Chemistry Quiz Questions Electrochemical Reactions – General Science Quiz


Chemistry Quiz Questions Electrochemical Reactions – General Science Quiz



Chemistry Quiz Questions Electrochemical Reactions


Chemistry Science GK Quiz


1) The substance which conducts electricity with the help of the ions present in them is called what?

Answer: Electrolytes.


2) Write the name of an anion.

Anion: Hydroxide ion.


3) Write the name of an insulator.

Answer: Glass.


4) Which is the best conductor of electric current?

Answer: Silver.


5) Which is the non-conductor of electricity?

Answer: Wood.


6) Which substance increases its electrical resistance on increasing temperature?

Answer: Metallic conductors.


7) Who gave the scientific explanation to the electrolytic reaction?

Answer: Faraday.


8) Which do not conduct electricity?

Answer: Non-Metals.


9) Which non-metal shows metallic conduction?

Answer: Graphite.


10) Which compound produced by anodic oxidation?

Answer: Potassium permanganate.


11) When sodium chloride solution is electrolyzed what is obtained at the anode?

Answer: Chlorine.


12) A substance which does not conduct electricity with the help of mobile electron?

Answer: Copper sulfate solution.


13) When a concentrated solution of copper sulfate is electrolyzed which ion gets discharged at the anode?

Answer: Hydroxide ion.


14) Which are the metals manufactured by electrolytic process?

Answer: Na, K, Ca, Mg, Al.


15) Which ions are attracted to the cathode?

Answer: Cations.


Online GK Chemistry Quiz Questions Answers


16) The atoms or groups of atoms that carry electrical charge are called what?

Answer: Ions.


17) Which chemical reactions take place in a torch cell?

Answer: Chemical energy is converted in to electrical energy.


18) Which is not a characteristic of metallic conductor?

Answer: Electrical conductivity increases with increase in temperature.


19) Which is obtained at the cathode when sodium chloride solution is electrolyzed?

Answer: Hydrogen.


20) Where does reduction take place?

Answer: At the cathode.


21) Which has greater ability to giveaway electron?

Answer: Sodium atom.


22) Chlorine is manufactured industrially by electrolysis of what?

Answer: Aqueous solution of sodium chloride.


23) A metal which is manufactured by electrolysis?

Answer: Sodium.


24) Which is obtained when potassium manganite solution is electrolyzed?

Answer: Potassium permanganate.


25) Electrolytic refining is used to refine what?

Answer: Copper.


26) Among hydroxyl ions and sulfate ions, which has more electron affinity?

Answer: Sulfate ions.


27) The conductivity of metal is due to what?

Answer: The flow of electrons.


28) A substance which is undergoes electrolytic conduction?

Answer: Fused sodium chloride.


29) The negative electrode is called what?

Answer: Cathode.


30) The electrolyte is suitable for electroplating nickel is what?

Answer: Nickel ammonium sulfate.


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