: Region filling algorithm.


28) The most difficult problems in three dimensional computer generated are?

Answer: Synchronization and parallelism.


29) Which is the biggest annoyance in computer generated modeling?

Answer: Aliasing.


30) What is the reason for aliasing problem?

Answer: Low resolution.


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