Competitive Exams Questions – Win Exams and Competitions


Competitive Exams Questions – Win Exams and Competitions


Competitive Exams Questions


Competitive Exams Questions and Answers Part 1

Competitive Exams Questions 1-20


1) What is a poltergeist?
Answer: A knocking ghost.


2) What is the correct meaning of bland?
Answer: Dull and uninteresting.


3) Whose detective is Father Brown?
Answer: Agatha Christie.


4) If you are holding your opponent in a half nelson what kind of combat are you in?
Answer: Wrestling.


5) What is the meaning of misapprehend?
Answer: Misunderstand.


6) How many spokes are there in “Asoka Chakra” of Indian National flag?
Answer: 24.


7) Which country buried their unknown soldier at Arc de Triomphe?
Answer: France.


8) In which city of China is the Tiananmen Square situated?
Answer: Beijing.


9) When Nader Shah invaded India?
Answer: In 1739.


10) What is the expansion of NAM?
Answer: Non-Aligned Movement.


11) When Ireland became free?
Answer: 1921.


12) Who became the Prime Minister in Soviet Union, after the death of Stalin?
Answer: Malenkov.


13) The Mauryas established and patronized an art centre at on near?
Answer: Chunar.


14) If you stood in Donegall square and on one side were the City Hall, which Irish City would you be in?
Answer: Belfast.


15) Name an Indian festival once in twelve years:
Answer: Kumbh Mela.


16) In which Indian City can you visit the Qutb Minar, the tall minaret built by the slave king Qutb al-Din Aibak?
Answer: Delhi.


17) The tallest sky scrapper in the world is in the USA. Name it:
Answer: The Sears Tower, Chicago.


18) In which country Trincomalee Port is situated?
Answer: East Coast of Sri Lanka.


19) What does the Cenotaph in White Hall, London, commemorate?
Answer: The ‘Glorious Dead’ of the world wars.


20) Upon completion in 1931, it was called the “All-India War Memorial Arch”. How do we know it today?
Answer: India Gate.


Competitive Exams Questions and Answers Part 2

Competitive Exams Questions 21-40


21) Which country would you be in if you bought takeaway snacks and vegetables from boats of the floating market?

Answer: Thailand.


22) Which road in Chelsea, London, has most of the leading fashion shops?

Answer: King’s Road.


23) The Flea Market along the river Seine in Paris is famous for bargain purchases. On which bank of the river Seine does it lie?

Answer: Left Bank.


24) Which commercial centre in New Delhi is the city’s biggest and busiest and was built by the British?

Answer: Connaught place.


25) Which country is famous for watches that you can buy at bargain rates because all watch prices are controlled?

Answer: Switzerland.


26) Which Australian city would you be in if you were shopping at Bourke Street Mall and Collins street?

Answer: Melbourne.


27) The Rialto Bridge in this Italian city is lined on both sides with famous shops. Name the city:

Answer: Venice.


28) Which country would you be in if you were shopping in Sharjah’s Central Souq on the banks of the Khalid Lagoon?

Answer: U.A.E.


29) The biggest department stores of this Chinese city lie along the Nanking Road. Which is this city?

Answer: Shanghai.


30) Where was the first Indian Military Academy opened?

Answer: Quetta.


31) Among Florence’s famous sights is the Ponte Vecchio with its famous shops. What’s special these shops?

Answer: The shops date from the 14th century.


32) Name Tokyo’s most famous shopping and entertainment district which lies in the centre of the city:

Answer: The Ginza.


33) Alexanderplatz is the main shopping area of this city in Germany. Name it:

Answer: Berlin.


34) Which Sri Lankan city would you be in if you were shopping at the colorful market of Pettah?

Answer: Colombo.


35) In which countries would you shop using Escudos?

Answer: Portugal and Chile.


36) Which metropolitan city would you be in if you were shopping at Linking Road and Fashion Street?

Answer: Mumbai.


37) What country would you be in if you paid 40 Krone for some porcelain?

Answer: Denmark.


38) Tlaquepaque, in Mexico, is famous for its native:

Answer: Leather.


39) In which Canadian city can you shop at huge department stores along St. Catherine Street?

Answer: Ottawa.


40) Oporto, the capital of Northern Portugal, is the trading centre for the famous:

Answer: Leather.


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