Chemistry Quiz Questions Electrochemical Reactions – General Science Quiz


Chemistry Electrochemical Reactions – General Science Quiz


Chemistry Quiz Questions Electrochemical Reactions - General Science Quiz



Chemistry Science GK Quiz


1) The substance which conducts electricity with the help of the ions present in them is called what?

Answer: Electrolytes.


2) Write the name of an anion.

Anion: Hydroxide ion.


3) Write the name of an insulator.

Answer: Glass.


4) Which is the best conductor of electric current?

Answer: Silver.


5) Which is the non-conductor of electricity?

Answer: Wood.


6) Which substance increases its electrical resistance on increasing temperature?

Answer: Metallic conductors.


7) Who gave the scientific explanation to the electrolytic reaction?

Answer: Faraday.


8) Which do not conduct electricity?

Answer: Non-Metals.


9) Which non-metal shows metallic conduction?

Answer: Graphite.


10) Which compound produced by anodic oxidation?

Answer: Potassium permanganate.


11) When sodium chloride solution is electrolyzed what is obtained at the anode?

Answer: Chlorine.


12) A substance which does not conduct electricity with the help of mobile electron?

Answer: Copper sulfate solution.


13) When a concentrated solution of copper sulfate is electrolyzed which ion gets discharged at the anode?

Answer: Hydroxide ion.


14) Which are the metals manufactured by electrolytic process?

Answer: Na, K, Ca, Mg, Al.


15) Which ions are attracted to the cathode?

Answer: Cations.


Online GK Quiz Questions Answers


16) The atoms or groups of atoms that carry electrical charge are called what?

Answer: Ions.


17) Which chemical reactions take place in a torch cell?

Answer: Chemical energy is converted in to electrical energy.


18) Which is not a characteristic of metallic conductor?

Answer: Electrical conductivity increases with increase in temperature.


19) Which is obtained at the cathode when sodium chloride solution is electrolyzed?

Answer: Hydrogen.


20) Where does reduction take place?

Answer: At the cathode.


21) Which has greater ability to giveaway electron?

Answer: Sodium atom.


22) Chlorine is manufactured industrially by electrolysis of what?

Answer: Aqueous solution of sodium chloride.


23) A metal which is manufactured by electrolysis?

Answer: Sodium.


24) Which is obtained when potassium manganite solution is electrolyzed?

Answer: Potassium permanganate.


25) Electrolytic refining is used to refine what?

Answer: Copper.


26) Among hydroxyl ions and sulfate ions, which has more electron affinity?

Answer: Sulfate ions.


27) The conductivity of metal is due to what?

Answer: The flow of electrons.


28) A substance which is undergoes electrolytic conduction?

Answer: Fused sodium chloride.


29) The negative electrode is called what?

Answer: Cathode.


30) The electrolyte is suitable for electroplating nickel is what?

Answer: Nickel ammonium sulfate.


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