Chemistry Competition GK Questions 2018 – Online Science Quiz


Chemistry Competition 2018 – Online Science Quiz


Chemistry Competition GK Questions 2018 - Online Science Quiz


Chemistry Science Questions


1. Which substance (in white colour) seen on the inner side of the test tube near its mouth when ammonium chloride is heated in it?

Answer: Ammonium chloride.


2. Those reactions in which the products cannot react and give back the original reactants are called what?

Answer: Irreversible reactions.


3. What is the name of the chemical with formula KCNS?

Answer: Potassium thiocyanate.


4. The temperature most suited for conducting an industrial process involving a reversible reaction; most conveniently and profitably is called what?

Answer: Optimum temperature.


5. The reaction in which product molecules react and give back the original reactants is called what?

Answer: Backward reaction.


6. A system of reacting substances from which neither-the reactants nor the products are taken away or added to is called what?

Answer: Closed system.


7. The electrical charge possessed by a hydroxyl ion is what?

Answer: Unit negative.


8. When electrolysis takes place, where the products are obtained?

Answer: At the electrodes.


9. In a hydroxyl ion how many number of electrons on the whole?

Answer: Ten.


10. A substance which conducts electricity by the movement of ions?

Answer: Common salt solution.


11. Which non-metal conducts electricity by the movement of electrons?

Answer: Graphite.


12. In an electrolyte the substance is present as ions even before the passing of electricity though it. Who suggested this theory?

Answer: Svante Arrhenius.


13. Where is the addition of electron takes place?

Answer: Cathode.


14. Write an example for dibasic acid:

Answer: Sulfuric acid.


15. Which is formed when two hydrogen ions are removed from phosphoric acid?

Answer: Monohydrogen phosphate.


Chemistry Exam Questions


16. Which is the electrolyte used in anodisation?

Answer: dil. H2S04.


17. The acid salt of Sulfuric acid is:

Answer: Bisulfate (Acid sulfate).


18. Write an example of electrolyte:

Answer: Sodium chloride solution.


19. Substances that do not conduct electricity are called what?

Answer: Insulators.


20. What do we get when Potassium manganate is oxidized?

Answer: Potassium permanganate.


21. Which metal is used as electrode in the electrolysis of Copper sulfate solution?

Answer: Platinum.


22. Which metals are used for electroplating?

Answer: Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel.


23. What is electroplating?

Answer: Coating a metal over another metal using the process of electrolytic dissociation is called electroplating.


24. Electrode that is connected to the positive pole of the battery is called what?

Answer: Anode.


25. In a torch cell, which energy is converted into electric energy?

Answer: Chemical.


26. What is Ionization?

Answer: The dissociation of a substance into its ions is called Ionization.


27. Write an example of compounds manufactured by electrolysis:

Answer: Sodium hydroxide.


28. Write an example of Tribasic acid:

Answer: Phosphoric acid.


29. The cations in water are which ions?

Answer: Hydrogen.


30. What we get when hydroxyl ions get discharged?

Answer: Water and oxygen.


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