Computer Communication Quiz Questions and Answers – Computer GK Questions


Computer Communication Quiz Questions and Answers – Computer GK Questions



Computer Communication Quiz Questions and Answers



1) What is used for computer communication between users?

Answer: E-mail.


2) What refers to the processed of creating messages and answers?

Answer: Composition.


3) Moving of messages of from originator to recipient is called?

Answer: Transfer.


4) What are special test messages consisting of empty envelopes?

Answer: Probes.


5) The message transfer agents and presentation layer together called?

Answer: Message transfer system.


6) A technology used for transferring email is called?

Answer: Message Handling System (MHS)


7) A special characteristics of all email systems is?

Answer: Speed in delivery of mail messages.


Optical Data Storage and Communication


8) The technology related to light for data storage is?

Answer: Optical data storage.


9) Which is an optical disk?

Answer: CDROM.


10) Which beam is commonly used for optical data storage?

Answer: Laser.


11) The smallest version of optical disk can store?

Answer: 550 Megabytes.


12) The electronic systems that transfer data from one point to another are called?

Answer: Data communication system.


13) Which is the most commonly used transmission medium in optical data transmission system?

Answer: Optical fibre.


14) What are main parts of optical fibre?

Answer: Core, Cladding, and plastic sheath.


15) What are two chances for loss of data in optical fibre?

Answer: Absorption and scattering.


16) Why optical fibres are used in military applications?

Answer: Due to high security.




17) ISDN stands for?

Answer: Integrated Services Digital Networks.


18) The two types of ISDN available are?

Answer: BRI and PRI.


19) The key idea behind the ISDN is?

Answer: Digital Bit Pipe.


20) The two types of communication channels are used in ISDN are?

Answer: B channel and D channel.


21) Which type of ISDN is used for big data transfer?

Answer: PRI (Primary Rate Interface)


22) What are the two types of signaling used in ISDN?

Answer: DSS 1 and SS 7.


23) The unique feature of combining B channel is referred to as?

Answer: Inverse multiplexing.


24) The device which translates signaling from non ISDN TE2 called?

Answer: TA (Terminal Adapter)




25) In numeric pagers what type of messages can be received?

Answer: Numeric type.


26) In operator assisted paging systems who act as a link between the calling party and the called party?

Answer: Operator.


27) What happens when a new message is identical to stored message?

Answer: A ‘Duplicate’ prompt.


28) What is the main disadvantage of PAGER?

Answer: It is only a one way communication system.


29) When was the first paging system used?

Answer: In 1957.


30) Which type of paging system two parties are directly linked?

Answer: Automatic paging system.


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